You could be traveling right now.

But for that, you need a plan. That's why we built your new favourite trip planner.

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Feed Your Wanderlust

Easily plan your days and routes.

Close that google doc. You won’t need it. Our itinerary planner is super flexible, easy, and fun.
Get excited about your trip. Keep all your accommodations, transportation, and experiences in one place! No more having your trip scattered across Airbnb, Google Flights, and TripAdvisor. 

Don’t forget your passport! Use your trip plan to conveniently keep track of your documents, packing and to-do lists.

Graphic of planning a trip with friends in Toronto, ON.
Chat conversation about travelling integrated with itinerary planning and accommodation features
Collab With Friends and Family

Go anywhere, with anyone, effortlessly.

We know you like to plan together so we made sure you can. In real-time. Avoid making yet another messy group chat. Use the built-in trip chat keep chats in your itinerary. 

Can’t decide on what to do? Vote on each activity to reach a consensus.

Save time by keeping track of travel restrictions with the travel visa and restrictions tool.

Find New Favourites

Share experiences with friends.

Remember the name of that Airbnb from two years ago? Neither do we. That’s why you and your friends can now easily share old and new itineraries.

You want travel recommendations from friends, not TripAdvisor. So, we built you a travel wish list to save and discover new unique experiences. See who wants to join you! 

Graphic of planning a trip with friends in London, UK.

We made this for people who:

Love traveling and meeting new people

Want tips and tricks from friends

Want to live a little extra (because why not)

Can’t stop dreaming about travel

It’s just for you and your friends, your own private travel crew. It’s super easy to use, and if you join our waitlist to get early access, absolutely free. 

Thank you! We'll let you know when we launch!
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