Top 5 Must-Visit Museums in Prague: Can’t-Miss Sights To See!

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February 9, 2022
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Leah Bilquist
Leah Bilquist
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Let's talk about Prague and one of the city's hidden gems: Museums. We'll cover the top 5 can't miss museums that'll elevate your trip full of knowledge and awesome phototaking opportunities!

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Prague museums and unique buildings
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Calling all art & history lovers! Prague is a city that caters to museums and artists. This Czech Republic capital draws history buffs from all over the world. Its gothic style churches and medieval architecture style adds to the unique beauty of the city. Prague is also known as the ‘City of a Thousand Spires’, due to the number of cathedrals and pointed spires. In 1992, it was listed as an important UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Prague has a long list of bragging rights. What makes the city so special is how many museums are located here. This gorgeous and historical place is home to seventy-nine museums. The best part is, they range from completely weird to educational. You are probably wondering where to even begin. Don't worry, there is a museum for every personality! Keep reading to learn more about the best museums in Prague.

Illusion Art Museum

Prague Illusion Art Museum Murals
Photo Credit Illusion Art Museum

A unique option is the Illusion Art Museum, recommended for those who seek an interactive learning experience. This museum is located in Old Town Square. Directly across from the astronomical clock. The exhibits here create illusions that bring history lessons to life. 

There are three stories to this museum including 3D and trick art. Take memorable photos in front of their photographic art installations. A fun picture to add to your Instagram feed! 

Hands-on activities include creating sand art and playing the piano. Artwork from famous artists such as Patrick Hughes and Patrick Prosko are on display. They have a restaurant on the property too. Where you can enjoy a glass of wine or local cuisine.  You will be anything but bored while learning at this interactive art museum.

Prague Beer Museum 

Prague Beer Museum
Photo Credit Prague Beer Museum

Did you know you can drink your way through a museum? Sometimes the best way to learn is to try things first hand. Making Prague Beer Museum an unordinary and delicious experience. 

The owners of the museum explored the whole country of Czech in hopes of finding the best beers. They believed that the few beers around the area did not fully represent the best beer in the country. They picked their favorites while traveling and brought them back to Prague.

They now showcase over thirty Czech beers on tap and are the first pub to do so. The museum explains why Czech beers are so famous around the world. It is no secret that beer plays a big part in the culture in Bohemia. They pride themselves on constantly updating their beer menu while finding new local gems to add. Enjoy an ice-cold brew while learning all about the passion of Czech breweries and beer. Cheers!

Franz Kafka Museum 

Franz Kafka Museum Displays
Photo Credit - Franz Kafka Museum 

One of the must-sees in Prague is the Franz Kafka museum. A German-speaking author who wrote short stories. He was one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century. Born and raised in Prague, where he wrote about the city in some of his books. He was later buried in Prague at the New Jewish Cemetery. The museum, which highlights his work and life, opened in 2005. It is located in the Hergert Brickworks building near the Vltava River. 

The exhibition has two sections. Existential Space showcases how Prague played a huge part in Kafka’s life. Marvel at his work which displays letters to his family and friends. In addition to entries from his biography, this exhibit breaks down who Franz Kafka was as a person. 

The second exhibit, Imaginary Topography shows how Kafka viewed the city. Pick apart his writing and read all about the places of Prague he wrote about. He does not name the places specifically, instead, he drops hints with metaphors and structures. 

Whether you are familiar with Franz Kafka or not, this museum is a must-see. He played a huge part in creating Prague’s culture. Spend a few hours learning all about this historical author. Afterward, visit all of the places he wrote about and loved. Make sure to try some local Prague cuisine during your journeys. 

Lego Museum

The Lego Museum in Prague
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Whether you are traveling with a child or have the heart of one, this museum is for you. The Lego Museum in Prague is the world’s biggest Lego Museum! Hosting more than 2500 models, they are divided into twenty theme parks. More than one million Lego bricks were used to create these talented exhibits.

Exhibits include pirates, spaceships, star wars, and Harry Potter. Scenery such as the Eiffel tower and historic castles are displayed. Lego technicians are on-site to answer any questions. Listen as they explain the process of how the Lego Exhibits are created. A truly magnificent museum, that is catered to visitors of all ages. 

Museum of Senses

Prague Museum of Senses
Photo Credit Museum of Senses

If bizarre is what you are looking for then head over to the Museum of Senses. An interesting museum that does exactly what it says, challenges your senses. The exhibits range from an anti-gravity room to a vortex tunnel. These two top-rated exhibits will make you question your senses. 

Other exhibits include the funny Head on a Platter. A weird photo opportunity that makes your floating head appear like a desert. Changing Faces Hedge shows you what you would look like with a combination of faces. You can even dance the day away in the groovy Infinity Disco Room. If you are daring enough, lay down on a bed of 1209 nails. 

Your day will be filled with fun and excitement while you explore their fifteen different exhibits. Once your visit comes to an end, you will not be taking your senses for granted.

Museum tours in Prague
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Plan your Prague museum adventures with Pilot!

We know how it feels. When someone mentions a museum, your mind goes to a bunch of places. Will this be boring? How long do I have to stay here? Can I talk? Prague may be historic, but it is certainly not boring. The city’s museums put a fun spin on the average museum visit.

With seventy-nine options, you will never run out of things to do or museums to see! Grab a beer, learn about Legos or admire local artists' work. A museum-type for everyone, as long as you have an open mind. Plan your Prague museum adventure with Pilot! We can help you find places to stay while exploring these seventy-nine museums. 

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August 4, 2021

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