Life is short.
Join a startup.

Ready to make a meaningful impact? Ready to move fast and love what you do? If so, we have been waiting for YOU.

Why Pilot?

It is not often you have the chance to become a part of something so special. At Pilot, you won’t be a cog in the machine.
You’ll be
helping to
build the machine.

Our Values


Love Your Work

If a decision isn’t a HECK YES it’s a NO. We want to be passionate about the work we do, and have fun doing it. This means loving our team too.


Take it Further

We challenge the status quo, and work hard to make big dreams reality. We're always learning, staying curious and going beyond what is expected of us. 


People First

We want to be humble leaders, meaning we don’t think less of ourselves, we just think of ourselves less, always striving to do the right thing in service of others.


Move Fast with Data 

We make decisions based on data and constant experimentation, don't over-analyze theory, and instead focus on assessing results to stay adaptable, and learn quickly.

Get Awesome Perks


Reach Your Potential

You'll learn and grow with others from top universities to build the future.


Be Recognized & Respected

We hate hierarchies and bureaucracy. You will be important and heard from day one.


Have Fun. Be Supported.

We do fun things as a team, and focus on helping people over profit.


Flexible Work

Working remotely from home in your PJ's is fine with us. We just care about results.

At Pilot, you will have the opportunity to bring people together from all over the world to achieve the goal of helping people live happier lives through shared experiences. 

As we are an early stage startup, you will be helping build a company from the ground, up! The work you do today will lay the foundation for what could one day (with your help) be a worldwide travel platform! 

Incredible Culture

Make an impact.

Dont just take our word for it, dig into the details. We've documented everything to keep up on track. Check out our Culture Code to learn about what makes us, us!

22-Page Culture Code

Current Roles

Software Development Roles (India only)

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We love working here. And we think you will too. 

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