Montreal Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs, and Places to Party

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Montreal Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs, and Places to Party
Montreal is the place to go to experience a great night out. Montreal has everything from speakeasies to swanky cocktail bars and unique dining experiences. Don't know where to start? I've got your back.
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Canada is known for several things, including the big cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. 

The island of Montreal is known for its fantastic bars and excellent food. It is best known for its amazing festivals, formula 1, and nightlife. 

Going out in Montreal is fun and always filled with new experiences, including a Montreal shopping affair.

When it comes to things to do in Montreal at night, trust Montrealers to know the best bars and nightclubs! This includes some unique themed places I've yet to see anywhere else.

The Montreal nightlife is world-famous. You have a choice of everything from swanky speakeasies to board game bars. There's also a great selection of niche clubs and restaurants for every taste in music and food.

But don't take my word for it. Let me walk you through the best places to visit, including some unusual venues.

The 5 Best Bars in Montreal

Some of Montreal's best streets for bar hopping include Blvd Saint-Laurent, Rue St. Denis, and Avenue Mont-Royal. If you're a student, you'll want to throw Rue Crescent, Rue McGill, and St Catherine Street into the mix. 

You can easily explore these streets and see what takes your fancy. If you want to visit an extra unique bar, below are my top 5.

5. The Coldroom

When I lived in Montreal some years ago, speakeasies were not yet a "thing." There was 1 whisky bar and 2 excellent jazz bars, but no secret hideaway that transported you back to Gatsby's times. 

Enter the Coldroom, an internationally-renowned speakeasy. It's seen the likes of Christina Aguilera, Bruce Willis, and many more of Hollywood's elite. 

It's also a favorite haunt of some of the Montreal Canadiens. This makes it one of the best nightlife spots for people-watching.

You enter the bar by ringing a bell next to a giant black door at the corner of Saint-Vincent and Saint-Amable. Once inside, the overall vibe is cozy, low-lit, and a bit sexy. 

Many of the drinks are classic with modern twists. Try the Lavender Bee's Knees, featuring gin, honey, lavender, and lemon juice.

Two people holding colorful cocktails in hand
Photo by Sexto Abismo | Ginebra Surrealista on Unsplash

4. Big in Japan Bar

Another speakeasy-inspired bar, Big in Japan, is unique in its styling and cocktails. Big in Japan Bar is tucked away on the corner of Rue Rachel and Blvd Saint-Laurent. 

The decor comprises enormous velvet curtains, a U-shaped bar, and many candles. The hanging lights are crafted from old Japanese whisky bottles. It's all been created with a lot of love for design and the aim to make something cozy and unique.

Try a selection of Japanese whiskies and cocktails. The Tokyo Mule with sake, ginger syrup, club soda, mint, and lime is delicious. 

It's a fab place for an intimate date night or a special celebration. For the latter, the champagne cocktails are to die for.

3. La Distillerie No.1

When I was a young University student, Distillerie was the place to go. The entire concept behind La Distillerie is its mason jar cocktails, which you can get in small and large sizes. Sometimes, we'd line up for hours, but it was always worth it. 

It's a relatively small bar and always packed, but the cocktails are delicious. One all-time favorite cocktail is the Basilic Romantique. 

This tasty drink features Bacardi, vermouth, prosecco, strawberry purée, fresh basil, like, and simple syrup. 

Beware, all of the drinks taste so good and refreshing. You'll generally only find out how much you've had once you try to get up.

Woman toasting with a beer in hand with another people
Photo by Himanshu Choudhary on Unsplash

2. Atwater Cocktail Club

Retro vibes and a chilled-out atmosphere make the Atwater Cocktail Club a great bar to visit. 

The Atwater Cocktail Club is tucked away behind the hip Foiegwa restaurant on Atwater. Upon entering, you're greeted by gleaming leather couches and a large marble bar. This club is one of the swankier bars to visit in Montreal, which quickly becomes apparent when you read the menu prices. 

It's also aimed at a slightly older crowd, with many professionals enjoying the atmosphere here after a nice meal. You'll find a sumptuous selection of classic cocktails, champagnes, beers, and wine. 

The upscale snacks make this bar stand out, thanks to its connection to Foiegwa restaurant. You can get delicacies such as garlic escargots and even Rockefeller oysters.

1. Milky Way Cocktail Bar

The Milky Way Cocktail Bar in Montreal was voted among the top 10 world's most excellent bars in 2021. It doesn't stop there. This quirky hideaway combines space and jungle themes. 

To visit, head to Pizzeria Fugazzi in Pointe-Saint-Charles, walk up the twinkling staircase, and you've arrived. The vaulted glass ceiling, hanging plants, and futuristic bar create a unique yet calming atmosphere.

But that's not all. 

The cocktails here are consistently high-rated. The Milky Way long drink features gin, coconut vodka, blackberry liqueur, milk, and basil. 

All of their drinks are somewhat along these lines. They're classic yet totally out there. No wonder this bar consistently ranks highly on the search for the best nightlife in Montreal.

Woman sitting in a retro bar with a drink in hand
Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash

The 3 Best Clubs in Montreal

The best Montreal nightlife streets have already been mentioned above. Most of these have a relative array of bars and pubs. 

When it comes to the best clubs in Montreal, you'll need to be more specific. There are just so many great options. Below are some of my favorites Montreal clubs.

3. Rockette

La Rockette is one of the most popular nightclubs to party in Montreal and for a good reason. 

It's unique, fun, offers a relaxed vibe, and plenty of drinks. 

Depending on the night, you can dance along to rock 'n roll, rockabilly, soul, funk, and even metal music. Rockette is located on Rue St-Denis. 

There's also an upstairs area if the downstairs gets too busy. La Rockette is one of several places offering themed nights. So you will surely be entertained even if you rock up on a Wednesday or Thursday.

2. Turbo Haüs

This metal band is more happy than heavy. The Instagram page reads, "anti-mosh, pro-dance — take your tough guy sh*t somewhere else." 

It's a great cocktail bar and club in one, featuring various live performances and heavy metal cocktails. Their cocktails are impressive too. 

I recommend the Turbogoblin, a green concoction featuring matcha, Amermelade, honey, lemon, rosewater, and gin.

1. Casino de Montréal

Montreal's famous casino may not be the first place you think of when you want to go dancing, but it should be on your list. 

Their Terrasse le Jardin is a great outdoor space. It's lit at night and reminds me of an art deco theater. Fridays and Saturdays see a Latin Fiesta here, with lie bands and Latin-inspired cocktails. 

Moreover, you can drink and watch the Formula 1 live broadcast here during the Grand Prix weekend.

Female DJ with tattoo playing music
Photo by Zac Bromell on Unsplash

The 3 Most Unique Locations You Should Try

The city's center is generally a good tip if you're wondering where to stay to experience Montreal's nightlife. Anywhere close to Montreal's most prominent universities, McGill and Concordia, will have great bars and clubs nearby. 

From there, you can explore the city and find its most unique night-time locales. Montreal has you covered, whether it's an unusual restaurant or a bar with a truly unique concept.

3. Restaurant Le Speakeasy

This unique bar and restaurant is a Montreal favorite you shouldn't miss. It's located on Rue McGill, close to the University. You'll love the 1920s theme, the music, and the food. 

The menu here isn't huge, but the quality of the food and drinks is excellent. As with other prohibition-themed bars and restaurants, Le Speakeasy is accessible via a "hidden" doorway.

2. Randolph

Randolph is another unusual venue to enjoy when you're visiting Montreal. It's a selection of gaming pubs dotted across the city. 

You can show up, order drinks, and play any of their 2000 board games with your friends. If you're unsure how to play one, the staff are trained to teach you the rules. 

Best of all, all Randolph pubs also offer tasty food to enjoy while you play.


Delighting Montreal guests since 2006, O.Noir is still one place that consistently receives the highest praise. 

It's a unique concept where guests eat their food in the dark. The idea is that your senses are all heightened when you can't see. You can take in tastes, smells, and sounds very different. 

The menu is Mediterranean-inspired and always delicious. Since O.Noir showcases what it's like to be blind, they also generously give some of their proceeds to local charities supporting visually impaired people.

Still deciding between Toronto nightlife and Montreal? You certainly won't be disappointed visiting this city.

Woman enjoying food in a restaurant all by herself
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

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