10 Top Bars in Toronto: Local Picks For A Great Night Out!

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10 Top Bars in Toronto: Local Picks For A Great Night Out!
Traveling to Toronto for a crazy night out and unsure where to go? Check out my ultimate list of the best bars in Toronto and have a night to remember!
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Toronto is one of the best cities in Canada to have a night out, with bars and clubs to suit everyone’s style and taste. With over 400 bars in the city alone, choosing where to go can be a task. It can be especially tricky if your friends want to bar-hop or visit a bar with a unique vibe. 

In this article, I’ll let you know exactly why you should check out Toronto’s incredible bar scene. I’ll also cover the hottest bars in Toronto, what makes them unique, and why you should hit them up on your next night out in Toronto!

Why Visit Bars in Toronto?

Montreal has some of the best shopping, Vancouver is packed with museums and heritage sites, and Toronto is known for its nightlife. Young adults flock from all over Ontario and beyond to check out the bars and clubs in this gigantic city. 

Looking for a speakeasy or a '90s night in Toronto? There's a bar for that. Visitors to Toronto can grab a day pass for the transit system to make traveling between bars a breeze. The TTC runs 24 hours, so you never need to worry about getting home at the end of the night. 

Unless otherwise stated, bars and clubs in Toronto are open until 2 am every night of the week. Opening hours are standard across Canada due to the laws around serving liquor.

Although Canadian bars aren't open as long as some places in Europe or Latin America, you can still have a wild night out in Toronto!

What Are the Best Bars in Toronto?

Let's take a look at 10 of Toronto's hottest nighttime hangouts. Don't worry, there's something for everyone on my list!

10. Mahjong Bar

This speakeasy can be found behind a small storefront in Toronto's Dundas West neighborhood. Well known for its dim sum dishes and delicious Asian-inspired cocktails, it's one of the more popular speakeasies in the city.

Try the kimchi fries and miso mushrooms and pair them with a refreshing Made in Japan cocktail.

The low-lit red glow creates a cozy atmosphere. The modern Asian and eclectic decor is intriguing, perfectly tying the bar's theme. It's the perfect place to go for a small group get or if you want to impress a date. 

Address: 1276 Dundas St W, Toronto

Bartender Preparing A Drink At The Mahjong Bar
Image Courtesy of Mahjong Bar

9. El Convento Rico

Start and finish the night at El Convento Rico! This massive bar/club is located in Little Italy, one of Toronto's most famous neighborhoods. Grab a drink at the bar before the music and dancing pick up around midnight and be sure to stick around for one of their world-famous drag performances! 

El Rico is one of the best Latin bars in the city, and they feature local DJs and dance lessons on Friday nights. Bring a huge group of friends to party the night away. Not to mention is super affordable for college students who want to dance on a dime.

Address: 750 College St, Toronto

A Group Of People Posing For A Picture At The El Convento Rico Bar
Image Courtesy of Club Crawlers

8. Get Well

This low-lit eclectic taproom can be found in one of Toronto's most upcoming neighborhoods, Ossington Ave. They feature a great beer list as well as cocktails and wine. For eats, check out the pizza window at the back, which serves classic pizzas to enjoy in the bar. 

Bring a group of friends and your quarters to play the arcade games at the back. All your childhood favorites are there, Pac-man, Street Fighter, and more! Get Well is one of the best bars to hang out and enjoy a chill night with friends. 

Address: 1181 Dundas St W, Toronto

Interior View Of The Get Well Bar
Image Courtesy of Get Well Bar

7. Sweaty Bettys

Sweaty Bettys is Ossington Ave's favorite dive bar. Come early and sit on one of the vintage couches or by the bar. Living up to the dive bar theme, you'll find dark eclectic decor, loud rock music, and a down-to-earth vibe. 

Paintings adorn the walls, along with chandeliers and neon signs, reminding you to tip your bartender. Head out to the back patio for fresh air and more space on a clear night.  

This neighborhood staple is a must-try bar when visiting Toronto, especially after being in operation for over 18 years! Get your Halloween vibes all year long, bring a friend or two, and enjoy an eerie beer or cocktail.  

Address: 13 Ossington Ave, Toronto

Exterior View Of The Sweaty Betty's Bar
Image Courtesy of BlogTo

6. Good Fortune Bar

Enjoy creative cocktails in style at Good Fortune Bar in Midtown. Grab a seasonal cocktail like the Corpse Reviver #22 or the Pearadise Lost, and pair it with a Fortune Burger. Tropical elements like plants and fruits will make you want to find a flight deal out of Toronto to a sunny destination. 

This basement bar is far from dingy! Modern decor and low lighting make it an intimate setting for a date. The bar also has great Instagrammable opportunities, from cool neon signs and backgrounds to gorgeously presented food and drinks.

It's one of the best bars in Toronto to start your night out. 

Address: 130 Eglinton Avenue East Lower-Level, 130 Eglinton Ave E Main Floor, Toronto

Good Fortune Bar
Image Courtesy of Good Fortune Bar

5. Baby Huey

Head back in time to the 90s and dance the night away at this cozy Ossingting Ave favorite. Baby Huey is one of the best bars to visit if you want to drop it like it's hot or wear your apple-bottom jeans again.

DJs spin 90s and early 00s beats all night long while the bartender serves classic cocktails and beer. 

This small bar/club venue brings back all the nostalgia for millennials and zillenials. Bring some friends and enjoy dancing till you drop! 

Address: 110 Ossington Ave, Toronto

A Bartender Preparing A Drink At The Baby Huey Bar
Image Courtesy of blogTo

4. à Toi

This 20's themed speakeasy is the classiest place to have a glass of wine or champagne in the city, so be sure to arrive early! This speakeasy "champagne room" can be found in the back of a King Street West cafe called Coffee Oysters Champagne. 

à toi was named after an inside joke between the French millionaire husband and wife, as the hotel was a gift to her. After her husband died, Isabelle Mercier finished it and kept the inside joke as the name à toi, meaning "to you" in French.   

This is one of the more well-hidden bars in Toronto, keeping up their "no photos rule," so you'll have to come to check it out for yourself! 

Address: 214 King St W, Toronto

à toi Bar, Toronto
Image Courtesy of Toronto Life

3. The Jean Darlene Piano Room

Want to have a night out with elegant live music? Check out the Jean Darlene Piano Room along Dundas West. This small piano bar hosts live music nightly, where guests can request their own songs.

The intimate, low-lit lounge setting is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a date or classy evening with friends.  

Address: 1203 Dundas St W, Toronto

Interior View Of The The Jean Darlene Piano Room
Image Courtesy of blogTo

2. Sneaky Dees

Sneaky Dees is a Toronto institution, and if you haven't heard of it by now, you need to check it out! Located at College and Bathurst, it's popular amongst Tex-Mex fans and college students alike. Affordable beer and daily deals draw in crowds from all over. 

In true dive bar fashion, you'll find graffiti all over the walls and stalls and intriguing dream-like paintings on the ceiling. Check out the upstairs venue for the emo night and other music events or stay downstairs and enjoy a pint and a plate of nachos. 

Sneaky Dees is open from 10 am to 2 am on weekends, so you can nurse a hangover with a Tex-Mex brunch and tequila sunrise! 

Address: 431 College St, Toronto

Exterior View Of The Sneaky Dee's Bar
Image Courtesy of blogTo

1. Civil Liberties

Do you ever take a chance on a cocktail only to find out you don't like the ingredients? This is one of the only bars in the city that has no cocktail menu. You heard that right. The bartenders ask each guest what flavors they like and design a cocktail that is unique every time.

This Bloor West staple bar is a favorite for cocktail lovers looking to enjoy delicious drinks in an intimate setting. The modern decor gives the bar an elevated yet comfortable feeling. Discover your new favorite cocktail with friends in this unique Toronto bar.

Address: 878 Bloor St W, Toronto

Civil Liberties Bar
Image Courtesy of The World's 50 Best Bars

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