12 Best Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas: Foodie's top picks!

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January 12, 2023
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Abigail Sinsona
The best foodie experiences are worth traveling for. And you can certainly find them when you visit Cabo San Lucas! Discover the best restaurants in Cabo to satisfy your taste buds.

Are you wondering if Cabo is worth the trip when it comes to chowing down? While Cabo San Lucas is known for its tourist resorts and vibrant atmosphere, the culinary scene might actually surprise you.

In fact, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta are just a handful of your options if you're seeking gastronomic delights in Mexico. Yes, there is a foodie scene in Cabo San Lucas and plentiful restaurants to choose from! 

We've listed the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas that let you eat like a local. Bonus, they're ideal for all kinds of foodies, from street food snackers to authentic eaters!

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The Best Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Where do locals eat in Cabo San Lucas? If you want to sample the most authentic tastes while staying on a budget, you can check out any of these top hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Trust me,  Cabo tourists can't stop raving about them! 

Another fun way to discover local gems is by taking a Cabo food tour.

12. Tacos Guss

When you come to Tacos Guss, you can always expect a line. It's a popular hole-in-the-wall restaurant among locals, and many are willing to wait to enjoy their delicious tacos. Tacos Guss is a humble joint specializing in meat and shrimp tacos. Once you're assigned a table, you will have an assortment of fresh salsas to choose from that goes perfectly with their freshly made tacos.

Aside from their famous tacos, make sure you sample their burritos and tostadas, too! Your taste buds and wallet will be happy after having a meal here. Lastly, remember to top off your order with their piña colada!

Tacos Guss is located at Blvd Lazaro Cardenas entre, Calle Melchor Ocampo in Centro Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They're open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. 

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Image courtesy of Tacos Guss on FourSquare

11. Gordo Lele’s Tacos & Tortas

Gordo's is an authentic, hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that is a real gem. Its unassuming façade belies the excellence of the food that is served in this restaurant, especially for foodies looking for tacos and tortas. 

Despite the impeccable quality, the food remains affordable. Many of those who've tried this restaurant consider it Cabo's best-kept secret. Gordo is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. So be sure to check it out at Calle Mariano Matamoros in Centro Cabo San Lucas, where it's located! 

10. 1 & Only Taco

The 1 & Only Taco made its way onto Cabo's foodie scene thanks to its deliciously authentic dishes. Low on price, its limited-yet-scrumptious menu offerings were able to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Its secret? Every dish is made fresh daily. Make no mistake, the owners of this hole-in-the-wall restaurant are hands-on in managing their business. 

When you come here, they will likely greet you and even take your orders. That is precisely why it's one of the best places to go in Cabo San Lucas if you're after budget eats. This taco spot also serves beers and cocktails for those looking to sample local beverages or simply quench their thirst. 

1 & Only Taco is located in Cam. Viejo a San Jose in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They're open daily except for Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 am to 8 pm.

The Best Farm-To-Table Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Farm-to-table dining is a growing concept in Cabo San Lucas. It's a great opportunity for locals and tourists alike to savor the growing culinary heritage of the Baja California region. Farm-to-table restaurants abound, as do eco farms, which you can tour.

9. Flora Farms

Flora Farms is an organic farm located in the hills of San Jose del Cabo. Featuring its own restaurant, residential community, and spa, this location is also an integral part of the local community.

At the farm-to-table restaurant, many ingredients grown and produced on the farm are used, including vegetables and cheeses. Many of which also feature in its cocktails. For those looking for a unique foodie experience, you can even enroll in one of the interactive cooking classes offered on the farm! 

flora farms los cabos restaurant
Image courtesy of Flora Farms on Facebook

8. Tamarindos

Tamarindos is an organic farm and restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. This farmhouse has been around since the 19th century and was originally used for growing sugar cane. Today, it's one of the major sugarcane-exporting regions in the world. Due to the fertile soil in the area, Tamarindos became one of the most important farms in the region.

Tamarindos is more than just a farm and restaurant; it also offers cooking classes and accommodation. The menu is ever-changing because it's based on seasonal ingredients grown here, along with the fresh catch of the local fishermen.

7. El Huerto

El Huerto is one of the most popular farm-to-table restaurants in Cabo San Lucas due to its impressive location. The restaurant is situated in the middle of the stunning Cabo landscapes, surrounded by fruit trees and an orchard. 

Much resembling a traditional hacienda, the restaurant menu reflects that ambiance, too. When you come to dine at El Huerto, expect an innovative menu that is inspired by classical Baja cuisine and its seasonal produce. 

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Mexicans are renowned for their use of meat and seafood in Mexican cuisine. But vegetarians shouldn't feel left out. More and more restaurants in Cabo San Lucas are serving up a variety of delicious, ethical, meat-and-dairy-free cuisine.

6. La Rana Vegana

La Rana Vegana opened its doors in 2015. Since then, it's earned the distinction of the first vegan restaurant in Cabo thanks to its 100% plant-based menu. The duo behind this vegetarian and vegan restaurant are owners Rana and Jorge. 

They collaborated on building a delicious vegetarian menu that utilized fresh local ingredients. One that showcased their culinary creativity with their unique use of vegetables in the Mexican staple, tacos. Thankfully, allowing you to indulge in this Mexican classic even if you're vegan or veggie!

5. Mako Raspados

Mako Raspados is a vibrant culinary destination in Cabo San Lucas, specializing in vegan and vegetarian meal options. You can choose from a wide assortment of dishes, from pizza to tortas. If you're looking for a meat-free experience, be prepared to forget about the real thing thanks to these deliciously prepared plant-based meals. 

4. Chula Vegan Café

Chula Vegan Café is a popular spot for vegetarians and vegans alike. Its location adds to its popularity. Being a short walk away from the main tourist corridor of San Jose del Cabo, it's uber-accessible. Focused on plant-based and gluten-free options, its menu is equally so. 

What makes this cafe stand out is its commitment to organic, local produce, sustainability, and ecological responsibility. Locally, the restaurant is one of the leaders in supporting trade, even using only clean, recycled materials for their decorations. Other items you may find in the restaurant are made by local artisans. 

chula vegan cafe los cabos restaurant
Image courtesy of La Rana Vegana on Happy Cow

The Best Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Authentic cuisine is the lifeblood of Cabo San Lucas tourism. If you come to Cabo to relish authentic Mexican flavors, you'd be spoiled for options because you can find many a restaurant paying homage to the rich culinary traditions of Mexico.

3. Los Tres Gallos

The ambiance alone is enough to convince you to dine at Los Tres Gallos. Set in a gorgeous courtyard filled with mango and tangerine trees, it's one of the best spots for romantic dining in Cabo San Lucas! 

If you come here for authentic Mexican cuisine, Los Tres Gallos is up to the challenge. Its chicken mole is especially popular. Aside from that, you'll be treated to generous portions of all of your Mexican favorites and maybe a mariachi band. 

los tres gallos los cabos restaurant
Image courtesy of Los Tres Gallos on Facebook

2. La Golondrina

For the best seafood and authentic Mexican food in Cabo San Lucas, look no further than La Golondrina. The restaurant offers an al fresco dining experience in a lovely outdoor garden adorned with magical lights. 

La Golondrina has been serving authentic Mexican food, seafood, and steaks in the area since 1993. Yes, it's a bit on the higher end of the price range for most tourists, but well worth the splurge for a true taste of Mexico! 

Want to burn the extra calories afterward? Check out these hiking trails in Cabo San Lucas, or book a snorkeling tour!

1. Mi Casa

Mi Casa is a culinary tradition in Baja California Sur. Hence, it's one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in Cabo San Lucas. Set in a hacienda-style property complete with mariachi performances, the authenticity reaches beyond the food. 

However, the highlight here is the dishes, as you can enjoy elevated homemade options as intended. Mi Casa celebrates the culture and tradition of Mexico on its plate. So it's no wonder why it's been the go-to food destination in Cabo San Lucas for over 20 years! 

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