Best Hostels in Santorini, Greece for Every Type of Backpacker!

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Here are all the best hostels in Santorini you can stay at for all the backpackers or budget travelers out there! From those who are looking to party it up to those who are looking for a relaxing time with family, there's a hostel perfect for you. Check it out now!

Santorini, supposedly the Lost City of Atlantis, is a charming island in Greece. Its incredible history, pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes, and mystic appeal can keep any traveler occupied for days.

Previously, we highlighted the best areas to stay in Santorini to enjoy the island in all its glory. But, as it is a popular tourist destination, budget-friendly accommodation can be hard to find. Thankfully, there’s a handful of hostels that let you spend an affordable vacation on this sunny Greek island.

In this guide, we have picked the best hostels in Santorini, just for you! Keep reading!

Santorini architecture with sea view
Photo by Tânia Mousinho on Unsplash

Is Santorini Expensive?

Santorini can eat up your budget real quick if you don’t plan ahead, considering everything from food to lodging. The best neighborhoods on the island are dominated by hotels and resorts that can charge you as high as $400 per night. The average rate of Santorini hotels is $85. 

For this reason, we recommend backpackers eye for hostels that offer lodging at a cheaper rates. As we mentioned earlier, there aren’t a lot of them. So, if you find all of them booked, don’t give up. There are a few hotels that offer rooms at a similar price range, although hard to find. We have included a couple here!

Here are our top picks of best hostels in Santorini! 

Caveland - Overall Best Santorini Hostel for Anyone

If you are looking for a Santorini hostel that offers the right balance between price and service, it’s Caveland. This winery-turned-boutique hostel is an antique-styled property located in the quaint Karterados village. It’s beautifully furnished and boasts plenty of amenities. 

What past guests liked the best about Caveland was the welcoming and comfortable ambiance of the hostel. It’s also a 5-minute drive away from the city center. Oh, and there’s a large swimming pool too! 

Your rooms will be in cave-like structures used to make wine in the past. They are air-conditioned, clean and hygienic, and have super comfortable beds. They are also very spacious and each unit comes with a shared fridge. It’s ideal for solo travelers, couples, and groups. 

Caveland overall best santorini Hostel
Image courtesy: Caveland Hostel
  • Dorm rooms: Mixed dorms (10-bed and two six-beds) and female-only dorms (two 4-beds and 1-bed).
  • Private rooms: Three double bedrooms, one twin bedroom, and a 2-room apartment.
  • What’s free: Breakfast, Wi-Fi, city maps, linen, towels, and parking. 
  • Activities: Weekly community dinners, BBQs, movie nights, yoga sessions, board games, swimming pool, and a mini library 
  • Price: Starting from $29 

Youth Hostel Anna - Best hostel for low-budget travelers

If you plan to spend more time on the beach and are willing to settle with the basics, Youth Hostel Anna is a good choice. Situated in Perissa Beach, it’s ideal for solo travelers, groups, and even couples looking for very cheap hostels in Santorini. A lot of travelers prefer it because it provides great value for money. 

The hostel maintains a clean appeal, although not meticulous. Rooms are air-conditioned with comfortable bedding. Staff members are very friendly and helpful too. The downsides are that it can be noisy being close to the main road and you have to commute a significant distance to reach the city center. 

Youth Hostel Anna Santorini
Image courtesy: Youth Hostel Anna
  • Dorm rooms: Mixed dorms (4-bed, 6-bed, and 10-bed) and a female-only dorm with shared bathrooms
  • Private rooms: Twin, double, or triple room with private bathroom facilities 
  • What’s free: Wi-Fi, parking, city maps, and linen 
  • Activities: Board games and swimming pool 
  • Price: Starting from $6 

Bedspot Hostel - Best hostel for luxury and comfort

Located in the heart of the Santorini capital, Bedspot Hostel is the best high-end option for a reasonable price. The modern and minimal interior with sleek furniture is very cozy and welcoming. If you are looking for good youth hostels in Santorini, we highly recommend Bedspot as it’s only for folks between 18-35 years old. 

What past guests loved most about this hostel was the comfort, convenience, and privacy it offers. The air-conditioned rooms are exceptionally clean, and each bed has a reading light, privacy curtain, power plug, locker, and storage facilities. The staffs are very friendly too.

Bedspot Hostel for comfort Santorini
Image courtesy: Bedspot
  • Dorm rooms: 6-bed male or mixed dorm, 4-bed female dorm, and 8-bed male or female dorm with shared bathrooms
  • Private rooms: Double room with double bed with private bathroom facilities
  • What’s free: Wi-Fi and linen
  • Activities: Board games and rooftop hangout spot 
  • Price: Starting from $40

Fira Backpackers Place - Best hostel for solo travelers

If you are looking for budget-friendly Santorini hostels with convenient access to the city center, Fira Backpackers Place is the one to choose. It’s popular among solo travelers, and we recommend you book well in advance if you need a spot. 

Although the amenities are quite mediocre, they aren’t bad, and the customer service is satisfactory. The rooms are air-conditioned and maintained clean at all times. You also get the opportunity to socialize with fellow locals here.

Fira Backpackers in Santorini
Image courtesy: Fira Backpackers Place
  • Dorm rooms: Mixed dorms (4-bed, 6-bed, 8-bed, and 10-bed) and female dorms (6-bed and 4-bed)
  • Private rooms: Rooms for two, three, four, and six people 
  • What’s free: Wi-Fi, internet access, city maps, linen, towels, and parking 
  • Activities: Board games and DVDs
  • Price: Starting from $14

Anna Pension - Best hostel for partygoers

Although Anna Pension doesn’t offer dorm rooms, it is a budget-friendly accommodation that gives you easy access to Santorini’s best pubs, clubs, and eateries! At the same time, the quiet location also lets you enjoy the island’s peaceful appeal. 

The property features a large pool with a seating area where guests can swim, relax, and enjoy a drink with other travelers. The hostel is renowned for its excellent customer service and carefree atmosphere. The premises and rooms are kept very clean at all times. 

Anna Pension Santorini for partygoers
Image courtesy: Anna Pension
  • Private rooms: Double rooms, triple rooms, and quadruple rooms
  • What’s free: Wi-Fi, internet access, city maps, linen, towels, and parking 
  • Activities: Pool table, swimming pool, and outdoor hangout spot 
  • Price: Starting from $38

Villa Manos - Best hostel for families

This traditionally-styled hotel is a good choice for anyone but particularly for families with kids looking for cost-effective Santorini accommodation. Villa Manos is located on the Main Street of Karterados – a walking distance from Fira.

The property has a large pool where guests can spend a relaxing time and a children’s pool for kids to have their own fun! The customer service is great, and the hotel is really clean and safe for kids. It is also popular among couples because of its romantic and quiet appeal. 

Villa Manos family hostel in Santorini.
Image courtesy: Villa Manos
  • Private rooms: Double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms, quadruple rooms, superior quadruple rooms, suites, and family rooms
  • What’s free: Wi-Fi, internet access, city maps, linen, towels, and parking 
  • Activities: Pool table, TV, and swimming pool
  • Price: Starting from $45


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November 16, 2021

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