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5 Unforgettable Santorini Wineries You Can't Miss in 2023!

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5 Unforgettable Santorini Wineries You Can't Miss in 2023!
From one of the oldest wineries in Santorini to the beautiful Boutari's white-domed building, there's something for every traveler to explore in this top guide to the best five Santorini wineries you'll love! Find out in this ultimate guide to an oenophile's paradise.
Mia Russell
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Mia is a mermaid with a passion for travel! When she is not in the water swimming, freediving, or snorkeling in beautiful places around the world, she is writing about her experiences.

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Heading to the beautiful island of Santorini and want to sample some of its finest wines? The island is renowned for its superb wines, and there are plenty of excellent wineries to visit to enjoy them. However, there are only a few that stand out above the rest…

Crescent-shaped Santorini is the jewel in the crown of the Aegean. The island is famous for its whitewashed villages and domed churches clinging to towering volcanic cliffs, black volcanic sand beaches, and endless views.

But, did you know you know that Santorini is also the top destination in Greece for wine? The island's volcanic soil, strong winds, and intense sun all culminate to produce unique varietals like Assyrtiko, Nykteri, and Vinsanto. Complex yet distinct, Santorini wines are highly sought after around the world.

If you're a wine lover like me, visiting wineries and tasting wines is a must! There are over 20 wineries in Santorini that produce fabulous wines. Let's take a look at some of the best wineries in Santorini and what they have to offer… besides great wine!

The Best Wineries in Santorini

5. Gavalas Winery

If you ask locals which Santorini winery is their favorite, most will point you to Gavalas Winery. Over 300 years old, the family-run winery doesn't have impressive views or a restaurant, but its wines are nothing less than out of this world!

Nestled in the traditional village of Megalochori, the winery is cozy and remote, and you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time to a world gone by. If you're there in late August, you can join in the traditional foot-stomping of the grapes during the harvest!

The fifth-generation winery has been producing award-winning wines for three centuries. They are the only winery to produce wines from two rare grape varieties, namely Katsano and Voudomato.

I sampled these two wines, as well as a bold Mavrotragano and refreshing Aidani on a tasting in the beautiful courtyard. It's also well worth taking a tour of the ancient winery to learn about its rich history.

Address: Megalochori 847 00, Greece

Opening Hours: 11 am–8 pm

Phone: +30 2286 082552

Greek wine and cheese on table
Photo by ALEXANDRA TORRO on Unsplash

4. Estate Argyros

One of the oldest wineries in Santorini, Argyros Winery has been producing wine on the island for over a century. Helmed by fourth-generation winemaker, Matthew Argyros, the winery produces award-winning Vinsanto wines.

The beautiful, modern winery is surrounded by the typical shrubby-looking vines of Santorini. What's interesting about the island's vineyards is that they don't look the same as the patchwork green vineyards of France. Santorini grows grapes on the ground and is protected from the extreme winds by a vine basket called a koulouri. 

A stylishly renovated tasting room offers a chic spot to taste the wines. There are a couple of tasting options at Estate Argyros. You can combine a tour of the estate and vineyards with a tasting of four wines.

I decided on the food and wine pairing, and it was incredible. I tasted seven of the estate's wines, which were all excellent, and enjoyed a platter of meats, cheeses, dried fruit, olive oil, breadsticks, and Santorini's delicious tomato paste. It was the perfect accompaniment to the highly complex boutique wines.

Address: Episkopi Gonias 847 00, Greece

Opening Hours: Monday–Saturday, 9 am–7 pm / Sunday closed

Phone: +30 2286 031489

Greek wine on a cliff near the sea in Santorini
Photo by ALEXANDRA TORRO on Unsplash

3. Boutari Winery

Boutari's white-domed building is almost as striking as its wines! Voted as one of the "10 most significant architectural wine-related wonders of the world," the winery is worth visiting to see this remarkable building!

It's the wine that will get your attention! Established in 1879 in Naoussa, Boutari Winery has a long and rich history of winemaking in Greece. The winery has been producing award-winning wines on Santorini for the past 30 years and has played a leading role in the development of the island's wine production.

Based next to the traditional village of Megalochori, the winery offers oenophiles an outstanding introduction to the unique wines of Santorini. You can enjoy a variety of guided wine tours and tasting packages where you'll learn about the history of Santorini vines and the indigenous grape varieties.

I would highly recommend the Santorini Discovery Tour. It includes a visit to the cellar, learning about wine production and aging, and tasting six superb Santorini wines served with Greek cheese and barley rusks. I personally love their Kallisti Reserve, made with 100% Assyrtiko!

Address: Megalochori 847 00, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece

Opening Hours: Monday–Saturday, 10 am–6 pm / Closed on Sundays

Phone: +30 22860 81011

Greek house wineat sunset
Photo by ALEXANDRA TORRO on Unsplash

2. Venetsanos Winery

Carved into the cliffside right above the port of Athinios, Venetsanos Winery undoubtedly has the most dramatic views over the breathtaking caldera of Santorini.

Built in 1947, Venetsanos Winery was the first industrial winery on the island. Due to limited access to electricity at the time of construction, the winery was built in an unconventional way that leveraged gravity. The wine flowed down the cliff to the port of Athinios via pipes before going into barrels!

Venetsanos offers a handful of wines for tasting, mostly wines produced from Assyrtiko and Mandilaria grapes. Platters of traditional Greek bites like dolmades and cheeses are perfect accompaniments for your tasting.

I would highly recommend a guided tour of the Santorini winery to marvel at the architecture and design, followed by a tasting of their wines. If you're visiting between May and mid-October, book a table on their Sunset Terrace for dinner against a backdrop of views to die for!  

Address: Caldera Megalochori, Santorini Island 847 00, Greece

Opening Hours: Monday–Sunday, 11 am–7 pm

Phone: +30 2286 021100

Grapes in a vineyard in Santorini
Photo by ALEXANDRA TORRO on Unsplash

1. SantoWines Winery

Another Santorini winery with jaw-dropping views over the caldera, SantoWines Winery is ranked as one of the best wineries in Santorini. Built on various levels to mirror the terraces of the vineyards, the exquisite winery is perched high on a cliff in Pyrgos, so the views are nothing less than spectacular.

You'll find a wide selection of wines, from red, white, and sparkling to oak-aged and unoaked, and a super sweet Vinsanto dessert wine. Go hungry as the winery's Selene Restaurant serve some of the best food on the island. You can even take cooking classes here! I advise booking a table in advance though, as it can get hectic!

Enjoy daily wine tours, tastings, and tasting flights. There's a short video that explains the history of winemaking on the island, which I highly recommend watching before doing a tour or tasting. Be sure to stock up on gourmet goodies at the extensive wine shop.

Address: Pyrgos Kallistis 847 00, Greece

Opening Hours: 10 am–6:30 pm

Phone: +30 2286 022596

Santowines winery in Santorini, Greece
Photo by Bruce Harlick on Flickr

Why Visit Santorini?

Santorini has it all, from beautiful beaches and gorgeous architecture to awe-inspiring views. You'll be in for a spin while admiring the sunsets, crystal clear waters, and some of the best wines in the world! What's left to do but get to packing on your next best destination to Greece

Take a look at the best places to stay in Santorini before heading off. If you travel all over the country, discover these must-visit places in Greece to add to your itinerary!

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