How to Plan a Trip to New Zealand [2023]: Nature's Paradise!

How to Plan a Trip to New Zealand [2023]: Nature's Paradise!
Jessica Bergin
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Whether you want to dive into the picturesque landscape, thundering rugby sports events, or indigenous Māori culture, New Zealand is brimming with adventure. If you're planning the trip of a lifetime, don't miss a thing with this in-depth planning guide!

New Zealand's scenery is absolutely surreal, thanks to its beautiful hilltops, plummeting fjords, boiling volcanoes, and whimsical beaches. Topped by its rich cultural heritage, feast-worthy cuisine, and warm locals, this destination boasts some of the most unique experiences for travelers.

Sitting on the edge of the Indian and South Pacific Oceans, New Zealand plays host to every type of vacationer. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, nature lover, or culture fanatic, this country has something special for you!

Suppose you're heading all the way down to the southern hemisphere. In that case, you're probably wondering what the best way to organize your adventure is. If so, you're in luck. Let's get the ball rolling in planning that once-in-a-lifetime trip to New Zealand!

Step 1. When Do You Want To Go To New Zealand?

If you're wondering when and how long you should visit New Zealand, that answer really depends on what you've set out to achieve. Are you looking for a month-long trip immersed in culture and natural landscapes or a quick 7-day itinerary to sample the highlights?

a calendar on white wood table for planning a trip to New Zealand
Photo by Debby Hudson

New Zealand boasts something different year-round, bringing something new to the table each season. Traveling during the shoulder seasons, including spring and fall, is your best bet if you're looking for better rates on accommodations, flights, and activities. However, other periods offer their own perks.

Summer Season - December to February

The summer period is one of the best times to visit New Zealand, especially if you're interested in long beach days and watersport activities. This season also boasts wonderful weather for hiking in the mountains and bushy terrain, as well as waterfall and rainforest trekking.

Fall and Autumn Season – March to May

Fall season means sunny days and cooler evenings, offering the perfect opportunity to embark on an adventure. Watch the warm colors paint the terrain with shades of orange, yellow, and gold as you trek through the countryside while enjoying the lack of crowds!

Winter Season – June to August

The winter season in New Zealand is the best time to visit if you're interested in snow sports. Hot spots like Wanaka and Queenstown are the top places to go skiing and snowboarding. Be aware that accommodation and prices can go up during this season, especially in the ski areas.

Spring Season – September to November

The springtime offers a glimpse at a blossom-covered landscape, as well as warmer days and chilly nights. This season in New Zealand is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities. At the beginning of the low season, costs for activities and services go down.

Step 2. What's Your Travel Budget?

The best thing about budgeting is that there's really no right or wrong way to do it. You can tailor it to you, your style, and your preferences. With this in mind, you'll need to create a travel budget for your New Zealand itinerary. Not sure where to start? Sprinkle in a few of these tested budget travel tips to help save some cash!

It doesn't matter if you're a big spender, a first-timer, or a budget-strung backpacker; organizing your travel budget requires a fair bit of time and attention. You'll need to consider every aspect of your upcoming travels, including accommodations, flights, transportation, food, activities, and attractions.

person counting dollar bank notes
Photo by Alexander Grey from Unsplash

Don't forget to factor in the little things like museum tickets, spontaneous day trips, and national park entry fees. If you're a frugal traveler, you'll need to consider your priorities. To give you a rough idea, the standard budget for travelers in Europe is around $185 NZ per person per day.

Step 3. Where Do You Want To Go?

If you're thinking about how to plan a trip to New Zealand, you may be feeling baffled. Why? Because this country is literally brimming with things to do, making it a challenge to squeeze in every last thing! That being said, your New Zealand itinerary shouldn't feel overwhelming - it should be inspiring.

road towards snow-capped mountains in Lake Pukaki, New Zealand
Photo by Casey Horner from Unsplash

Every part of this southern-situated country straddles opportunities to please everyone. Whether it's driving through the North and South Islands, exploring bustling city life, or skiing down snow-capped mountains, New Zealand has got it all. When compiling your trip itinerary, choose the destinations that spark the travel bug within you!

Step 4. How Will You Get Around New Zealand?

Transport can play a big part in your travel budget. It can also take up a lot of time in your itinerary. If you're wondering what the best way to travel around New Zealand is, that'll come down to your travel style. Do you want to do a road trip around the entire South Island? Or do you want to stay centrally located in a city and use public transport?

Modern cities like Auckland and Wellington host reliable transport options, including flights, ferries, trains, trams, taxis, Ubers, and buses. However, regional and rural areas lack efficient transport options, making travel tours and car rentals sounder options. When planning your trip to New Zealand, factor in the time and cost as well. 

Step 5. Where Will You Stay in New Zealand?

New Zealand is nestled with all types of stays that are sure to rock your world. From the quaint countryside cottages to the buzzing city's towering hotels, there's something here to satisfy everyone.

If you want to figure out how to plan a trip to New Zealand, you need to know that accommodations can be quite expensive. Yes, regardless of where you stay. However, you can elect practically anything, including shared houses, Couchsurfing, hostels, Airbnb, and hotels. You must book well in advance if you're booking in popular areas during the high season.

If you feel more comfortable staying in a hotel, websites like Hotels.com can be a real game-changer. They can help you to compare various options according to your budget, even if you're booking at the very last minute.

Step 6. What Do You Want To Do?

New Zealand harbors a hefty handful of things to do, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss out on a thing. Now's the time to ask yourself what attractions and activities are a must-see. New Zealand is famous for its intriguing Māori culture, lively rugby games, fascinating fjords, rugged coastline, and breathtaking national parks.

man standing on top of a high-rise stone in Fiordland National Park on trip to New Zealand
Photo by Samuel Bordo from Unsplash

What's your preference? Paint the picture in your mind. Can you see yourself horseback riding on the beach, tasting traditional cuisine with locals, or admiring the steam rising out of an active volcano? Not sure?

Here are some attractions I suggest you add to your New Zealand itinerary:

  • Unleash your inner nerd by visiting the famous Lord of the Rings site, Hobbiton.
  • Witness the Southern Lights in Dunedin.
  • Go bungy jumping near Queenstown.
  • Stand in awe at the Blue Pools in Mount Aspiring National Park.
  • Go horseback riding at Ninety Mile Beach.
  • Trek the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
  • Stargaze at Tekapo's Mount John Observatory.
  • Get warmed up at the Hot Water Beach on the North Island.
  • Appreciate the splashing Kitekite Falls in the Waitakere Ranges.  
  • Get active while kayaking at Cathedral Cove.
  • Be gobsmacked by the Milford Sound in the Fiordland National Park.
  • Spot whales in Kaikoura.
  • Find the glow-worm grotto in the Waitomo Caves.
  • Go diving at the Poor Knights Islands.

Step 7. Have You Organized Your Documents?

Alright, now you know how to plan a trip to New Zealand. You've prepared your itinerary and it's time to get organized. Leave plenty of time to apply for a valid travel visa, and don't forget about travel insurance to have peace of mind.

A trip to New Zealand means you'll be on an adventure, so it's best to be prepared. Figure out what's right for you by comparing the best travel insurance options.

Step 8. How Do You Pack For New Zealand?

Let's pack! First off, this country's weather varies drastically according to the time of the month. It's best to pack according to the season, region, and type of trip you're planning. You can't go wrong with staple items, including comfortable Columbia walking shoes, lightweight clothing, and a weatherproof jacket.

To make things hassle-free, use this complete vacation packing list to scan over your luggage before you go. Tick off all the necessary items, and thank yourself later when you arrive with everything, including your underwear.

But why stop there? Take your trip to New Zealand to the next level with these top-notch travel essentials:

lake and mountain landscape in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Photo by Char Beck from Unsplash

Why Visit New Zealand?

Packed with refreshing adventure, native wildlife experiences, and thriving indigenous culture, New Zealand offers experiences like no other. Offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at every angle, exploring this divine destination will leave you feeling inspired and, possibly, wanting more!

Fascinating fjords, awe-worthy rainforests, rich culture, and beyond! That's just a slice of what's waiting for you… 

Now that you're all set on how to plan a trip to New Zealand, it's time to take it up a notch. Plan the rest of your trip with Pilot and begin the countdown today!

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