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EarPlanes Review: Ear plugs that really help during flights?

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November 7, 2022
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Amanda Lawrence
Do you have trouble dealing with changes in cabin pressure or want to avoid excess noise while flying? If you’re planning to travel soon, consider buying quality earplugs like EarPlanes. This EarPlanes review will explore whether you should save money on cheap earplugs or spend extra cash on EarPlanes!

Avid travelers use EarPlanes earplugs to help minimize pressure, cut out noise while flying, and give passengers a quiet and peaceful flying experience. Some travelers swear by them, but are they really worth the hype?

Suppose you’ve had problems with pressure changes, experienced ear pain, or just want a more comfortable flight. In that case, you may have looked into similar products before. This review blog will share everything you need to know about EarPlanes and help you decide if it’s worth adding these branded earplugs to your flight kit.

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What are EarPlanes?

EarPlanes are earplugs inserted in the ear before take-off and landing to help prevent discomfort from cabin pressure while blocking out unwanted noise. Their patented technology in the earplug, called the CeramX™ filter, helps slow the air pressure shift entering your ear. Basically, no more popping ears!

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How do EarPlanes work?

When the airplane takes off and while it lands, the air pressure changes rapidly, causing a change in pressure inside the cabin. The narrow canal in your ear often can’t keep up with the fast change, which causes a very uncomfortable popping sensation.

This popping can be extremely difficult for children, people with sensitive ears, or those with inner ear issues. EarPlanes solves these issues with its patented ceramic filter.

The ceramic filter inside each earplug slowly releases pressure as the plane takes off, avoiding the unpleasant ear-popping sensation.

The earplugs are made of hypoallergenic silicone, which is excellent for people who have sensitive skin. This material also filters out 20dB of sound, equivalent to someone whispering 5 feet away, which helps keep your trip more peaceful.

How to use EarPlanes

Using EarPlanes is quite simple; you can insert the earplug like any standard earplug before take-off and while landing. Ensure to avoid inserting it too far into the ear or leaving it hanging outside, as this can affect the intended use. 

While putting them in an hour before take-off and landing is recommended to minimize pressure, these earplugs can also be used during the flight.

EarPlanes also has an app available for free on Apple and Android devices. The EarPlanes app measures the cabin pressure and alerts you to put in the earplugs. 

If you’re wondering about longevity, EarPlanes are reusable for up to two weeks.

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EarPlanes vs. similar products

Many similar products have come out since EarPlanes was invented 25 years ago. Some of these products stack up, and some don’t. If you want more information on other options, here’s a side-by-side comparison of similar products!


First, let’s talk about EarPlanes.

EarPlanes cost less than $20 for a pack of 3 and are one of the cheaper options on the list. They have glowing reviews for comfort and effectiveness in relieving ear pain, but they’re not known to keep out noises that well. It’s recommended that EarPlanes should be replaced after two weeks of use.

Softvox Earplugs

Softbox Earplugs are reusable earplugs that come in a convenient pack of two and cost about $17, making them the best deal on the list. Their earplugs block out ambient noise and uncomfortable ear pain, making flying a breeze. The soft silicon and sleek design make them easy for anyone to use.

Mack’s Earplugs

Macks Earplugs are a bit more expensive than EarPlanes, coming in at $12 for a pack of 1. The reviews look great regarding effectiveness and relieving ear pain, and they keep out more noise than EarPlanes (26dB). Mack’s are also reusable!

Alpine FlyFit

Alpine FlyFit is the most expensive at $46 per pair. They have good reviews when it comes to relieving ear pain, and they filter out cabin noise, but it’s still possible to hear people around you. They are soft, reusable, hypoallergenic, and have a convenient carrying case!

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Do they make EarPlanes for kids?

Yes, they do make EarPlanes for kids. The children’s versions are made for children 1 to 10 years old and are not recommended for children under 1. They are also great for adults who have smaller ears!

Are EarPlanes effective?

According to online reviews, EarPlanes effectively relieve ear pain during take-off and landing. Most customers agree that these earplugs are a great product if you’re suffering from ear pain while flying.

There is the occasional comment of users not seeing the desired effect or having issues because of smaller ear canals, but overall it is an effective product.

Some reviews say they are not optimal for keeping noise out, so if you’re stuck next to a crying baby or someone snoring, you will likely still hear them!

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What to pack in your flight kit

Every traveler knows that keeping a well-stocked carry-on is key to ensuring you are comfortable and safe during your flight. This is especially true if it’s a long-haul flight. Imagine finding out that your luggage got lost in transit, or feeling hungry after the airplane meal. These minor issues can be a rough start to a lovely vacation.

Want to know what else, besides EarPlanes, you should bring onboard for a safe and pleasant flight? I highly recommend keeping these items in your carry-on for your next trip!

Are EarPlanes worth it?

EarPlanes are 100% worth it if you suffer from chronic ear pain while flying or are just interested in trying them out. They are super soft and easy to use, making them the perfect product for a trial run or a new addition to your flight kit. Additionally, adding them to your packing list won’t break the bank!

EarPlanes have received mostly positive reviews, with users calling them a game changer when it comes to relieving air pressure discomfort during take-offs and landings. Travelers with ear issues rave about how EarPlanes provide significant relief and even prevent post-flight migraines. 

If you’re suffering from ear problems and care less about noise reduction, you might as well try it.

Our Rating 4.8/5


  • Cost-effective
  • Great reviews
  • Hypoallergenic & soft
  • Convenient app with reminders


  • One-time use
  • Lackluster for long-term travel
  • Mediocre Noise suppression

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November 7, 2022

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