Puerto Rico on a Budget: Explore all on a budget! [2024]

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Puerto Rico on a Budget: Explore all on a budget! [2024]
Ay, Puerto Rico! Replete with rugged terrain, mouth-watering cuisine, and a wild nightlife scene, a lot is going on. You might think a trip here would be expensive, but I’ll show you how to stretch your dollars further.
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Painted with picturesque scenery, rich history, and fascinating culture, Puerto Rico is a land like no other. From the lush forests to the aqua-blue beaches, this Caribbean paradise is crowned with sun-kissed allure. 

You could sip on authentic Puerto Rican coffee, take a day trip to the idyllic islands, or taste the flavors of the food truck scene. Heck, there’s a lot to do! 

You’ll be happy to hear that budget travel in Puerto Rico is definitely feasible. You just have to know where and when to look...

If you want to make the most of your trip to the Caribbean, you don’t have to let your budget stop you from doing so. Here’s how to visit Puerto Rico on a budget. Arriba! 

Start With a Travel Budget 

First things first. You need to start calculating if you want to know how much it costs to go to Puerto Rico. Traveling here can be expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be.

Here’s the average daily cost of traveling in Puerto Rico if you’re trying to be mindful: 

  • Accommodation: $45 to $110 per person per night  
  • Activities: $25 to $50 per day 
  • Transport: $15 to $60 per day 
  • Food: $30 to $50 per day

Search for Flights Deals

One of the best times to visit Puerto Rico for budget travelers is during the off-season. The low season, May to November, offers visitors a chance to score more affordable flights, accommodation, activities, and transport. 

Master the art of bargain hunting with this guide on how to score cheap flights. Topped by the lack of crowds, the low season is by far the best time to visit. 

Suppose you’re looking for a more authentic look into local living in Puerto Rico. In that case, the low season offers a window of opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on!

Choose Hostels as Your Accommodation

Selecting wallet-friendly accommodation is an obvious choice for keeping costs low. When planning budget travel to Puerto Rico, staying in hostels is the best option.

Whether you’re hunting for something party-focused, city-based, or off-the-beaten-path, you’re sure to find a hostel that’s right for you. 

Here is my pick for the top hostels in Puerto Rico: 

If you want to dive further into the hostel scene, save this in-depth guide to the best 8 hostels in Puerto Rico. Maybe a hostel isn’t your thing, and that’s ok too. 

You’re in luck if you’re thinking about hotels, Airbnb rentals, or taking it up a level in a resort. Find all the details in this breakdown on places to stay in Puerto Rico

Save by Eating Puerto Rican Food 

Instead of splurging cash on eating out at restaurants, head down to the farmer’s markets for fresh produce. You can purchase pocket-friendly food like fruits, veggies, fish, and cheese, which are perfect for a picnic or cooking up in your accommodation. 

Plus, meandering through Puerto Rico’s market scene provides insight into local living!

Not only can you get a taste of this popular tourist destination’s authentic side, but you’ll also see affordable lunch offers. 

Other than the markets, you can also try out the beachside food trucks. Don’t forget to try local delicacies, including:

  • Arroz con habichuelas (rice and beans)
  • Tostones (fried plantains)
  • Alcapurrias (meat-stuffed fritters).
Puerto Rican local food dish with a pop can
Image courtesy of H. Michael Miley on Wikimedia Commons

Keep it Local on Public Transport 

Compared to other countries, transportation in Puerto Rico isn’t always the most time-effective. But if you’re set on budget travel in Puerto Rico, public transport is the best pocket-friendly option.

That is if you’re staying inside the metropolitan area! In the city area, you’ll be able to catch públicos, i.e., public minibusses.

Public transportation is nonexistent in the outer areas, so you’re out of luck in this respect if you’re traveling to Puerto Rico on a budget. And it turns out that doing an excursion in an all-inclusive package isn’t the most cost-efficient. 

If you want to explore the network of national parks, blissful beaches, and hidden gems, renting a car is ideal. Depending on the season you’re visiting, you can rent a car for around $25 per day. Not too shabby if you ask me! 

Explore Puerto Rico for Free!  

Nestled with natural splendor, Puerto Rico is full of exciting opportunities. And because many of them are in nature, they’re completely free too. Whether hiking in the dense forests or swimming in the beautiful beaches, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. 

A big part of budgeting for Puerto Rico will involve your transport, so if you can hire your own car, you’ll save a lot of money on all-inclusive attractions. 

Suppose you don’t mind splurging a few extra pennies. In that case, you should consider adding these budget-friendly things to do in Puerto Rico to your itinerary: 

If you’re interested in seeing a few sights in one sitting, you could consider sprinkling a Puerto Rico tour into your trip. These top-rated excursions include many highlights that will leave all the hassles behind. 

Puerto Rico San Juan streets with umbrella decor
Image courtesy of Reynaldo Brigantty on Pexels

Is Puerto Rico Safe to Visit? 

This captivating Caribbean archipelago is arrayed with awe-worthy attractions. But just how safe is it to visit Puerto Rico? Whether you’re a solo traveler, a first-time backpacker, or a seasoned visitor, Puerto Rico hosts some concerns regarding safety. 

We all know that preparing ahead is vital, especially if you want to come out on top. Before traveling to Puerto Rico, brush up on the risks involved and general safety tips. You can find it all in this comprehensive breakdown of safety in Puerto Rico

7-Day Puerto Rico Itinerary 

Pinned with a panoply of picturesque vistas, riveting cultural hot spots, and delicious cuisine, Puerto Rico is a destination worth adding to your bucket list. 

Whether you want to hit the beach on a paddle board or trek through the lush forest, visiting Puerto Rico is well worth it!

If you’re in a hurry for a last-minute Puerto Rico trip, it just so happens you’ve stumbled across the right page. Including the massive haul of highlights sprinkled with a series of tried-and-tested tips, this 7-day Puerto Rico itinerary has it all. 

From exploring the colorful corners of Old San Juan to seeing the stunning bioluminescent bay in Vieques, this itinerary incorporates all the must-see things. Don’t skip a beat with this bliss-inducing guide!

Solo woman traveler dancing in Puerto Rico
Image courtesy of Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Vibrant Buildings, Passionate Parties, and Better! 

Now you know how to plan a trip to Puerto Rico on a budget, you can make your dollars go all the way. But why stop there? Start planning your next trip with Pilot, and begin the countdown now! 

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