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Argentina Travel Guide: The Ultimate 7-day Argentina Itinerary

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July 20, 2022
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Jessica Bergin
From the Patagonian peaks to the roaring waterfalls, there's no doubt this country has lots to offer. So if you're planning a trip to Argentina, then look no further than this one-week Argentina itinerary.

Nestled down at the very bottom of South America is Argentina. A country that boasts it all! With a wealth of tropical jungles, snow-capped mountains, and colorful cities, there's bound to be something there for you. Culture, tradition, adventure, and natural beauty are exuded throughout every last inch of this gem. 

This country covers very vast distances, and costs can add up quickly if you're not prepared. 

In this in-depth, 7-day Argentina Itinerary, I'll dive into the best time to visit, how to get around, what to do, important safety tips, and budget-saving hacks. Let's get to it! 

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Planning a trip to Argentina 

With so much to do, it can be nothing short of overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. To help you pick out the highlights, here's a handful of the most popular things to do in Argentina. 

1. Head out to the Quebrada Humahuaca 

This colorful concoction of undulating mountain tops is one of Argentina's most staggering natural sights. As a UNESCO Listed Site, these multicolored rocks offer some seriously astounding views.

Plus, Quebrada Humahuaca can be reached easily by a local bus route, meaning you don't have to spend a fortune to travel out to this attraction! 

2. Check out a tango show in the vibrant neighborhood of La Boca 

Tango is entrenched deep within the country's culture. You can catch it being danced in the streets, inside dance halls, and of course, stealing the scene at plenty of dinner shows. You could even go as far as taking a class to learn the art yourself! 

Local's tip: Whilst Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, it can be dangerous for tourists. Avoid traveling alone late at night and always be aware of your surroundings. 

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3. Explore the thundering Iguazu Falls 

With over a whopping 275 cascades, you cannot miss out on the natural landscape of the Iguazu Falls. Discover the best views by speedboat, hike around the surrounding region, or head out to a lookout point to soak it all in. 

Local's tip: One of the best viewpoints is the Devil's Throat, locally known as the Garganta del Diablo. 

4. Go on a winery tour in the Mendoza region 

Famed for its top-quality Malbec, this part of Argentina produces some palatable choices. The Mendoza region is a stellar spot for wine tourism. If you'd like to save some money but still want to learn about the winemaking process, head to a family-run vineyard. 

5. Get active in Patagonia 

Shared between Argentina and Chile, the snow-covered mountains of Patagonia are sure to impress you. Get a glimpse at the UNESCO Listed Los Glaciares National Park, and don't forget to check out the Perito Moreno Glacier. 

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6. Admire the beauty of Tierra del Fuego National Park  

Pinned as one of the most sublime sites in the entire country, this is an adventure activity that'll leave an imprint in your memory banks. From the southernmost beaches and Nothofagus forests to the rich wildlife and backgrounds dominated by mountains, this is a nature lover's oasis! 

7. Get lost in the Salinas Grandes Salt Flats 

Take a step away from the busier attractions and head down to the shimmering salt flats in the north. 

Local's tip: Stop by Purmamarca for picture-perfect village views aplenty. 

8. Splish splash at the Puerto Madryn and Valdés Peninsula 

Argentina's rugged coastline offers plenty of beaches, but Puerto Madryn is a particular highlight for watersports enthusiasts. Popular activities include windsurfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. 

7-day Argentina itinerary 

Day 1: Buenos Aires 

Kick off your vacation in Argentina by exploring the capital city. Taste some traditional cuisine, head out for a tango-infused dinner, and get lost in the city streets. Don't miss the historic neighborhood of San Telmo, the colorful sights in Recoleta, and the Plaza de Mayo. 

Day 2: Mendoza 

Venture into the Andes for some seriously spectacular sights. Get your adventure cap on early! Check out Mount Aconcagua and Chacras de Coria. Finish up by indulging in the rich expanse of vineyards and wineries. Go the extra mile and try out a cooking class in Luján de Cuyo.  

Day 3: Salta 

Kick-off in the early morning in the colonial center before heading out on a road trip to the surrounding regions. Head out to the Quebrada del Toro and the Cerro de los Siete Colores, Hill of Seven Colors, for a slice of nature. 

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Day 4: Salta 

On your second day exploring the stunning Salta region, check out the Salinas Grandes Salt Flats before the heat of the day kicks in. Venture into the town of Purmamarca, before heading further up north to the vibrant Quebrada de Humahuaca for an epic afternoon you won't forget. 

Day 5: Iguazu Falls

Start your day nice and slow by getting lost in the beauty of the roaring cascades in this national park. Pack up a picnic, chuck on your hiking boots, and get immersed in the natural scenery of the falls. Hop on a boat to the base of the falls for a different perspective. 

argentina iguazu falls
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Day 6: Northern Patagonia

What would an Argentinian itinerary be without a trip to Patagonia? Get the ball rolling at the crack of dawn in San Martin de Los Andes, before heading down to the Lakes Route and Bariloche. If you can sneak in some extra time, head out to El Bolson. 

Day 7: Southern Patagonia

Kicking off bright and early in El Calafate, make your way out to Los Glaciares National Park. If you can find the time, a major highlight to add to your itinerary is El Chaltén. 

argentina patagonia
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What is the best month to visit Argentina? 

Considering the fact that Argentina is such a big country, the weather varies depending on where you're located and what you want to do. 

  • Buenos Aires boasts delightful weather in both the autumn (March to May) and the springtime (September to November) 
  • Patagonia and parts of the Southern Andes are ideal for visiting during the summertime (December to March) 
  • Iguazú Falls is pinned as a place to visit year-round 
  • Northwest of Argentina is perfect for the wintertime (June to August) 

What is the best way to travel around Argentina? 

If you are trying to save money, then thankfully, the public transport system in Argentina is relatively cheap. When compared to trains, buses and planes are the more reliable options for long-distance travel. 

Buses are the best budget-friendly option, but buses are always a slower option—especially in a country that big. Locals tend to use Platform 10 as a way of looking at different routes and timetables.  

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July 20, 2022

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