10 Mumbai Street Food Delights for the Ultimate Foodie!

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10 Mumbai Street Food Delights for the Ultimate Foodie!
Looking for creative and innovative street food? Mumbai is the place to go! The city's streets are filled with delicious treats, from samosas and Pani puri to Vada pav and Pav bhaji. Discover the best Mumbai street foods to savor while you're there.

Street food is a haven for travelers on a budget, making it easier to explore the city without breaking the bank. There are plenty of stalls selling mouthwatering snacks and meals that will leave you wanting more!

Many countries, such as MexicoSingapore, and Beijing, are famous for their tasty street food, but Mumbai's offerings will leave your taste buds longing for more.

Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, is home to various attractions and tempting dishes from all over India. There's the classic masala dosa with its crisp rice and potato filling, pav bhaji with soft flatbread pieces dunked in spicy curry, and spicy tikki chaat topped with onions and chutney. These are just some of the iconic dishes you can find in Mumbai. there are plenty more to explore.

History runs back to the 17th century, and various cultures and cuisines have made their mark here. The city attracts many tourists from around the world who savor in its unique street food. If you're a first-time traveler to India, here's a helpful list of things to pack if you're wondering where to begin.

Top 10 Delicious Mumbai Street Food to Try

Whether you're a first-time traveler or a frequent visitor to Mumbai, the following 10 street food items are must-tries. Mumbai offers a blend of flavors from across India, and you'll find something that suits your taste.

10. Vada Pav

Pav, which means bread, and Vada, which means potato fritter, is a great combination and shouldn't be missed. Famous as the poor man's burger, Vada pav is a traditional Maharashtra dish that stuffs deep-fried potato patties inside a bun.

The buns are usually served with butter and various chutneys to add flavor.

Popular Vada Pav Spots

  • Samrat Vada Pav
  • Ashok Vada Pav in Dadar
  • Shivaji Vada Pav
Vada pav served with red chili chutney and green chilies
Photo by Deepeshmd on Wikimedia Commons

9. Bhel and Sev Puris

Bhel and Sev Puris' are a must-try if you're into mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. These yummy treats are based on puris which are unleavened Indian bread. The bread is then topped with sweet and spicy chutneys and Sev, spicy fried noodles. It's savory yet sweet, crunchy yet soft, and best accompanied by mint or tamarind chutneys.

The difference between the two dishes is that Bhel Puri offers Marathi chaat while Sev Puri provides Gujarati flavors.

Popular Bhel & Sev Puri Spots

  • Sharma Bhelpuri House (Vile Parle East)
  • Jain sweet & Bhelpuri house (Kandivali West)
  • Food arcade chaat (Matunga)
Bhelpuri served on a plate
Photo by Rashmeet Kaur on Wikimedia Commons

8. Akuri on Toast

For spicy food lovers, Akuri on toast is life-changing! This dish consists of scrambled eggs cooked with green chilies, tomatoes, and onions. It's served with buttered toast and makes for an entirely delicious breakfast.

Popular Akuri Spots

  • Jimmy Boy near Horniman circle
  • Fort I Khyani & Co. in marine line

7. Ragda Pattice

For a taste of the tanginess, try these potato patties topped with spicy ragda or white peas served with a garnish of sweet chutney, coriander, and onion. It's something you can't miss. These deep-fried patties make you keep coming back for more.

Popular Ragda Pattice Spots

  • Kailash Parbat near Crawford Market
  • Sharma Chaat Bhandar
  • Ram and Shyam in Santacruz West
 Rada Patticeserved with chutney, extra onions and sev
Photo by Maskaravivek on Wikimedia Commons

6. Pav Bhaji

The lip-smacking Pav Bhaji is also a must-try in Mumbai. This is a dish of mashed vegetables cooked with Indian spices and served with a dollop of butter on top to add extra flavor to this comforting dish.

Popular Pav Bhaaji Spots

  • Sardar Pav Bhaji (Grant Road)
  • Shree Siddhivinayak Fast Food, Juhu
  • Dadabhaji Naoroji Road near CST
Pav bhaji served with onion and lemon
Photo by Swinging Uvula on Wikimedia Commons

5. Baida Roti

For meat lovers, Baida Roti is a trendy street food in Mumbai. It's an Indian-style fried flatbread stuffed with minced meat and served with kachumbari salad or gravy. The flavorful stuffing makes this dish even more delicious, adding perfect flavor to your meal. 

With an array of meat choices, from chicken to mutton, Baida roti should be on your list of must-tries..

Popular Baid Roti Spots

4.Masala Dosa

Well, there's no escape on the streets of Mumbai from tasting a Masala Dosa. It's a relatively simple dish with the dosa made from fermented rice batter and served with potato masala stuffing. 

This savory, crunchy Indian pancake is usually accompanied by sambar and coconut chutney. The tangy, not-so-spicy masala is something you won't forget.

Popular Masala Dosa Spots

  • Sai Krupa Prakash Dosa
  • Nandu Dosa
  • Cafe Madras Matunga

3. Bombay Sandwich

Sometimes, all you need is a simple and wholesome sandwich made with unique ingredients. Sliced beetroot, cucumbers, mint chutney, onion rings, and potatoes are packed between three buttered toasts, creating the simple yet memorable Bombay sandwich!

The Bombay sandwich can be found on just about every street corner. It's not a trip to Mumbai without munching on one of these babies. This Mumbai Street food is the perfect snack to look out for when you need something light yet flavorful.

Popular Bombay Sandwich Spots

  • Sandwich Wallah near Xavier's College
  • Bombay sandwich house in Shastri Nagar

2. Aloo Bonda

Popular as a favorite among Mumbai Street food, Aloo Bonda is a potato ball covered with chickpea flour and then deep-fried. With a ball-like shape, the aloo bonda offers a flavorful potato filling with a crunchy outer layer. It's served hot with chutney or sauce. The mild spicy Mumbai-styled aloo bondas are certainly worth a try.

Popular Aloo Bonda Spots

  • Ram Krishna Bread Pakora at Grant Road
  • Shrikrishna in Dadar Market
Aloo bonda or aloo vada on a paper napkin
Photo by Sherlyn111 on Wikimedia Commons

1. Pani Puri

Pani puri is the most sought-after street food item in Mumbai. With a crunchy outer shell filled with potatoes, onions, and tamarind water, this snack will tantalize your taste buds.

Pani puri has become an iconic dish for Mumbaikars. You can find it at various street food stalls and eateries across the city.

Popular Pani Puri Spots

  • Om sandwich and Panipuri at Chhapkhanawala House
  • Panipuri center in Banda East
Women eating pani puri at a pani puri stall
Photo by Adam Cohn on Flickr

8 Popular Areas to Try Great Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai is a big city that boasts street food vendors around every corner. This can make choosing where to eat a complicated business. So, to help you find the very best street food Mumbai has to offer, stick to these popular areas:

  • Dadar
  • Fort
  • Crawford market
  • Girgaum Chowpatty
  • Khau Galli
  • CST station
  • Zaveri bazaar street
  • Mohammed Ali road

Let Out the Foodie in You With Pilot.

With this guide, you can now explore the deliciousness of Mumbai street foods! Enjoy the dishes across various city eateries, stalls, and corners. With Pilot by your side, you can plan the ultimate Foodie adventure.

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