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Guatemala Airport (GUA) 2022 Guide: Know how to get around!

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March 15, 2022
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Cristina Miceli
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You've planned a trip to Guatemala, and maybe you've even organized an itinerary with Pilot. But how do you actually get around from Guatemala's Airport? What are some helpful tips to know before getting there? Keep reading to find out all the tips and tricks to navigating Guatemala's Airport.

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Some people like to travel by train, while others choose planes. The former tend to prefer slow traveling, spending months in a single location to truly discover its secrets and culture. At the same time, the latter is eager to discover new places and live life to the fullest. 

Train stations have a unique charm, and some, such as Amsterdam Centraal, have stunning architecture! However, airports are way more comfortable, and if you know them well, you will be able to access all sorts of services.

Besides, air travel is the only way to get to places abroad most of the time. While major international airport hubs have dedicated websites that offer plenty of information, most don't provide information pertinent to travelers looking to get around the airport. Nobody wants to get stuck in an airport any longer than they have to.

In the past, we already talked about several airports, such as Warsaw Chopin Airport and Frankfurt Airport. But today, we're going to across continents to Guatemala and introduce you to Guatemala's airport. Keep reading to learn how to get around the airport, along with commonly asked questions by travelers now!

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Where is Guatemala Airport located?

The main airport in Guatemala is known as La Aurora International Airport. It serves Guatemala City, the country's capital, and is located 6.4 km south of it. 

From here, you will also be able to reach Antigua, Guatemala. This city is one of the main attractions of Guatemala and is located 25 km from La Aurora Airport. 

Getting around Guatemala Airport

La Aurora International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Central America. It has a single terminal split into two passenger concourses: the central and the northern. 

Guatemala Airport has several services accessible to all passengers, such as currency exchange desks, pharmacies, smoking areas, ATMs, and various lounges. The airport also has a free wifi connection, but you need a Guatemalan phone number to access it. For this reason, make sure that your data roaming is activated as soon as you land. 

Outside of the Guatemala la aurora intl airport.
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How to get around from Guatemala Airport.

There are three main ways to reach Guatemala City: Bus, shuttle, and taxi. 


According to the La Aurora Airport website, buses are the most economical way to reach Guatemala City and the riskiest. This option can also be pretty slow, depending on traffic. You can use Chicken Buses to reach the city center. 

Once you arrive, you can travel with Transurbano and Transmetro. A ride will cost you slightly more than €1.00, and you can buy your ticket from the driver. 


Shuffles are the most popular way to reach the city center. They are provided by hotels and resorts, and plenty of options are available. 

Here are just a few:

  • Transportes Alamo: +502 7767 4582
  • Autobuses del Norte (AND): +502 2251 0610
  • Transportes Galgos: +502 2232 3661
  • Monja Blanca: +502 2238 1409


Taxis are the fastest option and will take you to the city center in 20 minutes.

Taxis Amarillo (yellow cabs) is the most popular service in Guatemala. These taxis are slightly cheaper than the white ones and are equipped with taximeters. Unfortunately, you cannot stop them on the street, but you can call any hotline at 1766, give your address and phone number, and just wait for them to arrive.

White Taxis

You can also use the white taxis, but they don't have taximeters, meaning you will have to negotiate the price with the driver before your departure. Make sure to get a fair price as they tend to overcharge foreigners. A ride from the airport to Guatemala City is around €5.00 to €6.00. 

Here are a few taxi companies that you can contact:

  • Taxis Amarillo: 1766
  • Taxis 2000: +502 2433 9984
  • Taxis Mariscal: +502 2473 2441

Covid rules at Guatemala Airport

Inside La Aurora Airport, you will find some Covid-19 testing areas by the United check-in. The whole process will take about 25 minutes from start to finish, and it will cost you approximately €23.00. Covid-19 test areas are open 24/7. 

Whether you will need a negative covid test to travel to Guatemala depends on your country of origin and whether you have been vaccinated. 

Traveling and passports.
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Guatemala Airport's FAQs:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions travelers have about Guatemala's Airport answered.

Which hotels are close to Guatemala Airport?

There are plenty of hotels located close to La Aurora Airport. For instance, Hotel Casa Blanca Inn from which you will be able to reach the airport in only 8 minutes. A room here will cost you about €50.00. 

Another option is Global Airport Inn, located within walking distance from La Aurora Airport. This option is slightly cheaper as a night here will cost you only €38.00.

Can you rent a car at Guatemala Airport?

According to the La Aurora International Airport website, renting a car is not the best way to move throughout the country. Driving can be pretty challenging due to the street conditions. 

However, this is one of the most flexible ways to move across Guatemala. Most rental car companies are located just outside the terminals in either 7A Avenida or Calle 14.

Can you sleep at Guatemala Airport?

Not really. The airport closes with the last flight and opens again at 3 am.

What is the closest airport to Tikal National Park?

Unfortunately, there aren't any airports close to Tikal National Park. However, you can rent a car and drive to this destination, and it will take you approximately 9 hours. 

Is Antigua far from La Aurora Airport? 

No, it will take you only one and a half hours by car. You can also use a taxi for the price of €20.00.

What's the airport code of Guatemala Airport?

Guatemala Airport's code is GUA.

Antigua Guatemala overlooking city.
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March 15, 2022

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