Is Paris safe for travel? Know which areas to avoid! [2022]

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March 27, 2022
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Leah Bilquist
Leah Bilquist
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We discuss the safety of Paris, including an important question of whether Paris is safe to travel. This includes all the common crimes found in Paris and how to avoid them. Read on to find out more now.

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Picture this. You are standing in front of the Eiffel tower and the soft glow of the lights twinkles in the distance. For a moment, your full attention is on marveling at its beauty. You go to reach for your phone to take a picture when all of a sudden something sends shivers down your spine. you can't find your phone. You also notice that your wallet is missing as well. You could've sworn you've just had it and never took it out of your pocket. A set of panic enters your body and you realize you just got pickpocketed. 

Traveling to a new country can always impose fear or new threats. It is quite normal when exploring an unfamiliar place. Certain countries and cities are safer than others. Is Paris one of them?

Paris, France is perceived to be a romantic and beautiful place. Movies highlight solo travelers standing in front of the Eiffel tower, on a beautiful summer night. Is it as glamorous as the movies and pictures portray it to be? Don’t worry, we will break it down for you, from statistics to tips.

Let’s talk about how safe Paris really is.

police sirens in paris
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Is Paris Safe to travel to?

Whether you are traveling to a tourist hotspot or somewhere scluded, being cautious is always a good idea, especially when traveling solo. The crime rate index should be the first thing you check before booking a trip. Paris is rated as moderate, which is common for a big city. According to the 2020 crime index, four million US Citizens visit France every year. They rank it a safe destination for tourists, students, business travelers, and more.  

Street crime is the biggest concern in Paris. Tourist areas are considered on High Alert, always. Tourists typically tend to let their guard down, especially on vacation. When you are surrounded by new and gorgeous places, your mind begins to enter a state of awe, where some individuals with nefarious intentions might take advantage of. 

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Pickpocketing in Paris.

Pickpockets in Paris are known to target US Tourists. Apple products are among the most stolen. This is because Apple computers and phones are sold for more money in France than in the United States. Pickpockets in Paris are commonly under the age of sixteen. Do not be fooled by any teens that are standing too close to you.

Paris police
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Being cautious, alert, and using common sense can prevent most travel-related crimes. There are also some items you can purchase to help you with this! My mom used to rave about how convenient her fanny pack was. In the 90s, I viewed it as another fashion suicide. In 2022, it's nothing short of genius. A fanny pack can keep your personal belongings glued to your side the whole day. Even better, you can put a coat or jacket over it in the fall and winter months. Purses can be an easy target as they normally stay to the side, in the plain view, making it an easy grab for robbers or pickpockets.

fanny pack to protect yourself from pickpocketing in paris
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Men tend to be the biggest targets of pickpocketing since they literally put their wallets in their pockets. Hence how the word pickpocketing became a frequently used word. Pickpocketing occurs in crowded areas such as trains, subways, and airports. Even common tourist spots, like standing in front of the empire state building, are common pickpocketing hotspots. 

What happens if you get pickpocketed?

We always think about our credit/debit cards whenever our wallets are lost, but you shouldn't be. Credit cards and debit cards are easily replaceable. First, call the credit card company to put a stop on your card. This is helpful to do before any purchases are made by the robber. Secondly, don't freak out, this will make the situation worse.

Your licenses and credentials will be the most crucial and hard-to-replace items. This is why it is recommended to never carry your passport with you. Leave it locked in your safe in your hotel room. replacing your local IDs and credentials should be easy once you're back home, but your passport is everything. If your passport is stolen you will need to contact the nearest US Embassy (or whichever embassy your nationality permits) for the next steps.

Don't forget, some embassies are closed on Sundays and federal holidays. 

USA Passport n Paris
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Confidence tricks in Paris

Confidence Schemes are the second most common crime in Paris. This type of crime includes asking pedestrians to sign a petition or even take a survey. They normally ask for money or donation, which does not end up going to the cause. This is an easy way to guilt-trip tourists, who think they are helping the city. When in return, the money will go to the criminal who is ripping you off. 

Street vendors in Paris
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Other ordinary tactics are locals selling goods on the streets. If someone shows you a bracelet or ring, do not touch it. Once you lay your hand on the item, it is yours. They will force you to pay for the item. This can also be used as a distraction tactic. While you are arguing with the seller, someone could come behind and pickpocket you. It is important to buy your local items from markets in the area, rather than directly off the street.

Local artist cons in Paris
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What Precautions can I take?

For those who are worried about being safe, don't be.

Luckily, there are precautions you can take before traveling and boarding your plane. Certain items can make you less of a target. The Daitet Money Belt, similar to a fanny pack, is gender neutral and perfect for keeping your money safe. It has a hidden travel wallet and a secure passport holder. This Travel Security Belt has a hidden money pocket inside the belt! This is recommended for those who don’t want to carry anything except their ID and cash for the night.

For girls, you can even hide your money and ID in this Anti-theft wallet that attaches to your bra! There is an option for everyone, thanks to Amazon! These items can give you extra security when heading out into Paris. 

Under the Eiffel tower in paris
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So, how safe is Paris?

To answer the question of “Is Paris Safe?”. Yes, it is. Paris is pretty safe compared to other European cities. All big cities, inevitably, have crimes. Crimes in Paris seem to be more focused on robberies and shams rather than shootings and murders. Big-name cities such as Istanbul, Athens & Naples are ranked more dangerous than Paris. Stay alert and aware when traveling to other countries.

If you're looking to avoid areas that might be questionable, check out all the Paris arrondissements that you should stay in and which districts to avoid.

Travel to Paris with Pilot

The best part of traveling is being open and free while you explore new destinations. Don’t let the fear of being a part of a crime ruin your trip! All you have to do is remember to stay alert and cautious.

Now that you have the green light to go to Paris, use our Pilot app to plan your trip. We've developed a social travel planner that allows you to keep everything related to your trip in one spot, including itineraries, notes, and more! Stay safe, have fun, and experience the unknown with Pilot. Wondering where to stay in Paris? Make sure to also check out our recommended places to stay in Paris!

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August 12, 2021

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