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Pilot's goal is to help 1 billion people have an awesome time and make happier memories through a community-driven platform to discover, plan, book, treasure, and share experiences with friends.

Why this is important:

Despite being the most online generation +30% of millennials and Gen Z's report being lonely. Realistically, we’ve all felt lonely, unfulfilled, or unloved at one time or another. 

We all want to connect with others, feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment, and become the best versions of ourselves.

That’s why we believe in fostering and facilitating OFFLINE experiences. Helping people connect, improving existing relationships and building new ones, through incredible experiences. So, when people look back on their lives, they can remember all the amazing experiences they had with amazing people.

That’s why we're building Pilot.
FOunded in May of 2020 On sixto de mayo Built by a diverse team of 9 from around the world Written over 10000+ Lines of codes Tested and prototyped with +3500 eager travellers

Our Values


Love Your Work

If a decision isn’t a HECK YES it’s a NO. We want to be passionate about the work we do, and have fun doing it. This means loving our team too.


Take it Further

We challenge the status quo, and work hard to make big dreams reality. We're always learning, staying curious and going beyond what is expected of us. 


People First

We want to be humble leaders, meaning we don’t think less of ourselves, we just think of ourselves less, always striving to do the right thing in service of others.


Move Fast with Data 

We make decisions based on data and constant experimentation, don't over-analyze theory, and instead focus on assessing results to stay adaptable, and learn quickly.

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