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Best Hostels in Cancun: Budget-friendly + affordable alternatives

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October 23, 2022
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Daisy Wambua
Daisy Wambua
Cancun is home to all-night parties, tasty tacos, and enchanting culture. But can you do Cancun on a budget? Of course! In this blog, you'll find out the best affordable hostels in Cancun that have that WOW factor.

Mexico is one of the most popular places for backpackers, and Cancun serves as its hub. With all-night parties, affordable food, and sandy beaches to soothe hangovers, you'll have an unforgettable trip.

Cancun is great for those looking to backpack on a budget. Hostels in Cancun are cheap, comfortable, and safe. That means you can spend your budget on tacos and tequila.

But choosing a hostel can be a little overwhelming. There are lots to choose from! Well, you have come to the right place. Below are some of my top picks for hostels and affordable alternatives for every type of traveler.

cancun mexico
Image courtesy of Andreas M from Unsplash

Incredible Hostels in Cancun

Best Hostel for Location -  Mayan Monkey

Want to be in the heart of the hotel zone in Cancun so you can party the night away? Then Mayan Monkey is the hostel for you. You can't beat this location! With 24-hour security, you can feel safe and well-rested in this hostel.

Digital nomads, this Cancun hostel is calling. It offers comfortable working spaces, great wifi, and lots of coffee!

This wonderful hostel also provides free breakfast, which you will need after a long night of partying at their nightclub. 

If there's one thing you need to remember about this funky hostel, it's that they don't accept cards. Make sure you bring cash to pay at this hostel.

cancun mexico mayan monkey hostel
Image courtesy of Mayan Monkey

Best Features:

  • $$
  • 24hour security
  • Free breakfast
  • Friendly staff
  • DJs and events
  • Rated 8.8/10 on Hostelworld

Compare prices, check features, and book now: HostelWorld | | TripAdvisor

Best Hostel for Your Budget - Hostal Venado 8 

Step into the Caribbean culture at the Hostal Venado 8. For those who just want the basics, this Cancun hostel offers everything you need for around $6 a night. It even has some luxuries like aircon! You will be needing that at the peak of the Mexican sunshine. 

Hostel Venado 8 has an outdoor terrace, mixed dorm rooms, and 24-hour security to meet all of your backpacking needs. But since it's extremely affordable, don't expect the world from this hostel.

The best thing about this hostel is that it's right in the middle of downtown Cancun. If you're looking for amazing value and a central location, Hostel Venado 8 could be the hostel for you.

Best Features:

  • $
  • Aircon in rooms
  • Free wifi
  • Great prices
  • 24 Hour security
  • Rated 8.1/10 on Hostel World

Compare prices, check features, and book now: HostelWorld | TripAdvisor

Best Hostel to Meet People - Nomads Hotel Hostel & Rooftop Pool

Heading to Cancun on a solo adventure? Then Nomads Hotel Hostel & Rooftop Pool is the perfect place to be. Travelers from all over the world stay in this hip Cancun hostel to socialize. With its onsite bar and comfy lounges, it's the perfect place to meet friends for life.

Located 3 minutes from the closest bus stop in downtown Cancun, this hostel also makes an ideal base for exploring. After your day out in Cancun, head back to the rooftop pool and relax with a cocktail while enjoying the sunset. No better end to a day in Mexico!

Nomads Hotel Hostel & Rooftop Pool cancun
Image courtesy of Nomads Hotel Hostel & Rooftop Pool

Best Features:

  • $$
  • Great location
  • Good bus links
  • Rooftop pool
  • 8.6/10 on Hostel World

Compare prices, check features, and book now: HostelWorld | | TripAdvisor

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads - Nomads Enigmatic Hotel & Restaurant Bar

Need a place to work during the day and party at night? Then give the Nomads Enigmatic Hotel & Restaurant Bar a try! With free wifi throughout the hostel and hammocks to work in, you can work in peace in this chill hostel.

After a busy day working, you're ready to party. Located in the heart of downtown Cancun and just a few minutes walk from the bus stop, the party is closer than you think. If you prefer to stay at the hostel, you can also unwind at their restaurant and bar, where they organize DJ nights and party nights.

After a fun night of beers, friends, and electric music, stumble back to the air-conditioned dorms and private rooms of Nomads Enigmatic Hotel. There's no better way to end an epic day in Cancun than this.

Best Features:

  • $$
  • Aircon in dorms
  • Outdoor pool
  • Great reviews from backpackers
  • Friendly staff
  • 9.2/10 on Hostelworld

Compare prices, check features, and book now: HostelWorld | | TripAdvisor

Nomads Enigmatic Hotel & Restaurant Bar cancun
Image courtesy of Nomads Enigmatic Hotel & Restaurant Bar

Affordable Alternatives

Best Airbnb for Friends - A Magical Treehouse in the Center of the City

Looking for an Airbnb for you and your mates? Then this two bedroom house is the perfect solution. This Airbnb is situated in downtown Cancun and just 5 minutes from the bus stop, making it the perfect base for exploring.

The show stopper of this Airbnb is the outside terrace. As you sip pre-drinks before your night out on the comfy seats, the fairy lights twinkle as the sunset sets over Cancun. Talk about holiday vibes!

The inside won't let you down, either. The bright bedrooms and spacious kitchen offer a break from the hustle and bustle outside. Sleeping 6, with four beds and three baths, this Airbnb has your squad name written all over it.

Best Features:

  • $$
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Self-check-in
  • Great location
  • 4.83/5 on Airbnb

Best Budget Hotel - Oh! Cancun - The Urban Oasis 

Do you want a little luxury while in Cancun but don't want to break the bank? Then Oh! Cancun could be the perfect place to vacation. This 4-star hotel offers 3-star prices in the heart of Cancun.

If you fancy exploring for the day, the bus stop is just 900m away from the hotel. Or if you want to relax poolside on their comfy loungers, there is a spot in the sun waiting.

The large rooms offer big, plush beds and air conditioning to keep you cool in the hot Mexican sun. With private bathrooms, 24-hour security, and daily cleaning, you will be tempted to stay longer. 

This hotel is popular with couples, groups of friends, or those who are looking to treat themselves. Rooms here start from $65 a night.

Oh! Cancun cancun mexico
Image courtesy of Oh! Cancun - The Urban Oasis

Best Features:

  • $$$
  • Outdoor pool
  • Large rooms with ensuites
  • Great for couples
  • Located 900m from a bus stop
  • Rate 7.9/10 on

Compare prices, check features, and book now: | TripAdvisor

Which Cancun hostel should I go for?

It can be a little overwhelming when you think about how many hostels, hotels, and Airbnbs there are in Cancun. With so many budget-friendly options, it can really get time-consuming scouring the internet for the best option for your needs.

Before booking, consider these questions: Whom am I traveling with? Am I okay with sharing a dorm room? Do I want a hostel that has parties all night?

There are so many affordable and unique hostels out there. If you can't decide, don't worry, this blog is a great place to start.

Let's taco 'bout going to Mexico

Mexico is a backpacker's haven. It should definitely be on your bucket list because of its low-cost hostels, cities packed full of adventures, and yummy food. With so many things to do and discover in this beautiful country, why just stay in Cancun? There's a whole host of fun cities waiting for you.

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October 20, 2022

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