The 7 Dublin Museums You Definitely Don't Wanna Miss in 2022!

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February 23, 2022
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Are you looking to elevate your trip to Dublin? Why not visit one of their gorgeous museums? Find out all the must-visit Dublin museums, including their admission fees, here.

Are you planning a trip to Ireland and looking to squeeze in some Dublin things to do? If so, we've got just the answer that'll make your experience in Dublin truly amazing.

2 words. Dublin Museums.

Art in Dublin is having a moment, and you'll feel it when you explore its wide range of visual arts. From prehistoric carvings to beautiful monasteries and edgy, contemporary designs, the city is teeming with art to intrigue every traveler. 

Of course, Dublin has a superabundance of activities to choose from. There are breathtaking landmarks and cool neighborhoods to immerse yourself in. You won't wanna leave out the role of the arts in Ireland's culture too. It gives you a peek into history and how the country has grown over time.

What are the must-visit museums of Dublin, and what's so special about them? Here are some of the most gorgeous and unique museums Dublin has to offer.

Must-Visit Museums of Dublin

Let's dive into the Dublin museums and galleries that you can't miss while you're there. Plus, most of these museums have free admission, so keep reading to see what other galleries offer this too!

The National Gallery of Ireland

If you have to pick a museum to see in Dublin, this is absolutely a must-see. It houses an impressive collection of both Irish and European art. A visit here would be especially good if you're short on time or only there for the weekend. All of the artwork is there in one place, so you can spend a couple of hours to the whole afternoon here. 

Check out the portraits, landscapes, and watercolors—the last of which are beautifully exemplified by JMW Turner, the celebrated English romantic painter. 

Art Exhibit at the National Gallery of Ireland
Credit: The National Gallery of Ireland

While you're there, you might want to take a gander at Merrion Square Park, a beautifully landscaped garden known for its Georgian design. 

Admission to the permanent collections is currently free. Just remember to book your ticket in advance!

The Irish Museum of Modern Art

It seems a natural progression to start understanding art chronologically. So from works from a bygone era, we move towards modern art. 

This museum brings together art from established artists and emerging artists alike. With over 3,500 works from local and international artists, the museum is known for its extensive collection and rotating cultural programs. Be sure to check what's on before your visit.  

Admission to IMMA is free, and you can check out most of their exhibitions for free too. If they do charge an entrance fee, though, it'll be around €8. 

The Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Gerard Byrne Studio

Many artists and art enthusiasts will know about the Irish artists Gerard Byrne and the Gerard Byrne Studio. Celebrated as one of Ireland's most talented contemporary, figurative artists, his oil paintings have vibrant tones, expressive brushwork, and skillful shadowing. Definitely worth the visit!

You can also visit the artist's studio and see how he works, which is a real treat. Walk-in or book an exclusive visit. 

Admission is free.

Gerard Byrne Studio Gallery Dublin.

Dublin City Gallery: The Hugh Lane

Modern art fans will delight in a visit to the Hugh Lane Gallery. It's the oldest modern and contemporary art gallery in the country. You'll see the respect it's earned through the impressive array of works, including works and the studio of renowned artist Francis Bacon. 

Seeing the early 20th and late 19th-century art in Ireland will give you insight into how society evolved through time. So, don't forget to look out for the eight paintings donated by the revered Irish artist Sean Scully.

Admission to the gallery and its exhibits is free too!

Dublin City Gallery: The Hugh Lane.
Credit: The Hugh Lane Gallery

Royal Hibernian Academy

The Royal Hibernian Academy is a public museum showcasing art from local and international artists. It sits in the middle of the city, making for a quick pit-stop even on a busy day. 

What makes this museum interesting is that artists run it. From paintings and photography to sculpture and architecture, their collection displays the best in fine arts. They feature art classes and educational programs alongside the standard exhibition. So if you're in the mood, look up what's happening. 

Admission is currently free!

Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin Ireland.
Credit: RHA Gallery

Doorway Gallery

The Doorway Gallery features a curated selection of local artists who have made a unique contribution to Ireland's art scene. They aim to support these artists, like art fairs and solo shows, giving them a platform to reach international markets. This platform is precisely why the staff here are passionate, helpful, and knowledgeable about the works in the gallery. 

You can also purchase some of the pieces on exhibit, gifting yourself with a souvenir of Ireland. They will help you make your selection and organize shipping of the art to your home. 

Admission to The Doorway Gallery is currently free. 

Kerlin Gallery

Tucked away in a quiet alley is this impressive Dublin gallery. While its location is subtle, its works are definitely less so. With artists like Andy Warhol and Hiroshi Sugimoto on their roster, this esteemed gallery is known for its avant-garde art on display in a clean, minimalist style gallery. 

From video installations to photography, expect to be intrigued by the works shown. They frequently have the artists join them for the vernissage, so look for updates to see if you're lucky!

Admission to the gallery is free.  

Kerlin Gallery Dublin Ireland.
Credit: Kerlin Gallery

What museums are free in Dublin?

Most museums offer entrances to their permanent collections for free. If they charge a fee, that's usually because of a temporary exhibit. Make sure to look up what temporary exhibit they have in place in advance to see if you'd like to visit them! All of the places on this guide are free. Here are a few more free museums and galleries in Dublin:

  • Science Gallery Dublin
  • Olivier Cornet Gallery
  • Gallery of Photography
  • Project Arts Centre
  • Gallery Zozimus

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January 19, 2022

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