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TravelTriangle Review: Anything Special? Our Honest Review

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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If you are looking to go somewhere but don’t know how to put things together, there are many ways to get about it. 

The first option would be to take a pen and paper and write down everything that comes to your mind – or better yet, use a flexible travel planner app. Then, you can begin to plan and organize your ideas! You can read about top travel planner apps here.

Don’t fancy the idea of planning or not really good at it? Then, consider the next option of getting it done via a trip planning agent.

With this in mind, we bring you the holiday website TravelTriangle, a travel planning service to fulfill all your travel needs. This way, you don’t have to spend hours and hours reading countless TravelTriangle reviews before you use their services. Read the complete review to see if it is worth your time.

Editors Note: Looking for a trip planner app for you to use on your next trip? Look no further. Aside from our very own (and quite frankly, the best) Pilot app, we've done reviews on TripIt, Inspirock, RoadTrippers, and more. We believe that everyone should be 100% informed before they download or pay for an app.

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Image courtesy: TravelTriangle

What is TravelTriangle?

TravelTriangle was founded by Prabhat Gupta and Sankalp Agarwal in 2011. It helps travelers plan trips and provides information on what different destinations have to offer. This website and its app are mainly used for its travel planning services, which are provided to its users via an itinerary planner. 

TravelTriangle also holds the title of being India’s first-ever online holiday service. To have made this service a reality, they have partnered up with many travel agents, hotels, and transportation services. The mobile app for TravelTriangle is available for both Android and iOS devices.

TravelTriangle book holiday package explore page
Image courtesy: TravelTriangle

How Does TravelTraingle Work?

Planning a trip via TravelTriangle is fairly easy. The moment you visit the website, you are met with a pop-up with questions on the kind of trip you are planning to go on (romantic, family, solo, etc.) and the nature of the trip (adventurous, relaxing, etc.). Based on your selections, the planner would recommend you trips. If not, there’s a trip planner at the bottom of the screen on the website, which would plan a trip based on your needs. A similar service can also be experienced on their mobile app.

Alternatively, you can use the main planner on the website. This includes choosing your destination, the duration of your visit, and the month of your visit. Based on the information you provide, TravelTriangle will recommend trips. 

Once you pick the trip you would like to go on, TravelTriangle gets in touch with their partnered travel agents. The travel agents would then get back to you with their own quotes and itinerary for the trip. You can then select a travel agent who caters to your requirements. 

Once you log in (by either creating your own account or via Facebook or G+ account) and choose from the itinerary provided to you by a travel agent, you can make your payment via TravelTriangle to that specific agent.

TravelTriangle trip planning survey
Image courtesy: TravelTriangle

What Makes TravelTriangle Attractive?

  • Customization

TravelTriangle provides custom travel solutions to their users. So, if you don’t like something or you want to add something to your trip, you can simply do so by editing it before the trip is confirmed. You can also customize parts of your trip depending on your budget, so it wouldn’t affect your wallet badly either!

  • Information

If you’re not really sure about where you want to go, you could also choose the option Destination not sure. This would recommend trips based on your preferred budget, duration, season, and themes. The TravelTriangle blog also has a lot of information on various destinations. So you could do your own research before choosing a trip.

  • Offers

Another attractive feature of TravelTriangle is the holiday packages they offer you from time to time. If you check their website (or even the app), they offer different package travel deals each day. In case you miss out on these daily packages, you can still choose from their vacation tour packages based on a theme (honeymoon, family, holiday, etc.).

  • Safe travels

TravelTriangle claims they have many safety measures in place. You will be provided with protective gear to use during commute and in hotels. The premises they offer are also sanitized, and they perform regular temperature checks on their hotel staff members and drivers they provide. These are some of the things which would keep you at ease if you choose to travel during these trying times.

Image courtesy: TravelTriangle

What We Don’t Like About TravelTriangle?

  • Bad Reputation

To ensure we bring you all the information available about this service, we made sure to do our research on customer reviews too. The majority of the reviews you can find online are one-star reviews. Many customers have shared their bad experiences with TravelTriangle and its customer care. Some customers have also experienced rude behavior from TravelTriangle employees and the drivers provided for their commutes. 

  • Poor planning

Another frequently found complaint is poor planning done by TravelTriangle. Users also complain about TravelTriangle failing to book accommodation, transportation services, and even flights and failing to inform their customers about it. A word of caution left by many reviewers is that TravelTriangle is an intermediary service. So, once you reach a destination, if TravelTriangle fails to cooperate, you are on your own.

  • TravelTriangle cancellation policy

TravelTriangle claims that they have a liberal system in place, offering free cancellation on unconfirmed trips and cancellation on confirmed trips for a fixed fee. However, many customers have experienced a refusal from TravelTriangle to reimburse the money paid for a trip. Fluctuating rates of cancellation fees have also been noted.

 Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

How Do I Know if TravelTriangle is Good for Me?

The services provided by TravelTriangle are quite attractive. But, it all boils down to the experience you might get from travelling with them. Since other users have had a difficult time with TravelTriangle, it is best if you approach this travel planner with caution. Take your time and think through this, and see if you can identify them as a legitimate service provider. Also, listening to others who have used their services before would help you make up your mind on using TravelTriangle. 

Take Control of Your Trips – Choose Pilot

If you like planning your own trips and enjoy the liberty, flexibility, and peace of mind it offers, consider using an app like Pilot. Think of it. When you take charge of planning, everything from transportation to accommodation will be booked by you. No more disappointments over a lackluster itinerary provided by a third party and no cancellation fees involved! Most importantly, the joys and excitement of your travel experiences stay intact.

With Pilot, you can keep track of what’s done and what’s pending. You plan YOUR trip exactly the way you want for free. What’s more? You can invite your friends to be a part of it as well.

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June 13, 2021

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