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February 9, 2022
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Lydia Michael
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Let's take a look at the Youtuber legend, Funforlouis A.K.A Louis Cole, and how he became one of the top travel bloggers & influencer in the world.

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If you have a traveler's soul like most of us here on Pilot, you probably always feel restless unless there is a shift in your routine. After all, a traveler's dream is to be able to constantly travel without looking back. Undoubtedly, many people have tried to follow a traveler's or a nomad's lifestyle, but not everyone succeeded. Still, there are many ways for our souls to feel at ease by following and getting inspired by fantastic people like Louis Cole. 

If you are wondering who Louis Cole is, then let me enlighten you. Louis is the person behind the top travel vlog in the world, the famous YouTube channel FunForLouis. He is the man who, since 2012, has been inspiring and motivating travel souls like ours to not stop dreaming and travel or live like nomads. His cheerful personality, combined with his lifestyle and calm mentality, made him the top travel vlogger globally. 

I'm really not surprised his daily vlogs are amongst the best. For the simple reason, they are not only showing incredible landscapes and colorful visuals of other cultures. They also give us an insight into the life of a nomad. Many of his videos include helpful tips, DIY ways of building your own campervan or redecorating an old office and cooking lessons. My favorite videos, though, are the short interviews of local people discussing the secrets of life. The way Louis portrays life and people is so inclusive and inspiring. He always makes me want to put a few clothes and other necessities in a backpack and immediately leave for a journey without a return ticket.

So who is he, and how did he become the best travel vlogger in the world? Let's start with discussing his origin story.

Funforlouis waterfall
Photo Credit: The Travel Pocket Guide

How did FunForLouis start?

louis cole giraffe
Photo Credit: The Travel Pocket Guide  

Louis Cole today is considered the top travel influencer. But his adventurous life and kindness towards other people started a long time ago. Louis was born and raised in a small town near London, UK. At a young age, he found himself immersed in the world of traveling, adventuring, and being part of a diverse community. He loved road tripping with his friends but mostly getting to know other cultures and lifestyles. While exploring our beautiful world, he decided to create his own channel and document his adventures. It was also a way to allow others to see the world through his eyes. After all, his deepest desire was to promote a lifestyle of enjoying life and adventure! 

In the beginning, he created the channel FoodForLouis. The channel was dedicated to unusual food by filming eating stunts. He did gain a lot of fame through this channel, yet it was not aligned with his mission. He wanted to inspire and motivate people to escape their ordinary life and go for an adventure. Thus, he decided to start all over again with a new channel, the channel we now know as FunForLouis. 

From the first episode in 2012, FunForLouis has been giving us stunning visuals of life in different parts of the world. Especially in places we couldn't even imagine ever going. His first episodes mainly were a diary of his days exploring the world and trying new things. Since then, he has expanded his content to include other aspects of world travel. Louis has been devoted to his lifestyle, and we can clearly see his passion for cultural exchange, mutual understanding, diversity, and community development. 

What is Louis Cole doing now?

louis Cole raya and louis
Photo Credit: Raya Was Here 

FunForLouis has significantly expanded since 2012. Louis Cole has become a founding figure in the world of digital nomads, traveling, and adventure. Today, rather than simply promoting a fun and adventurous lifestyle, Louis Cole is dedicated to sharing a conscious and sustainable way of traveling. He strives to make a positive impact by being an ambassador of dreaming big, living beyond the mundane, and of course, adventure. His famous quote and motto is "Peace out, enjoy life, live the adventure."

His videos indeed bring awareness to various social issues, but recently, he went a step forward alongside other influencer. A group of artists and other content creators established The Social Good Club to create a culture that engages, guides, and ignites social good. With the help of experts, they work hard to create content that is both fun and educational.

Louis also founded Live the Adventure Club with his girlfriend and travel buddy Raya. But, they also share a common youtube channel, Raya and Louis, to lighten up our day with couple and family vlogs. 

Another significant accomplishment of Louis this year was his collaboration with Tropicfeel. As you may already have guessed, Louis is a huge fan of adventurous expeditions around the incredible landscapes of our world. Therefore, he wanted to find the perfect shoes for his adventurous lifestyle.

That's how he first got connected with the esteemed versatile and sustainable brand Tropicfeel. Gradually, as the brand's mission is to promote authentic and conscious travel, just like Louis, the two of them decided to create the limited edition of Tropicfeel x Louis Cole travel shoe. The shoes have a unique style. They are designed to be a perfect fit, water-friendly, and easy to pack. In other words, they are the perfect travel shoe! 

How to have an adventurous life like Louis Cole

Louis cole Funforlouis
Photo Credit: Man of Many

Louis Cole is the top when it comes to travelers, vloggers, digital nomads, and social influencers. His lifestyle is honestly a role model, and perhaps we really should follow his steps. Of course, it's not easy to become such a massive figure like Louis. But it is not necessary to be a social influencer to have an adventurous, sustainable, and conscious life. All you need is willingness, tolerance, kindness, an adventurous spirit, and a pinch of motivation. More importantly, you need a thirst for knowledge and adventure.

As Louis stated, you don't need to be rich to travel. When he was in his early twenties, he would often go for road trips with his friends, and to save money, they would simply sleep in the car, in a tent, or in low-budget accommodations. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money by merely choosing cheap eateries or eating supermarket food and tinned food. It may not sound fancy, but the experience is undoubtedly worth it. Sharing these moments with friends will be unforgettable.

Also, remember that traveling doesn't mean only international trips. It could be traveling within your own community but with a twist. Go camping, climbing, have an adventure at an animal shelter or volunteer for your community. It can be anything as long as you put your adventurous spirit in it. 

Last but not least, to feel like Louis Cole, don't forget to document your adventures. Not only so that you can show others your incredible experiences, but for yourself to always go back and reminisce about these beautiful moments. Louis Cole uses the best exclusively YouTube equipment for his videos and photos.

But also, as an addicted adventurous guy, he needs some good gear to get good quality videos and pictures in all kinds of climates. As a Youtuber, he doesn't just have only one camera. He has enough to capture everything when adventuring. His equipment includes the Sony a7S II camera, the Sony Cyber-shot camera, and the GoPro Hero6. For travelers who might still be beginners or are on a low-budget adventure, I would recommend the Sony DSC-HX80 camera.

Start Traveling with Pilot like Louis!

"Peace out, enjoy life, live the adventure." - Louis Cole

Louis Cole is a true traveler. Today, unlike our ancestors, we are already familiar with the world. There is almost no more exploring, yet Louis proved that traveling can still give us new knowledge. After all, the concept of life-long learning isn't lost while traveling. In fact, I learn and experience more knowledge while traveling than in classrooms or at work. All you have to do is be conscious, enjoy the ride and live the life you always wanted to live. So, like Louis, step into the travel movement.

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August 15, 2021

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