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Surfing in Dominican Republic: Best Spots + Things to know!

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Surfing in Dominican Republic: Best Spots + Things to know!
Are you looking for an unforgettable surfing adventure? Look no further than the beautiful shores of the Dominican Republic! With its tropical climate, warm waters, and consistent waves, this Caribbean gem is a paradise for surfers of all levels.
Mia Russell
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Mia is a mermaid with a passion for travel! When she is not in the water swimming, freediving, or snorkeling in beautiful places around the world, she is writing about her experiences.

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Occupying half of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise. There’s plenty to do in the Dominican Republic, including some of the best surf beaches in the Caribbean.

The north coast, also known as the Amber Coast, is home to some of the best breaks in the country. The wind blows all year round. In the winter months, the waves really start rolling. There's also tons of activities, which can make for some epic surfing conditions.

Cabarete is a world-renowned hub for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Playa Encuentro hosts the Master of the Ocean surfing tournament, where the world’s best surfers, windsurfers, and kite surfers come to compete.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone. Get ready to experience the thrill of riding the waves, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. You can also soak up the laid-back island vibe that makes this destination a surfer’s paradise.

So, grab your board, pack your sunscreen, and get ready to surf in the Dominican Republic!

When Is the Best Time to Surf in the Dominican Republic?

The best time to surf in the Dominican Republic is from November to April. During these months, the waves are bigger and more consistent, creating perfect surf conditions. The water is also warmer, making surfing in board shorts or a wetsuit top comfortable.

For pros, the peak season is from October through March, when waves average four to six feet. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, the weather conditions are excellent for year-round surfing. From April to September, waves average 3 to 5 feet, making it the perfect time for you to hit the break!

Alternatively, the dry season runs from December to April. It's the best time for surfing, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and rafting. During this time, the seas are calmer, the beaches are cleaner, and the river currents aren’t as intense.

Young smiling woman with surfboard outdoors
Image Courtesy of Holiak On Freepik

Best Beaches for Surfing in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has fantastic surfing spots catering to beginners and experienced surfers. Here are some of the best surfing spots you don’t want to miss:

Playa Encuentro: Best Overall

Playa Encuentro is a surfer’s paradise, offering consistently excellent conditions year-round. Other nearby beaches might have flat waves, but you can count on waist-high waves at Playa Encuentro. This beach is ideal for surfers of all levels. It also has beautiful scenery, pristine blue waters, and great winds.

Local pros and international surf stars head here to practice on weekends, as there’s plenty of space for everyone. If you’re an experienced surfer, the best time to hit the waves is in the afternoon would be when the wind picks up.

During winter, the winds can get heavy. In February, the world’s best surfers gather at Playa Encuentro to compete at the Master of the Ocean surfing tournament.

If you’ve never surfed before but have always wanted to try, this is the perfect place to start. Beginner lessons are affordable, averaging around $50 for a 2–3-hour lesson.

There are several surf schools and camps based at Playa Encuentro. After you’ve caught some waves, grab a drink and explore the Dominican nightlife scene. 

Playa Preciosa: Best for Pro Surfers

If you’re looking for an epic surfing experience in the Dominican Republic, Playa Preciosa reef break should definitely be on your radar! This top-quality break is located in a quieter part of the northern coast. It offers excellent conditions for both winter and summer swells.

Playa Preciosa has a long, cruisy shoulder that can peel inwards for around 20 seconds. It’s no wonder why experts consider it one of the best surf spots in the area. Paddling can be challenging, and the peak shifty, but the payoff is well worth it for experienced surfers.

Keep an eye out for whales between December and March, as they often swim by! Plus, with fewer crowds, you’re likely to score an empty lineup. 

Playa El Valle: Best Beach for Beginner Surfers in the Dominican Republic

A short 45-minute drive from Las Galeras, Playa El Valle offers a less crowded, picturesque place to learn to surf. This beautiful surf spot provides the perfect opportunity to catch some waves. Plus, you won't have to deal with overwhelming crowds.

To make the most of your experience, consider booking a lesson with Pirata Surf School. Remember that Pirata is based in Punta Cana, so plan ahead to secure your spot in their classes.

Aerial View Of The Playa El Valle Beach
Image Courtesy of Relator

Cabarete: Best for Kite Surfing

Cabarete is considered one of the top windsurfing and kite surfing destinations in the world. The main beach, Bozo, is more suitable for short wedges and airs. But, there are miles of beach breaks to the west with great surfing spots kept secret by the locals. 

While some prefer to stay in Cabarete, many venture west to Encuentro for even greater surfing opportunities. For top-notch kite schools, go to Bozo Beach. You’ll find the reef about 1 km offshore. The conditions here can be a bit choppy, so this beach is better suited for more experienced kiters. 

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to try kiting in the afternoon when things have settled down.

Playa Bonita and Coson Beach: Best for Surf Lessons

Playa Bonita is not only is it a great place to learn how to surf, but it’s also the perfect spot to catch an amazing sunset. If you’re ready to try surfing for the first time, check out the Pirata Surf School. They offer lessons for surfers of all experience levels. 

About four miles from Las Terrenas, you’ll find Coson Beach. This lovely beach, with its palm trees and great waves, is another top spot for learning how to surf. The long beach break run has peelers off the sandbanks at its eastern end.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to support the locals. Buy some Dominican-grown coconuts and coconut oil from the vendors that visit the beach.

Playa Macao: Best Surf Camp

This beautiful beach is located just two miles north of Bavaro’s fancy resorts. Playa Macao has its own personality, golden sands, and impressive waves. It’s the perfect spot for surfers and bohemian barbeques on the powdery beach. 

If you’re looking to brush up on your surfing skills, Macao Surf Camp has you covered. They offer surfboard rentals and lessons in English, Italian, Spanish, and even Russian.

A Beautiful View Of The Macao Beach
Image Courtesy of Planet Of Hotels

Ready to Shred Some Waves?

Now that you know all the best spots to surf, all that’s left is to decide where to stay in the Dominican Republic! With this insider surfing info, you can start to craft your ideal travel experience for you, your family, and your friends. 

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Mia is a mermaid with a passion for travel! When she is not in the water swimming, freediving, or snorkeling in beautiful places around the world, she is writing about her experiences.

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