Guide to MELT Festival: Where to stay and how to get there!

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January 15, 2023
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Roxana Fanaru
Looking to attend the MELT! Festival soon? Find out where to stay and what to do in this guide to one of Germany's hottest electronic music festivals!

If you're passionate about music and like attending festivals, you're probably aware of some of Europe's most famous music festivals. There's Tomorrowland in Belgium, Germany's Reeperbahn Festival, and Croatia's Ultra Europe. In this guide, I'll give you all the ins and outs of Germany's MELT Festival.

What is MELT Festival?

The MELT Festival, sometimes written as MELT!, is an open-air electronic music festival held annually in Germany. The festival first appeared in 1997. After a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival finally returned in 2022 and continues to be held yearly. 

Where is MELT Festival?

The MELT Festival is held at Ferropolis, an open-air museum on a narrow sliver of land in Lake Gremminer. The lake is near the town of Gräfenhainichen, less than two hours south of Berlin. 

The open-air museum on the small peninsula features giant 20th-century coal excavators. The industrial machines give the space a nearly dystopian appearance. Quite fittingly, one of the excavators is called Mad Max. 

Machinery at Ferropolis
Image courtesy of J Z on Unsplash

The festival stages host big names in the electronic music scene and more. Over the years, the festival has seen the performances of artists like Bon Iver, A$ap Rocky, Woodkid, Nina Kraviz, The XX, Florence + The Machine, Cigarettes After Sex, Fred Again, Honey Digon, and many others. 

The MELT Festival takes place in summer over the course of a weekend. Think three and a half days of constant partying and music in a scenic location on a lake where you can swim to refresh yourself between dancing sessions. A pre-party on Thursday will get you in the mood for the concerts happening from Friday to Sunday. 

Person at music festival
Image courtesy of Melt Festival

How to get to MELT Festival?

You have several options to reach MELT Festival. So choose your transportation freely based on your schedule and budget.

By car

If you plan on going by car, the festival venue has a parking lot at the beginning of the peninsula. If you're driving from Berlin, it takes less than two hours to reach Ferropolis. 

Keep in mind that you need to pay for parking. They have a dedicated parking lot for the festival and spaces for car or caravan camping. The parking ticket for 2023 is €20 per vehicle. 

By train

The location is easily reachable via public transportation. Several trains depart regularly from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg, where you can change for a train to Gräfenhainichen. Alternatively, catch a train to Bahnhof Jüterbog and change there for Gräfenhainichen. 

The downside of getting there by train is that the Gräfenhainichen station is nearly a one-hour walk. One option is to catch a taxi to Ferropolis. However, shuttle buses are also available from Gräfenhainichen to the festival site. 

By shuttle bus

Shuttle buses are the best option if you can't get there by car. Every year, MELT Festival organizes shuttle buses from Gräfenhainichen, Dessau, and Wittenberg, which are all easy to reach by train. 

You can also check out Maximal Trips, which organizes bus trips for various European festivals. For MELT Festival, you can find shuttle bus trips from several German cities, including Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Munich, and others. The company even offers international transfers from Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

Aerial view of Ferropolis
Image courtesy of Bernd Dittrich on Unsplash

Where to stay for MELT Festival?

The weekend ticket includes a camping option, which is the best way to enjoy the festival site. Of course, this means that you'll need to bring your own tent. The camping site opens on Thursday afternoon before the festival, and you should aim to get there early if you want to claim the best spots. 

Another option is to camp in your car or caravan. To do so, you'll need a car/caravan camping ticket, which is different from regular car parking tickets as there is a dedicated area for car camping.

MELT Festival also provides an additional glamping option if what you're looking for is some extra comfort and, well, glam! This option includes suite tents for 2-4 people with electricity, free sanitary facilities, nearby parking spots, and free shuttle use throughout the festival area. The most luxurious option is the chalet—a wooden lodge with actual beds, a fridge, a barbecue station, and even a 24-hour bar. 

Don't plan on staying in the festival area? You can also check out hostels and hotels in the nearby cities of Gräfenhainichen, Wittenberg, and Dessau, all connected to the festival site by shuttle buses. Some hotels even offer special packages for MELT Festival, so be sure to check out the various options. 

DJs at MELT Festival
Image courtesy of Melt Festival

When is MELT Festival 2023?

MELT Festival 2023 will take place between June 8-11. MELT has already released some of its 2023 lineups. Artists to look forward to this year are Beabadoobee, The Blessed Madonna, DJ Swagger, Joy Orbison, Phillip Jondo, Piri & Tommy, Skin on Skin, and many others. 

Check the official MELT Festival website to stay up-to-date with new announcements. 

MELT Festival tickets

MELT tickets are available for purchase on the MELT official site. Weekend tickets start from €169.95, but you can choose between many options.

If you plan on attending with a group of friends, check out the Weekend Ticket [4 Friends] option. Alternatively, the Weekend Plus ticket gives you access to the VIP Camping Area, which has dedicated sanitary facilities. This option includes a free shuttle bus between the festival and the parking area. 

Along with your choice of Weekend Ticket, you can buy your car parking or car/caravan camping ticket. Finally, you can choose between four glamping options, depending on your group size and whether you want a suite or a chalet. 

MELT festival poster
Image courtesy of Melt Festival

MELT Festival FAQ

Now that you have all the deets on location, how to get there, accommodation, and ticket options, you're almost ready for MELT Festival. Here are a few more tips to help you make the most of your festival experience!

Do I need cash?

MELT Festival is now cashless. You get a festival wristband with a chip that allows you to pay for the various services around the festival area. You can easily top up your credit online, meaning you won't need to line up anywhere to withdraw cash or recharge your bracelet.

If you have any money left on your chip at the end of the festival, you can transfer it back to your account. This option takes a lot of stress out of carrying cash, and you only need to worry about your bracelet.

Is MELT Festival accessible?

MELT Festival is accessible to people with disabilities, thanks to the Barrierefreies Festival project created by KulTh e.V. There is no need for a special ticket for disabled participants—just get your regular ticket, and you'll find the KulTh e.V. staff on-site to help you. 

You can even request special assistance in advance by emailing the staff. Check out the accessibility section on the MELT website.

Are there food and drink options on-site?

You'll find everything you need in the festival area, from free drinking water to food stalls. There will be many shops to buy food, drinks, and even camping gear. Supermarkets can also be found roughly 5 kilometers from Ferropolis, in case you need something you can't find on-site.

As part of MELT Festival's sustainability efforts, all food stalls will have at least one vegetarian option, and many will also have vegan options. MELT has also partnered with Foodsharing and Die Tafel Wittenberg to minimize food waste.

Are there lockers on-site?

You can rent a locker to store anything you don't want to carry around during the day. Lockers come in various sizes, so you can rest assured that you'll find the space you need. You may also leave your stuff in your tent if you're able to lock it.

What shoes should I wear?

Bring shoes that you can wear all day long. Most of the festival grounds are concrete, so you want to be able to dance and walk around comfortably. Bring a pair of flip-flops as well. They'll come in handy after swimming in the lake and while using the showers.

music festival
Image courtesy of Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

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