La Paz Airport Travelers Guide: Know how to get around! [2024]

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La Paz Airport Travelers Guide: Know how to get around! [2024]
Being small and local, La Paz Airport definitely does not have all the information English-speaking travelers need to navigate around. How do you know what transportation is available from the airport, or which hotels are nearby? Keep reading to find all questions answered about La Paz Airport.
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Situated in the western part of the country and south of California, Baja California Sur is probably one of the most underrated states in Mexico. Baja California Sur is one of the best places to discover authentic Mexican culture and mingle with the locals! 

If you decide to book a trip here, you will most likely land at La Paz International Airport. It's pretty difficult to find English information about this airport on the internet but don't worry, we decided to create a guide to help you navigate the building! 

In the past, we already covered several airports, such as Guatemala Airport and Frankfurt Airport. Today, we are here to review La Paz International Airport! 

Where is La Paz International Airport?

La Paz International Airport is one of the main airports in Baja California Sur. It is about 11 km southwest of La Paz city and 163 km north of Cabo San Lucas. 

When booking your ticket, make sure not to confuse La Paz in Bolivia with Laz Paz in Mexico. The former city is served by the El Alto International Airport and is situated in South America. 

Baja California, Mexico.
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Getting around in La Paz Airport

Unfortunately, La Paz International Airport does not have an English website. But don't stress, we're here to help! This airport is pretty small, having only one terminal. For this reason, it shouldn't be too difficult to find your way around. 

The check-in areas are on the ground floor, while the waiting rooms are upstairs. There are only six of them, making it very difficult for you to get lost. 

After the security checkpoint, the airport also features a VIP lounge in the last waiting room. La Paz Airport has several ATMs and a currency exchange desk open from 9 am to 6 pm.

Is La Paz International Airport comfortable?

La Paz International Airport has free wifi connection available for everyone to use. The network's name is GAP FREE, and, to start using it, you will only need to accept the conditions. Some of the seats in the departure hall also have free charging stations for your electronic devices. 

Unfortunately, given the small size of La Paz Airport, there are no restaurants present in the building. However, you will find a few cafes and fast foods where you can buy some snacks or get a hot cup of coffee while waiting for your flight. 

La Paz International Airport Baja California Mexico.
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How to get around from La Paz Airport

Unfortunately, no bus or shuttle service takes you directly to La Paz. Your only option to reach the city is a taxi or an Uber. The former is extremely expensive for Mexican standards and will cost you 15$ for a 15 minutes drive. 

Ubers are more affordable, but you will have to walk for about 10 minutes before reaching your pick-up point as they are not allowed inside the airport area. 

Traveling from La Paz to other cities

La Paz is a small charming town, but there's not much to see here. If you traveled all the way to Baja California, there's a high chance you would like to visit some other places too. Here is a guide on traveling to the main cities in the area. 

San José del Cabo

You can reach San José del Cabo by renting a car, and it will take about two and a half hours and cost you 25$ for the fuel. If you are not in a hurry and would like to save some money, you can opt for the bus departing from la Paz Malecon Bus Station.


Most people traveling to Baja California Sur are looking forward to seeing Tijuana. Unfortunately, this city is quite far away, and you will have to drive 21 hours to reach it. 

you can organize a road trip of two or three days stopping in places such as the Reserva de la Biosfera El Vizcaíno, Loreto, and Ensenada. However, if you're looking for the fastest option, you should book a flight ticket to Tijuana International Airport. 

San Diego

While a car trip to San Diego might be a fun option, it will take more than a day to get there. San Diego International Airport is only half an hour drive from Tijuana International Airport, so keep that in mind and weigh both options before leaving!

Photo by Constanza S. Mora on Unsplash

Covid rules at La Paz Airport

According to the La Paz International Airport website, there are currently a few regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Only passengers are allowed inside the airport, and social distancing must be maintained. All passengers need to wear a face mask indoors. 

For international flights, travelers must present proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test. The good news is that you will be able to take your test directly inside the airport. 

A quick antigen test will cost you only 25$, and you will also have the opportunity to get a PCR test. 

La Paz Airport FAQs

Which hotels are close to La Paz Airport?

The closest hotel to La Paz International Airport is Hotel Maioris La Paz. A room here will cost you approximately 56$ per night. Alternatively, you can book a room at Motel Paradise La Paz. The prices are very similar, and the distance from the airport is the same. 

Can you rent a car at La Paz Airport?

Yes! The airport features several car rental facilities. You will find National car rental, Hertz, Alamo, and Budget, among the others.

How to get to La Paz Airport early in the morning?

If you're staying in a hotel nearby, they will probably be able to organize a transfer for you at any time. Otherwise, you can call a local taxi.  

How far is La Paz from Cabo Airport?

You can reach Cabo Airport in about two and a half hours by car. 

Can you sleep at La Paz Airport?

The airport stays open all night, so you can sleep here if you have an early flight. However, try to bring a sleeping bag or a blanket as the nights here can be cold. 

Remember that you won't be super comfortable. The airport does not have specific areas designed for those who want to spend the night here. This means you will either sleep on the floor or on the hard benches. 

What's the airport code of La Paz Airport? 

The La Paz Airport code is LAP. 

Marine Tourism Baja California.
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