World of Wanderlust: Solo travel influencer you need to follow?

World of Wanderlust: Solo travel influencer you need to follow?
Amanda Lawrence
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Amanda is a travel blogger and writer who helps others have one-of-a-kind traveling experiences through her helpful and informative pieces. She likes to discover hidden gems and travel on a strict budget while getting close to nature and the different cultures in every country she visits. When she isn’t writing about travel, she enjoys writing about education, sustainability, and technology.

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So many travel bloggers come onto the travel scene every day. Over the years, some successful bloggers have built brands and an audience for their niche, helping people to travel in a way that suits their lifestyles and interests. 

You may have heard of the more famous bloggers like Nomadic Matt or the Blonde Abroad. Now Brooke Saward has joined the ranks of renowned travel bloggers as World of Wanderlust, and she's been posting all kinds of content about solo travel since 2012.

Since getting started, Brooke's traveled worldwide, creating content and writing many guides and books in the travel niche. Want to follow in Brooke's footsteps and learn more about how she does it all? 

In this article, we'll do a deep dive into the World of Wanderlust and explain how she got started, how she does it, and where she's headed next! 

Ready to learn more about travel, Wanderlust-style? Let's go!

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Who's behind World of Wanderlust?

Brooke Saward is the founder and creator of the World of Wanderlust blog. She started her blog in 2012 during the last year of her law and international relations degree and has been steadily growing it.

Her blog is well known in the travel community for being an excellent resource for finding information on destinations, specifically for solo female travelers. 

How did Brooke Seward grow her blog?

Brooke started by writing and traveling the world on her own dime. As she grew and gained experience, she started pitching herself to hotels. Brooke would explain what she could do for them specifically, right down to the number of pictures she would take and words she would write. To her surprise, some of the establishments said yes. Go, Brooke!

In the early days of Instagram, Brooke saw a niche that needed filling. Instagram was full of fashion bloggers, but only a few travel bloggers at the time. She capitalized on that by filling the gap and posting the same way a fashion blogger would, except about destinations rather than Dolce and Gabbana.

As awareness of her blog grew in the travel community, she started partnering with more prominent, well-known brands. World of Wanderlust began to take Instagram and the blogging world by storm. Before she knew it, brands started approaching her for collaborations and all-expense paid trips. 

World of Wanderlust creator on the beach at sunset
Image courtesy of World of Wanderlust

What makes World of Wanderlust stand out?

Brook established her name in the female travel community as a solo traveler, focusing on solo travel for women in their early 20s. She sets an example for young women everywhere who want to learn how to travel the world by themselves, where they can go, and what they need to know when they get there. 

Where has Brooke Saward Traveled?

Brooke has traveled to over 80 countries on six continents, most of which she traveled solo. She mentions that some of her favorite countries are those that are foreign to her own, like Pakistan, Ethiopia, Russia, and Japan.

What inspired Brooke Saward to start traveling?

In many interviews, Brook mentions that she was selected to travel to Hong Kong as a child and sing at a movie premiere. She was completely taken by the stark difference between Hong Kong and Australia and immediately fell in love with the city. This one core memory and experience sparked her passion for travel.

Is World of Wanderlust trustworthy?

With over ten years of travel experience and visiting more than 80 countries alone, it's safe to say that World of Wanderlust is a trustworthy blog to source travel information. Her content is especially beneficial if you're new to traveling. 

Brooke constantly updates her blog posts to ensure the information she posts is factual and up to date and that her content is trendy and fresh.

Who has Brooke Saward partnered with?

Brooke has partnered with many famous brands in her years of blogging. Not only does she partner with hotels and tour companies in many countries around the world, but she has also partnered with popular brands like:

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Image courtesy of World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust FAQ

Where is Brooke Saward from?

Brooke is from Tasmania, Australia but has lived all over the world, from South Africa to London!

How old is Brooke Saward?

Brooke was born on September 3rd, 1991, and is 31 years old.

How much money does Brooke Saward make?

It's estimated that Brooke's net worth is $5 million, but her current salary can't be found online.

How many followers does World of Wanderlust have?

World of Wanderlust has 6 million visitors annually and is currently the world's most subscribed travel blog. Her follower stats are:

  • Instagram: 535k followers
  • Twitter: 25.8k followers
  • Youtube: 83.7k subscribers
  • Facebook: 558k followers
  • Tiktok: 39k followers
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Image courtesy of World of Wanderlust

Does Brooke Saward have other hobbies?

Besides traveling, Brooke is an avid baker. She has a passion for French patisserie and studied French Pastry in Paris. The pandemic brought her back to baking once again, and she's opening a bakehouse in Brisbane, Brooki's Bakehouse

Where does Brooke Saward live?

Brooke recently purchased a home in Tasmania and has lived there since 2021. But with her new business venture, it's possible she'll be frequenting Brisbane! 

The Verdict on World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward's blog and socials are a wealth of information for those seeking specific travel info. If you want to learn how to become a travel influencer or are just looking for inspiration, World of Wanderlust is a perfect place to start.

Brooke has many blog articles covering destinations like Cambodia, Ethiopia, Botswana, and other unique countries. She also covers topics like solo travel, adventure, and luxury travel which can be really helpful to those just beginning to explore their interest in seeing the world! 

blog posts on the world of wanderlust blog
Image courtesy of World of Wanderlust

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