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Traveo Review [2022]: The go-to for student travel, or nah?

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August 31, 2022
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Evelina Klapere
Evelina Klapere
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Do you want to have the most memorable student trip ever? Traveo claims to be the go-to agency for students looking to go on Mexican adventures, but does it really live up to expectations? Discover everything you need to know in this Traveo review article.

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Sunny beaches, open bar, 24-hour private transportation, and exclusive parties at the best clubs in Cancun. Doesn't that sound like a dream vacation? Fortunately for you, Traveo is a company that may make your dream come true!

Unlike other online travel agencies (OTAs), like Travelocity or Momondo, Traveo's priority is luxury and quality rather than price. Plus, the trips are specifically designed for students and recent graduates. 

But should you trust Traveo to organize your next trip to Mexico, or should you consider the alternatives? Let's find out!

Colour Traveo Logo for Traveo Review
Image Courtesy: Traveo

What is Traveo? 

Traveo is an online travel agency with 10 years of experience in graduation and student trips. The company has 4 offices in various locations around Mexico. At the moment, you can book trips to Cancun and Vallarta Port. 

Traveo prides itself most on the safety of its organized trips. For instance, 24/7 security helps monitor the travelers' movements to and from the hotel to ensure everyone is safe and accounted for. They also provide an ID smart bracelet with a chip for each customer to enhance their security protocols. 

After all, they take care of students and younger individuals. To ensure parents and guardians are happy to let their kids travel abroad, Traveo focuses on putting in place top safety and security features.

What does Traveo offer?

Traveo goes to great lengths to ensure that your trip is enjoyable! What the agency offers to its customers is very extensive and detail-oriented. 

Don't believe me? Let's look at some of the things/activities Traveo has to offer: 

  • Round trip by airplane
  • Private transportation from hotel to chosen activity destination and back, available 24 hours a day. Talk about convenience and comfort!
  • Food and drinks at the hotel are included in the trip's price and are available 24 hours a day. Returning from a club at 3 AM and craving a sandwich? No problem, Traveo has got you covered!
  • Various activities, including tours to Tulum, Cenotes, and Playa del Carmen
  • Private parties in some of the best clubs in Cancun
  • Party boat at sunset with champagne showers! 
Traveo Cancun package offers
Image Courtesy: Traveo

How does Traveo work?

Visit the Traveo website and click "start." On this page, you can request your quote. Traveo will provide you with a customized quote depending on your destination, the length of your stay, and any additional requirements you may have. 

Is it safe to make purchases on the Traveo website? 

Yes. Traveo is a legitimate website that ensures secure payments can be made. 

What we love about Traveo

Let's start with the good part—why you should consider Traveo as your potential travel agency!

Strong social media presence

Traveo sure knows its target audience. Young adults view social media presence as a priority for every business. The company regularly posts high-quality content on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

Customers and their safety are considered a #1 priority

Security for all travelers is crucial, but Traveo goes the extra mile to set up additional safety measures since their clientele is usually younger travelers. Younger individuals often lack life experience, and some may be traveling outside their country for the first time. 

Unfortunately, some people may have malicious intent and take advantage of adolescent naivety. Traveo has considered all of these concerns and prepared for them by offering 24-hour security, paramedics, and ID bracelets for each traveler. 

Memorable activities

Traveo offers a wide variety of fancy parties so that you and your friends can create lifetime memories. For example, a sunset party boat with a live DJ, open bar, champagne showers, food buffet, and slide/trampoline. What more do you need? 

Offering a range of services

It is not only about the exclusivity of parties at Traveo. They also offer various services, from an all-inclusive hotel to 24-hour private transport to take you wherever you need. 

homepage of traveo
Image Courtesy: Traveo

Ways Traveo can improve

Perfection does not exist, and there are some things that Traveo doesn't do so well. While they provide their customers with luxurious, safe, and unforgettable trips, these are some aspects Traveo may want to work on.

Customer service and cancellation policy

According to customer reviews, Traveo doesn't exactly excel in providing the best customer service. There have been concerns by former customers about not being able to contact the company for days and not receiving replies to questions. Moreover, the Traveo website doesn't have a clear cancellation policy. 

A lack of organization 

When it comes to providing flights and hotels as promised, Traveo seems to encounter difficulties. Customer reviews have highlighted two issues. First, flights are often oversold, sometimes leaving customers without a flight. Second, Traveo places its customers in lower category hotels without warning instead of the hotel promised. 

Traveo Alternatives

Momondo and Travelocity are some online travel agency (OTA) alternatives you may want to consider. Momondo is an excellent app for finding the cheapest hotels, flights, and package holidays. But cheap flights remain their specialty. Meanwhile, Travelocity can be used for everything travel-related. Yes, even for finding and purchasing tickets for activities! 

Traveo vs. Momondo vs. Travelocity: Which is better? 

Traveo, as a company, has an opposite mission to Travelocity or Momondo. 

Travelocity and Momondo focus on helping people plan budget holidays, while Traveo aspires to provide its customers with a luxury travel experience. In addition, Traveo targets a particular audience: students and recent graduates. 

Momondo and Travelocity are more generic OTAs and serve customers of all ages. In addition, they don't provide private transportation and security for travelers as Traveo does. 

Before making any decisions, we suggest comparing various OTAs. Your choice depends on your needs, budget, and trip purpose. If you are looking for cheap flights and hotels, check out detailed reviews of both Momondo and Travelocity. If luxury services and safety are your concerns, you may want to consider Traveo. 

travelocity vs traveo
Image Courtesy: Traveo & Travelocity

Is Traveo Worth It? 

Proceed with caution! Although Traveo seems like a good option, utilizing them can be a gamble. 

Yes, the company offers luxurious extras that can't be found on traditional all-inclusive holiday packages. Furthermore, many customer reviews prove that Traveo can produce unforgettable holidays while still being mindful of safety.

On the other hand, organizing all-inclusive trips can be tricky for any organization, and they haven't completely figured out how to do this effectively. Since they cater mainly to students and younger travelers, it adds an extra layer of complications.

Overall, Traveo need to improve on providing better customer service and delivering their promised services more consistently. 

The most recent reviews from customers about the lack of organization and services "being promised, but not delivered" are concerning. Remember also to be wary that Traveo's cancellation policy is not entirely clear!

Therefore, we are not saying that you should dismiss Traveo immediately, but to be attentive to this travel agency's downsides. 

Our Rating: 3.0/5 


  • The variety of services offered.
  • Experience.
  • Online booking. 
  • Customer safety.
  • Strong social media presence. 


  • Cancellation policy issues.
  • Customer service.
  • No app. 

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August 29, 2022

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