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Montevideo Airport (MVD) 2022 Guide: Know how to get around!

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March 24, 2022
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Cristina Miceli
Cristina Miceli
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Planning or interested in traveling to Uruguay and want to know the lay of the land of the Montevideo Airport? Have questions about the airport you want to know the answers to? Keep reading to find all the essential info you'll need when you land!

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South of Brazil and east of Argentina lies one of the most underrated destinations in America, Uruguay. Even though this country is not particularly famous, it has plenty to offer for all types of visitors! Uruguay can be a dream destination with modern cities, stunning nature, and fewer tourists than neighboring countries!  

If you decide to visit this country, you will most likely land in Montevideo Airport. Montevideo Airport can get chaotic, especially during rush hours, despite being well organized. That's why we decided to create a guide so that you can get around with confidence! 

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Let's start off our guide with where exactly Montevideo Airport is located.

Where is Montevideo Airport

Montevideo Airport is located about 20 km east of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. From here, you should be able to reach all destinations in Uruguay within a day's driving. 

City and beach view of Montevideo.
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What is Montevideo Airport called?

Montevideo Airport is officially called Carrasco/General Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport. But most people refer to it as either Carrasco International Airport or Montevideo Airport. The building was named after Cesáreo L. Berisso, an Uruguayan aviation pioneer. 

Getting around Montevideo Airport

Carrasco International Airport is not too big, and getting around should be straightforward. The building has two floors, and the arrivals area is on the ground level, while the departures are on the first floor. The airport has a single passenger terminal with eight boarding gates. Despite being relatively small, Montevideo Airport welcomes four million passengers every year!

For this reason, you will find many services available. Some of these include ATMs, currency exchange desks, and plenty of restaurants and cafés.

Skies of Montevideo
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How to get from Montevideo Airport to downtown

From the Montevideo Airport, you'll have several choices in transportation to take you to downtown Montevideo. Here are your options.


Taxis are more expensive than buses but are also more comfortable. On average, prices range from 18$ to 42$, depending on the neighborhood you need to reach. A ride will take you roughly 25 minutes. Taxis also allow you to get to other nearby cities, but these options tend to be quite pricey. For instance, a ride to Piriapolis will cost you 145$, while going to Punta del Este is approximately 183$.

The only taxi company allowed inside the airport area is Taxi Aeropuerto. You can contact this company by texting on WhatsApp at (+598) 096300196. Taxis operate 24/7, and you can book your trip at the office in the main terminal. Your taxi will be waiting for you in the ranks located outside the arrivals hall. 


Several bus companies offer rides from Carrasco International Airport to Montevideo city center. 

One of these is COT SA, and its buses will take you to Montevideo city for less than 1$. If you have any questions, you can email or call the number (+598) 2600-3195.

Another option is CUTCSA. Prices are the same as COT SA, and you can contact the company either by email at or by calling (+598) 2204-0000. 

Make sure to check on the status of these buses as they might be temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 or other issues.

If you decide to visit other cities after exploring the capital, you can book a ticket with COPSA. This company operates buses from Montevideo City to Maldonado and Canelones. The former is about two hours driving from the capital, while the latter is 50 km north of it. 

Shuttle buses

A good compromise between the taxi and bus service is the shuttle bus operated by Montevideo Airport. These private vans can accommodate up to 12 people and provide city tours and transfers to Montevideo. If you're interested in this service, you can ask for more information at the office in the arrival hall. You can also email or call the number (+598) 091 370 143.

Landscapes of Uruguay Montevideo.
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Covid rules at Montevideo Airport

Inside Carrasco International Airport, you will have to wear a face mask and maintain a safe distance. Depending on the country you will have to fly to, you may be required to take an antigen or a PCR test. Luckily, you can do so directly at the airport. You will find a swab center in the departure hall next to the Starbucks. 

You can get an antigen test every day of the week, 24/7. The results will be available within an hour. If you need an antigen test for your flight, remember to budget some extra time. 

PCR tests will take longer. You can see the official timetables on the website of the airport. According to them, a PCR test will cost you about 100$, while a rapid test is 60$.

Is Montevideo Airport comfortable?

Montevideo Airport is very comfortable, and you will find a free WIFI network accessible to everyone and padded benches. Plenty of outlets are located all over the building so that you can charge your devices at all times.

Airplanes in Montevideo Airport.
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Which hotels are close to Montevideo Airport?

Hampton by Hilton Montevideo Carrasco is the closest hotel to Montevideo Airport. Unfortunately, a night here will cost you a small fortune with rooms starting at 130$. For a cheaper option, try Hotel Bahamas. A room here will cost you around 50$, but you will be 5 km away from the airport. 

Can you rent a car at Montevideo Airport?

Yes! Carrasco International Airport is home to several rental cars companies. Among the others, you will find Avis, Budget, and Europcar. 

Uruguay and Montevideo landscapes and farms.
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Other Traveler's FAQs about Carrasco Airport

What's the code of Montevideo Airport?

The code of Montevideo (Carrasco) Airport is MVD.

Can you sleep at Montevideo Airport?

Many travelers reported that sleeping at Montevideo Airport is a pleasurable experience. The padded benches are very comfortable to sleep in, and the staff is accommodating. At night the airport is quiet, but it can be cold. Take an extra blanket with you if you don't want to freeze! 

Planes taking off at Montevideo Airport.
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March 24, 2022

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