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Sail Croatia 2022 In-depth Review: Are their cruises worth it?

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April 20, 2022
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Armela Escalona
Armela Escalona
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Allured by the idea of sailing in Croatia to explore the country's beautiful coastlines with Sail Croatia cruises? Before you book your tour, make sure you're in the know of Sail Croatia reviews, including whether they're worth it for you.

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Cruise tours are on many travelers' wishlists for a good reason. They're a fantastic way to relax, meet new people, and explore destinations with an expert tour guide! After all, being able to drift along the waves of the sea is not a bad way to spend your vacation!

Sprawling medieval cities on the shores, sparkling blue crystal clear waters, breathtaking networks of lakes and waterfalls. Croatia is a hidden gem in Europe, and there's no better way to see all of these fantastic sights than sailing on a cruise.

We've previously reviewed cruise lines like Uniworld. Still, when it comes to cruises in Croatia, travelers who've already been in the country often get recommended one company: Sail Croatia. But do they live up to their reputation? What is it like to go on a cruise with this company? 

In this post, we will learn more about one of Croatia's most popular cruise companies. Read on to learn why many travelers love their tours and cruises. 

Sail Croatia Logo.
Image Courtesy of Sail Croatia

What is Sail Croatia?

Sail Croatia is a family-owned cruise business with tours and explorations around the coastline of Croatia. They own several mini-cruise ships and yachts suitable for all types of travelers. Whether you're a young couple on your honeymoon or a group of friends wanting to island-hop and party around the coast of Croatia, Sail Croatia is definitely a top choice to consider! 

Sail Croatia is founded by Grant and Helle Sueren. They are a couple initially from New Zealand and Denmark who met while traveling in Australia. Over the years, they have built and developed an incredible company with reliable and loyal staff working to everyone's success. Sail Croatia teams are diverse and have operations across the UK, Australia, and Greece. 

sail croatia cruises
Image Courtesy: Sail Croatia 

What is Sail Croatia?

Cruises run from May to October and depart from Split or Dubrovnik. Depending on your itinerary, you can travel north or south through Dalmatia. They also have different kinds of cruises for all budgets. There are luxurious cruises, party cruises, explorer cruises, and even excursion tours just for hiking and cycling around Croatia. 

Sail Croatia is known for its intimate and romantic cruises best for couples of all ages. They also have the best attentive crew and are extremely good with guests. Their food is also another one of their best selling points. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with delicious, beautifully presented, and healthy dish options. 

What's Sail Croatia's Cruise tours like?

Sail Croatia Cruise tours are very organized. Activities like cycling, zip-lining, and walking tours, are offered almost every day. There are all kinds of activities for everyone. 

What's also great about Sail Croatia is their flexibility. Guests who would rather spend their afternoon swimming and chilling on the deck can do so instead of sightseeing. You can also go your own separate way if you'd like as long as you would be back on the boat when it leaves the following day. 

As for the sleeping quarters, Sail Croatia's ships and cabins are high-quality and always polished and clean. The rooms are also spacious, making you sometimes forget you're on a boat floating in the waters. 

Sail croatia luxury cruise.
Image Courtesy: Sail Croatia

Booking With Sail Croatia  

Booking with Sail Croatia is simple and easy. You can go to their website and choose the cruise type you like. They have several currently available such as:

  • Under 39's Yacht Tour
  • Hike Croatia Cruise
  • Cycle Croatia Cruise 
  • Elegance Cruise
  • Explorer Cruise
  • Navigator Cruise 
  • 3 Day Skipper Theory
  • 7 Day Skipper Practical

You can book a trip and pay a £50 deposit first. After booking, you will get notified about the details of your trip. You'll also receive a comprehensive email about your boarding and departure a few days before the trip. The email also contains a FAQ section for other questions travelers might have about the cruises. 

Don't know which cruise is right for you? Don't fret. Sail Croatia has an online cruise assessment recommendation to help you find the right cruise for your age, budget, and travel style!

What People Liked About Sail Croatia

Spacious and comfortable cabins 

Sleep well each night with privacy and comfort. Sleep Croatia's en-suite rooms have spacious bathrooms and showers. 

Good variety of meals 

Food is deliciously done. You also have a variety of options. Whether you're a vegan or have specific food allergies, you have many options to choose from. 

Amazing crew 

Sail Croatia's crew goes above and beyond to make sure guests are happy and comfortable during the cruises. 

Sustainable tourism 

Sail Croatia founded a non-profit organization called Green Sail, promoting sustainable tourism in the Croatian maritime industry. Ever since then, they have prioritized sustainability in their business. 

What People Didn't Like About Sail Croatia 

Drinks aren't free, and they're pretty expensive.

Even water on the boat was expensive. You're also not allowed to bring alcohol on your cruise, and the cruise's primary way of profit is selling food and drinks in their bars. Expensive food and beverage aboard cruises are really consistent among cruise lines offered worldwide.

Ports are often crowded. 

Ports are often crowded, and ships have to anchor and wait till their docking time, which sometimes reduces exploring time. 

Sail Croatia cruise on croatia coastline.
Image Courtesy: Sail Croatia

Verdict: Is Sail Croatia Worth It? 

If you want to enjoy Croatia floating gracefully to the waves of the Adriatic Sea, Sail Croatia Cruises is definitely a choice to consider! What's also great about Sail Croatia is that you get to cruise around with people your age! Sail Croatia's tours have age options so that you can meet people your age.

We recognize that cruises aren't for everyone, and Sail Croatia cruises are certainly not super cheap. Make sure to consider the expensive food and beverage options as additional costs when making your decision!

Our Rating: 4.4/5 


  • Clean, spacious cabins 
  • Tasty food with a good variety
  • Great crew and staff
  • Sustainable tourism


  • Expensive drinks
  • Crowded ports result in more anchor time 

Plan your travels now!

Sail Croatia is a fantastic cruise company for travelers who wish to sail and experience the best parts of Croatia with a guide. Whether you decide to tour on sea or land, make sure you have a great plan before you go!

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April 20, 2022

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