FlightDeck's Editorial Process

Hey there, travelers! 

We thought it’d be a great time to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of FlightDeck - a place to encourage exploration of hidden wonders by discovering the best places to visit around the world through travel content.

Recently we hit our 1000th blog milestone in the early days of 2023. And it all began with a clear purpose:

To enable people everywhere to discover and share memorable experiences together. We exist to ensure that each one of you gets a taste of authentic, awe-inspiring adventures that elevate your travel experiences to a whole new level.

In a world increasingly scarce of authenticity and trust, we want to make sure that the content we release to travelers around the world is accessible, accurate, authentic, and a-written with the same love of travel we all share.

It is a big art of embracing our own vision, a little audacious perhaps, but one we hold close to our hearts: to be a leader in a world where everyone is fulfilled by authentic connections and experiences. 

We don't just want to show you the world, we merely bring it to you so you can truly experience it, to engage with it, and to revel in its unique moments.

Our approach can be separated into 4 perspectives. Let's explore:

1. Integrity in Authenticity

The web nowadays is full of info, but figuring out what's reliable, true, and authentic can be tough. We get it and we wanted to help.

By aiming to share travel content that's real, lived firsthand, and without any alternative motive we hope to cover all sides of the travel experience; Helping you stay prepared to make your travel adventures even better.

We love all kinds of journeys and all types of travelers and promote understanding and a welcoming environment. No judgment in the diversity of stories covered here. We're here for everyone and anyone, who seeks to make their travels better.

2. Keeping High Standards

We know you come to us for solid info about your travel experiences. We take that job seriously. Our travel tips, reviews, and insights are fair, even-handed, up-to-date, useful, based on real experience, honest, and all-inclusive.

Here's how we keep these standards:

  • Strict Contributors Selection Process: We manually handpick skilled writers and experienced travelers. We also give them regular updates, training and feedback. They're pros at digging up info, sifting through reviews, and sharing their own travel experiences.
  • Brands and Partners: Our team researches all of the partnerships and collaboration opportunities without the contributor's knowledge. We maintain a level of confidentiality of partnerships with our contributors to ensure that our reviews reflect what the contributor experienced or what the reviews say.
  • On Top of The Latest Travel Trends: We give our content team full reigns to provide us with the latest trends, stories, or news. This ensures that our content stays new, authentic, and fresh! Included in this process is the voice and feedback of our community using Pilot, too!
  • Top-Notch Content: Our editors and publishers check every story before it's published, making sure it's clear, right-on, well-sourced, and friendly. It doesn’t end there. We also constantly go through and update content to ensure it's up to date!

3. Travel Content for All 

The love for traveling is something most people share, regardless of circumstance. Therefore, we make sure our stories are easy to read and access for all of our readers. Our voice is friendly and welcoming, but also bold and forward-thinking. We're serious about using respectful language that's warm and welcoming. We believe in sharing honest, bias-free stories. We are also committed to learning, growing, and evolving to ensure that a diversity of voices are represented within our own. 

4. Keeping Content Up-to-Date

Travel changes fast. To make sure we're sharing the latest and best info, we're always checking and updating our stories. Our team of editors and travel pros are on the lookout for outdated info to update. 

  • Regular Content Check-ups: Frequent reviews of our content to keep up with new travel trends and language. We also look through attractions, restaurants, hostels, to ensure they’re still in business and highly rated. 
  • Yearly Brand Checks: Every year, we go through a full brand and content audit to review what we’ve learned and what we can improve on for the upcoming year.
  • (Almost) Daily Publication: We have a large group of contributors, all eager to share their stories and experiences on travel, so you’ll find us publishing travel content almost daily, more than most travel publications do! While this is a goal for us, it’s not a requirement. We won’t publish just to publish, but will work to provide constant relevant content.
  • Fast Feedback Action: We love hearing from our readers and move quickly to fix any issues. If you spot something that's not quite right, leave us a note and we’ll get on it right away. Even if you have information that you feel is better, let us know!

Travel is such an incredible and personal journey. We want to inspire you to go on more, and better, adventures with Pilot, our social trip planner.

We are dedicated to continually making our content the best it can be: the ultimate travel resource built by travelers, for travelers. It’s not a purpose we take lightly and certainly cannot do it without collaboration from you. We look forward to hearing from you on what we can be doing better! Let us know in our contact us page if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.

With ❤️,

The Pilot Team