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Florianópolis Airport Guide [2022]: Getting around Floripa Airport!

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April 19, 2022
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Lauren Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell
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Wondering how to get from the Floripa Airport to your hotel or hostel? What features can I find at the airport, and how do I get around? Keep reading to see all the resources you might need to navigate the Florianópolis Airport, especially if you're a first-time traveler.

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Florianópolis is a magical island city located merely 500 miles from Rio de Janeiro. The beautiful city is home to lazy stretches of gorgeous white sand beaches. Florianópolis, overall, is full of vibrant and thriving culture and pleasant weather year-round. If Florianópolis is next on your travel list, now would be the best time to plan your trip!

If you're planning your trip and booking your accommodations, you might be wondering where Florianópolis airport is. Navigating airports can sometimes be tricky, especially when their native language isn't English. Airports are also just stressful in general. That's why we've put together a handy guide on all you'll need to know about the Florianópolis airport to navigate the airport and get to the city as seamlessly as possible. 

First, a little bit of info about the Florianópolis airport.

Florianopolis city.
Photo by Cassiano Psomas on Unsplash

What's Florianópolis airport called?

Floripa Airport, formally known as Florianópolis-Hercílio Luz International Airport (IATA: FLN). The airport is named after Hercílio Luz, a Brazilian politician and a three-time state governor of Santa Catarina. The city's airport is wholly owned and operated by the Zurich Airport Group. 

Where is Florianópolis Airport?

The Floripa airport is about 12 km from the Florianópolis city center. Florianópolis is located in the state of Santa Catarina in the Southern parts of Brazil. This makes commuting to and from the airport quick and easy compared to other further located airports.

Airport Facilities

The Floripa Airport has undergone significant renovations under the Zurich Airport Group. The new airport is about four times larger than the old one. 

The Florianópolis airport has a total of 13 boarding gates, two international and 11 domestic. These boarding gates are divided between 2 floors, one for arrival and the other for departures. The airport also has 45 check-in counters and over 2000 parking bays. 

Floripa Airport terminal.
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Airport Features

Several upgrades took place over the last couple of years at the Floripa airport. 

Over 5000 square feet of commercial space was created. This space was developed into luxury lounges, a viewing terrace, duty-free shopping, restaurants, and gift stores.

One of the standout features in the airport upgrade in Boulevard is 14/32. Boulevard 14/32 is Brazil's first large airport event plaza, with the allocated space being designated to host entertainment and culinary expos. With a calendar of events, Boulevard 14/32 has become a destination for people from all over.

Airport Services

The Floripa Airport has all you can expect from an international airport, with decent quality. Travelers have access to VIP rooms, free WIFI, 24-hour bank services, currency exchange, taxi services, and car rental facilities. 

There is a designated pet section fitted with drinking fountains and other pet amenities for people traveling with pets. 

Floripa beach things to do in Florianopolis.
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Getting To And From The Floripa Airport

Getting to and from the Floripa Airport is probably one of the travelers' most important concerns if they don't have airport shuttles that take them directly to the hotel or hostel. Here are some ways you can navigate to the city or elsewhere.


The airport has plenty of transportation services available for travelers getting to and from the airport. The airport has 24-hour taxis that can be found at Boulevard 14/32. These taxis accept credit, debit, and cash cards for payment. 

Car Rentals

The car rental companies operating at the Floripa airport include Hertz, Moved, United, and Europcar. Car rentals are a great way to explore the city of Florianopolis at your own pace. 

You can see the city on your own time and explore the places you've always wanted to see. Take splendid sunset or sunrise drives through the beautiful city with an affordable car rental. 

Air Taxis

If you need to travel quite some distance and avoid traffic, then the air taxis are a great option. The airtaxi service is operated by Táxi Aéreo Hércules. Táxi Aéreo Hércules has over 15 years of experience in the air taxi industry and is the trusted air transportation mode for travelers getting to and from Floripa airport. The air taxi services are found at Hangar Floripa Airport but make sure to call ahead to make your booking. 

Covid Protocol At Floripa Airport

As of April 1st, 2022, most fully vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to show a negative COVID-19 test or a Traveler's Health Declaration (DSV).

Keep in mind that regulations and restrictions can change overnight, so always be sure to visit your local government's website to find out what the restrictions are for entering any country.

When arriving at the Floripa airport, travelers will have to pass through the airport's sanitary barrier. The barrier includes a temperature measurement that's taken with thermal cameras. Should travelers have a high temperature, they'll be escorted by technicians from the Municipal Health Surveillance and taken to a coronavirus test location outside the airport. 

Throughout the airport, there are loudspeaker reminders to remain at least 2m away from one another. All employees wear masks and gloves at service counters, and they speak to travelers behind an acrylic screen. Throughout the airport, you'll also find sanitizer stations. 

It is recommended that all travelers use wear masks when traveling through the airport. 

Nearby Airport Accommodation And Hotels 

The Floripa airport is located not far from the Florianopolis city center. This means that travelers have plenty of lodging options close to the city and the airport.

Hotels near Floripa Airport.
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Here are some accommodation options near Floripa airport.

Intercity Florianopolis Hotel

The Intercity Florianopolis Hotel is a gorgeous hotel located approximately 8.2km from the Floripa airport. The hotel is in the city center, and it's close enough for you to experience the city life of Florianopolis and nearby the city's famous beaches. The hotel has a gorgeous pool, stunning rooms, and world-class hotel services. 

Blue Tree Premium Hotel

The Blue Tree Premium hotel is an immaculate hotel about 8.8 km (5.5 miles) from the Floripa airport. This splendid hotel offers visitors fantastic ocean views and easy access to the city's main gastronomic router. The hotel has an incredible rooftop pool where visitors can spend their days soaking up the Brazilian sun. 

Blue Tree Premium has incredible suites that are big enough for the whole family. 

Plan your trip to Florianópolis!

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April 12, 2022

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