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7 Best Puerto Rico Tours: Unmissable excursions in 2023!

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January 5, 2023
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Jessica Bergin
Puerto Rico is packed with countless gems just waiting to be explored. Explore our guide to the best Puerto Rico tours for all the must-see attractions, adventure activities, and aqua-blue beaches!

Harboring a wealth of secluded, heavenly beaches, colorful historical towns, lush tropical rainforest, misty mountain tops, and idyllic island getaways, there is so much on offer in this North American gem. 

There are teeming things to do, from the bioluminescent bay and El Yunque National Forest to culture-drenched San Juan and the alcohol-infused Bacardi Factory. Adventure lovers, water sports enthusiasts, sprightly surfers, history nuts, and every type of traveler in between will find something to leave them returning for more. 

If you're on the hunt for the best attractions, tour packages, and must-see excursions in Puerto Rico, we've got you covered. Let's find out about the best Puerto Rico Tours in 2023! 

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1. Get adventurous in Arecibo 

With a hefty history and scenic views aplenty, Arecibo is topped with wild activities and adrenaline-inducing tours. Try your luck out on a river cruise, head deep into the caves and limestone cliffs, get wet bodyboarding, or try out body rafting. 

There are plenty of exciting tours in Puerto Rico, so check out the Arecibo guide for all the best excursions in Puerto Rico. 

2. Watch the bays turn twinkling blue in Vieques, Lajas, or Fajardo 

For an experience you won't forget, don't miss out on seeing the bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. In Fajardo, you can combine a snorkel trip to the Cordillera Nature Reserve before heading out to the Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay. 

In Vieques, you can get immersed in the abundant wildlife scene and breathtaking landscapes before heading out at night to Mosquito Bay to catch the bioluminescent glow. 

In Lajas, you can try anything from kayaking and paddle-boarding all the way to fishing and kite-surfing before scaling La Parguera to see the spectacle unfold.

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3. Satisfy your taste buds in the Bacardi distillery 

Located close to San Juan, the quaint town of Cataño is home to the world's biggest rum distillery. Casa Bacardí, otherwise known as the "Cathedral of Rum," holds its place as one of Puerto Rico's biggest tourist attractions, and for a good reason! 

Visitors can embark on a 45-minute guided tour to dive into the heritage. And for those who are a little more interested in sampling the selection, guests can check out the 90-minute tasting tour or create their own personalized fusions in a mixology class! 

The historical tour is the cheapest option, but if you can splurge the extra pennies, then the mixology and rum-tasting tour is most definitely worth it! 

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4. Get lost in the lush El Yunque National Forest 

Encompassing pounding waterfalls, teeming trails, natural pools, and tropical rainforest vibes all-round, El Yunque National Forest is a must-see attraction in Puerto Rico. Hike along La Coca Trail, climb up the Yokahú Observation Tower, or dive into the Río Grande region. 

Tickets and tours in El Yunque National Forest are fairly cheap, and it's a great option if you're looking to get more bang for your buck! 

Check out companies like El Yunque ToursKayaking Puerto Rico, or Castillo Tours for the best deals. 

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5. Taste the local flavors on a food tour 

You can't leave Puerto Rico without trying some authentic cuisine! San Juan Food and Culture Tours offers a unique take on the typical Puerto Rican food scene. 

Take a step back from the tourist-targeted quesadillas and heavy steaks, and enjoy the fusion of flavors of Puerto Rican tostones, mofongo, coquito, and much more! 

To catch a glimpse of the full expanse of food tours, check out the competing companies here

6. Become a coffee connoisseur in the Adjuntas 

If you're in need of a quick escape from the never-ending beaches, then an agritourism and coffee tasting tour could be just what you need. Backed by undulating mountains and verdant splendor, the Adjuntas is a nature lover's delight. 

With over 1,400 coffee farms, this area is home to the biggest concentration of coffee production in the entire country. Puerto Rico's famed local brands like Sandra Farms and Hacienda Tres Ángeles offer guided tours for a reasonable price. 

Given the Adjuntas rich natural landscape, visitors can couple a coffee-tasting trip with a hiking, fishing, or outdoor adventure in the surrounding mountains. 

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7. Bask in the brimming blue waters of Culebra 

Threaded with white sands, turquoise waters, and flourishing marine life, Culebra hones in on that stereotypical Puerto Rican image. As one of the biggest islands in the country's archipelago, there's an abundance of electrifying activities to get involved in. 

Next Stop: Puerto Rico!

Get pumped on a kayak tour, go snorkeling in Flamenco Beach, cruise around on a boat, or rent a jeep for a different perspective. Set out on a day tour in Puerto Rico that you won't forget! 

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