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Rezdy Review [2022]: Is it worth it? Features + Our thoughts

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June 20, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
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You may have come across Rezdy if you're searching for software to help your business move into online booking and grow. There are serval companies that offer these kinds of services but finding the right fit for your needs isn't easy. Read our review before you waste time trying out a service that doesn't meet your needs!

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One of the most exciting things about traveling is exploring new places.

Often, you can do this by going on tours or organized activities. How do those operators get their names out there?

It can be hard to become a popular tourist attraction, and that's where third-party companies come in handy. If you run tours or events for travelers, you might've heard of Rezdy, but is it a worthwhile platform?

Read our review to see if Rezdy is the right fit for your business or if its a waste of time.

Rezdy logo
Image Courtesy of Rezdy

What is Rezdy?

Founded in 2010, Rezdy is an online booking software and distribution platform for tours and activities, claiming "stress-free" services for organizers. Rezdy allows organizers to streamline their bookings. Their goal is also to help operators grow by connecting them with global agents to expand their reach. 

They also offer website building services to help you get your online presence off the ground and a mobile app where you can access all their services from your phone. 

Rezdy online booking services
Image Courtesy: Rezdy

Where is Rezdy located?

Rezdy is an Australian company; its headquarters are in Sydney, Australia. They do also have a US office located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

How does Rezdy work?

Rezdy's booking software works differently depending on the service you are providing (tours, activities, shuttles, etc.). Still, the general idea is that you can accept bookings 24/7 and have a fully integrated system for all your bookings. With Rezdy's software, you don't have to worry about programming automatic email notifications to go out to customers after booking or ensuring that you don't get overbooked/ double booked. 

Rezdy bookings.
Image Courtesy: Rezdy


Rezdy's booking software and channels come at a cost, but you can opt for a free 21-day trial to test their services before committing with your money!

Their plans come in three different price brackets, and you can compare them all here.

The Foundation plan will cost you $49 a month, the Accelerate plan costs $99 a month, and the Expansion plan costs $249 a month. Those monthly fees don't include any booking fees. 

Rezdy advertises that the Foundation plan is perfect for "businesses looking to get booking online." In contrast, the Expansion plan is best for "businesses looking to step up growth." The Accelerate plan is for "businesses looking for greater control and insight." 

That's how you pay for their services, but how do your customers pay you when you use Rezdy?

Rezdy subscription plans and pricing.
Image Courtesy: Rezdy


As a tour or activity operator, one of the most important parts of your business is making a profit. When using online booking software like Rezdy, you need a payment system that can also function online. That's where RezdyPay becomes useful.

RezdyPay is an integrated payment solution with low fees. It allows all online payments from your customers to be done via Rezdy. The system also supports mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which offers your customers more payment options for quick purchasing. Currently, RezdyPay is available in USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, GBP, and EU. 

Image Courtesy: Rezdy


In addition to being a support system and a way to help operators facilitate bookings, Rezdy also focuses on assisting providers in growing their businesses. One way they do this is through their Rezdy Marketplace. This lets buyers see the real-time availability of tours and activities they offer their customers and book them immediately.

As an operator, you can use the Marketplace to get your tour out onto a global network of tours, putting it front and center. You can partner with specific booking channels in addition to being on the Marketplace to get your tour out there and attract more visitors!

Rezdy marketplace.
Image Courtesy: Rezdy

Contact Information

Suppose you're looking to purchase a monthly plan with Rezdy. In that case, it's not a bad idea to know how to contact them if you have any questions or need additional support. Rezdy has several ways you can get in touch with them.

You can use their online chat function, operating 24/7 if you're an existing Rezdy customer.

Otherwise, you can use their online form to have them contact you, or you can ring one of their several phone numbers. Rezdy also offers online support through videos for training purposes. You can book a 1:1 product demo with one of their team to fully understand what their products offer. 

What are people saying about Rezdy?

On Capterra, Rezdy holds an average rating of 4.6/5 stars from 201 reviews.

Reviewers have commented on the ease of use of their services and the fact that it cuts down on time spent doing administrative tasks. Some negative feedback has been surrounding the lack of ability to personalize certain aspects like confirmation emails and the complexity of the reports received to analyze sales and traffic. 

Is Rezdy worth it?

If you're a tour operator or activity organizer, Rezdy could be a helpful service to explore. With their free 21-day free trial, you can give it a try! Rezdy can help optimize your booking services and assist smooth operations for your guests.

However, if you're a small time tour operator or just starting out, Rezdy may be too costly for you. In addition to a monthly subscription and booking fees, RezdyPay might not support currency you're working with.

Our rating: 4.2/5


  • Free 21-day trial
  • 24/7 support
  • different price packages
  • businesses growth


  • Software not entirely personalizable
  • Booking fees + monthly plan cost
  • RezdyPay not available in every currency

Let's get booking!

Rezdy is one of the several options to explore; if you're not sold on it, put feelers out to other resources (such as Tripit). If you're a traveler who is booking tours, log it with Pilot to keep all of your itineraries in one place!

Pilot is your brand-new travel planner that helps you discover and build travel itineraries connecting you to resources everywhere. Make the planning experience more fun by collaborating with your travel buddies! Pilot makes it fun and easy to share and relive your favorite travel memories with many useful features! 

Did we mention that it's completely free? Try it out now! 

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June 18, 2022

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