Osprey Backpacks Review [2024]: THE Backpack for Travel?

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Osprey Backpacks Review [2024]: THE Backpack for Travel?
If you're looking up good travel backpacks, you've likely come across Osprey backpacks. The reviews seem good, but are they actually worth your money? Keep reading our honest review to determine whether they're the backpack for you!
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As you get ready to start your next adventure, you're probably thinking about packing.

Suitcases and luggage like Monos and Away are essential for air travel. But I'm here to argue that backpacks are still one of the most versatile solutions for travel packing.

Most of them can fit as personal items, or at least fit under the maximum size of a carry-on. And if needed, they'll easily survive being checked luggage.

Backpacks are also nice to travel with once you're moving around your desired travel destination. I think about all the boats, steps, and uneven pathways I needed to traverse while I was in Bali—thank goodness I choose a backpack for that trip!

But that begs the question, which backpack should you get? There are so many out there at many price points that it can get mega confusing! But fear not, I'm here to help!

We've discussed several amazing kinds of backpacks to buy, but it's time we delve into specifics.

One of the big names in backpacks for hiking, the general outdoors, and traveling is Osprey. These bags are obviously popular based on online reviews, but the popularity of this backpack brand will really hit you when you see every 5th traveler using an Osprey pack.

Are they worth it though? Let's take a deeper dive into Osprey backpacks to see if they're worth it!

Osprey Backpacks Logo
Image Courtesy of Osprey

What Is Osprey?

Before I launch into the ins and outs of its backpacks, let's talk a little about Osprey as a company.

Founded in 1974, Osprey has always made and designed quality backpacks, as well as sustainable outdoor hardgoods. The company's goal is to design only high-quality products that last a long time. So if environmental impact is high on your values, Osprey strives for just that!

Whether you're going on a short day trip or a week-long camping trip, Osprey's likely got just the right backpack for you.

Known for its high quality packs, they're also the slightly pricer option when compared to the competitors. But just how worth it are these packs, and are they really made with good-quality materials?

Osprey's "All Mighty" Guarantee

If you're still questioning the quality and worthiness of Osprey bags, let me introduce you to the "All Mighty" Guarantee.

Part of what makes Osprey great is their "All Mighty" Guarantee, which comes with its products. This policy guarantees you a repair or exchange on any damages or defects without charging you a single cent, regardless of when you purchased it.

The "All Mighty" Guarantee does not cover shipping costs, and Osprey recommends shipping them with a tracking number.

The Osprey repair team will cover the shipping of the repaired product back to you though! And if you pay expedited shipping for repair, your product will also be returned with a similar expedited service.

Here's what's not covered under the All Mighty Guarantee:

  • Lost/Stolen Products
  • Sizing/Fit related returns or preference-based returns
  • Cosmetic wear & tear
  • Hydraulic reserviors & program packs
  • Third party repairs/replacements
My friend wearing the women's Tempest backpack by Osprey on a hike
Captured by ©Pilot

Which Osprey Backpack Should I Get?

That's the question that started this whole article! I want to figure out what the best Osprey backpack was for me, and to decide on that it's important I have all the info.

And because I did all of the research, I thought it'd be useful to share my findings!

Since Osprey is a big company, it makes backpacks for various occasions. Deciding which one you should get will come down to how you like to travel and what kind of storage you want in your backpack.

Luckily, Osprey has created a guide specifically to help you start to figure out what kind of backpack to get!

Things to Consider When Buying a Backpack:

  • Location and activity
  • Szie and volume
  • Features
  • Price
  • The overall look

Osprey offers backpacks for travel, hiking, day trips, and everything. Whether you want a smaller backpack that can be used for any travel or one that can hold all your hiking gear, Osprey definitely has an option for you.

Top Osprey Travel Backpacks

Since I'm a travel lover, I wanted to focus on highlighting the best backpacks for travel that Osprey offers. Here are some of my top choices:

Atmos AG 65 - BestSeller

Check it out on Amazon!

On the top of the list is Osprey's current Bestseller, and it's there for a reason.

Coming in at 65L (68 for large sizes), this backpack is for those weeklong backpacking trips or backcountry camping trips. This pack will provide the comfort you desire, as it's is probably the most important feature for any large packs.

With it's AntiGravity suspension, Fit-on-the-Fly® harness, and hipbelt, this backpack delivers an incredible fit that comfortably rests on your back and hips.

This pack also comes equipped with mesh side-pockets and reservoir sleeves for hydration needs as well as a rain cover and trekking pole attachments for versatility.

If you're not looking for a large pack, let's keep looking down the list!

Osprey AG 65 Backpack
Image Courtesy of Osprey

Farpoint® 40

Check it out in Amazon!

Ospreys Farpoint 40 is a popular travel backpack for a good reason. It's Osprey's lightest travel backpack and easily fits within EU carry-on dimensions.

Buy this one and you're set to bring it all over the EU as your carry-on! Measuring 27 x 17 x 5 inches, it's just the right size for carry-ons.

With cushioned carry holders on all sides, you'll be able to comfortably grab this backpack and go! This is a men's backpack and doesn't have a women's alternative, although I might suggest the…

Farpoint 40 Osprey pack.
Image Courtesy of Osprey

Daylite® Carry-On Travel 44

Check it out on Amazon!

Lightweight and perfect for carry-on dimensions, the Daylite® Carry-On Travel 44 has a laptop sleeve, compartments for toiletries, 2 side stretch pockets for water bottles, and ample packing space.

It also features lockable zippers to secure your belongings while you travel. This is a unisex backpack.

Daylight Carry-On Travel 44 Osprey pack
Image Courtesy of Osprey

Transporter® Global Carry-On

Check it out on Amazon!

Look no further than the Transporter® Global Carry-On if you're looking for a more investment-level carry-on backpack.

It looks almost identical to a suitcase and offers ample storage for all your travel needs when unzipped. Made with water-resistant fabric, you can take this backpack on any of your travels and know that it will withstand your adventures.

This backpack is a little more expensive, but if you're a frequent carry-on traveler, it could very well be worth the price tag.

Transporter Global Carry on osprey backpack.
Image Courtesy of Osprey

Tempest 20

Check it out on Amazon.

I also thought of the Tempest 20 as a great suggestion. Unlike the other bags I've recommended, I like this one to be the day pack I use while I'm exploring the travel destination.

After all, I don't want to be carrying around a huge 65 L backpack every day!

I got this for my friend, specifically for hiking, but with all of the great compartments, it'd make the perfect day pack as well.

She loves how comfortable it was, even after carrying it for 3+ hours. And our group had no problem fitting everything we needed into it, including water bottles, snacks, wallets, and other electronics.

Like some of Osprey's other backpacks, it comes with a continuous-wrap harness, hipbelt, and backpanel made of AirScape.

This one's for all my ladies out there! Although there is a male version as well: the Talon.

Black osprey bag for women
Image Courtesy of Osprey

What do I love about all these recommendations? The fact these backpacks fit carry-on dimensions. Still, they're also comfortable to wear and offer loads of space for packing all of your necessities.

With any of these backpacks, you can easily pack for your weekend away or for your digital nomad adventures (or anything else!).

How to Measure Torso for Osprey Backpack

One important factor with getting any backpack is making sure the fit is right. Since you'll be wearing it on your back, you want it to sit just right and be comfortable.

Osprey currently has an app called Digital Pack Sizing, which you can use to find your backpack measurements. Otherwise, Osprey's instructions are as follows:

  • Locate your C7 vertebrae
  • Locate your Iliac Crest
  • Measure the length between the C7 vertebrae and the iliac crest

Find your equivalent sizes for men and for women. That being said, Osprey backpacks come with adjustable torso length, so you can make adjustments to ensure your backpack has the perfect fit.

Out backpacking with Osprey.
Image Courtesy of Tristan Pineda on Unsplash

How Much Do They Cost?

Due to their environmental conscientiousness, and materials used in backpack making, Osprey backpacks aren't the cheapest.

On average, Osprey backpacks cost between $100 - $200, with some models costing more and some slightly less. They occasionally offer discounts or promotions, but they won't take the price below around $70.

That being said, Osprey backpacks are well made and built to last, so you can consider it an investment, especially if you're keen on backpacking for your travels.

Are Osprey Backpacks Worth It?

While Osprey backpacks do come with a higher price tag, they're definitely worth it for the quality they bring and the number of options.

Whether you want to get a backpack for travel, day trips, hiking, or just to have, Osprey bags have all kinds of sizes, features, and more. The Osprey brand has made its name well-known amongst the hiking, camping, and traveling community for a good reason.

Its carry-on-sized backpacks are also perfect for light travelers who want to keep everything in one place and not have to deal with wheeled carry-on bags—although they do make those as well!

My Rating: 4.2/5


  • High quality and durable packs
  • Several backpack options and styles
  • Carry-on size travel backpacks
  • Comfortable extended wear
  • Helpful customer service
  • Amazing "All Mighty" Guarantee


  • Bags sometimes heavier
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Torso sizing may be confusing

Start Planning With Pilot!

Whether you purchase an Osprey backpack or opt for another brand, the important thing is that you have somewhere to pack your belongings.

Packing soon? Make sure to check out our backpacking packing list, for a comprehensive list of everything you should think about packing before you go on your trip!

Just as it is important to plan what you're packing, you should also make a plan for your trip. Try out Pilot to get the job done, hassle-free!

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