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Is YYZ Deals the Best Flight Deals Site in Toronto? [Review]

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Want all your questions answered for the YYZ Deals site? From learning to sign up and using its service to giving you our honest opinion of the travel deals site, we've got down all the deets. Check them out now.

Travel sites like Expedia and Skyscanner help you search for low airfare deals and book cheap flights easily. But when there are so many OTAs out there, finding the best deals can be a difficult task. 

Flight deal alert sites were born to make matters easier. They search the web for the best of the best deals and round up a great list of the cheapest flights for you. So, if you are hoping to fly to a country at the lowest cost possible, we recommend you check these sites first! 

If you are a traveler based in Canada, YYZ Deals is a travel site worth your attention! YYZ Deals claims to bring you the best flight deals from Canada to destinations around the world. 

Read our review to learn more!

YYZ Deals logo.
Image courtesy: YYZ Deals

What is YYZ Deals?

Founded by Chris Myden, YYZ Deals is a travel site that alerts you of cheap flight deals gathered from various websites such as Expedia, Flight Network, Orbitz, etc. The specialty is that YYZ specifically focuses on cheap flights from Canadian cities, especially Toronto, to other places in the world. The flight deals can range from discounts offered by airlines for promotional purposes to mistake fares. 

Initially, Myden began to circulate the deals he found via his blogs and social media platforms. It was limited to cheap tickets from Toronto. But, as the demand increased, he expanded the service to other Canadian cities as well. The search for cheap flights in Canada is an automated process carried out by tools innovated by him. 

How do I sign up for YYZ Deals?

If you are a frequent traveler, you would want to be in the loop to hear about the cheapest flights as soon as they are available. Besides, checking the YYZ Deals website all the time is not a great option. Don’t worry.

Anyone who wants to be notified of cheap flights immediately can sign up for alerts from YYZ Deals. One option is to provide your name and email address and subscribe for email alerts. Avid social media users can also follow YYZ Deals on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Alternatively, you can also join the “YYZ Deals Facebook Group” or add the YYZ feed to your RSS reader. 

Traveling on an airplane with cheap flights from YYZ Deals.
Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash

How can I look for cheap flights from other cities?

The YYZ Deals website only has travel deals related to cheap flights from Toronto.

If you are looking for cheap flights from other Canadian cities, you have to click the “from other cities” tab and select the specific city. You will be directed to a different website or Facebook page.

Can I search for flight deals on YYZ Deals?

Say you have a specific departure date and want to know if there are cheap flights available on that day. In this case, you can click on the “flight search” tab. It will redirect you to a site where you can enter the specific details and search for flights.

What we liked about YYZ Deals

  • Free 

For now, you don’t have to sign up and create an account or make a payment to receive alerts. The subscription to email alerts is free of charge. Those in Canada might benefit more from YYZ Deals when compared to paid memberships of services like Scott’s Cheap Flights. 

  • YYZ blog

In the “Articles” section, you would find advice and tips from the founder on using other travel booking websites, purchasing travel gadgets, identifying authentic cheap deals, and other beneficial topics for travelers. The “Guides” section informs users how to avoid scammers and book flights via genuine sources. 

  • Cheap deals 

One of the things many people wonder when they come across travel websites like YYZ Deals is whether they are being scammed. Well, YYZ Deals is legit, and a significant amount of travelers have benefited from it. So, we think you can expect the travel deals posted here to be actually cheap without hidden fares. 

Traveler waiting for their flights.
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

What we think YYZ Deals can improve on

  • Make the website more attractive

You will note that the YYZ Deals website looks outdated and not very appealing. As the service also offers a lot of interesting content to read, we think the design can be improved to enhance the user experience. However, as it’s a free service, this is something you might have to forgo for receiving a free service. 

  • Expand to other countries

At present, YYZ Deals alerts you of cheap flights from Toronto and other major Canadian cities to other destinations. As the search for flights is automated, we think it would be great if the service is expanded to other countries too. Let’s hope so! 

Is YYZ Deals worth it?

Yes. We think it’s a very useful service, and Myden only alerts you when super good deals come his way. So, you wouldn’t be spammed with incessant emails. However, one thing to remember is that most of the deals here are short-lived, and you have to book as soon as possible. YYZ Deals Toronto is ideal for travelers who can plan tours flexibly, as most deals come with set dates.

YYZ Deals website featuring deals from Toronto to Las Vegas.
Image courtesy: YYZ Deals

Are there any similar services for people out of Canada?

Yes, of course. There’s a host of other cheap flight deal alerts services available today. The most popular one is perhaps, Scott’s Cheap Flights, covering destinations worldwide. You can also try Dollar Flight ClubSecret Flying, and Jack’s Flight Club.

If you are a frequent traveler, you would benefit significantly from these services. You can also consider using App in the Air – an app that keeps track of all your flights, so you don’t miss flights again!


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October 7, 2021

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