Skiplagged Review [2024]: Travel Hack or Unethical Flights?

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Skiplagged Review [2024]: Travel Hack or Unethical Flights?
After finding out about Skiplagged on the news, I couldn't believe that hidden city flights is a thing. After trying them out and digging through the reviews, here are my thoughts on the controversial flight booking platform, Skiplagged.
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Flying can be expensive, not to mention long-haul trips. But what if there was a way to beat the system and save hundreds of dollars? 

Let me introduce Skiplagged. While some flight deals service offers alerts like Scott's Cheap Flights, Skiplagged helps you find cheap flights by navigating through the airline industry's loophole.

Now if you're anything like me, I was also a skeptic at first. If Skiplagged can do this, why aren't everyone else doing this? Is Skiplagged actually legit, or will I get in trouble for using their services?

Skiplagged utilizes technology to cheat the system using a method they call "hidden city flights" to get you great deals. But Skiplagged has been hit with lawsuits and said to sell unethical flights.

Here's a detailed summary and experience into using Skiplagged to answer all of your burning questions I also once had.

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What is Skiplagged?

Skiplagged is an online travel website that claims to give great deals on flights, car rentals, and hotels.

Founded a few years back by a couple of travel enthusiasts who were sick of expensive flights, Skiplagged started its mission to give customers cheap flights.

Their website and app are user-friendly, produce fantastic prices, and have an easy-to-book process. It allows users to find cheap flights that aren't possible when booking directly with the airline. 

Skiplagged's app is available on IOS and Android

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How Does Skiplagged work?

You can book regular flights with Skiplagged, but they're most popular for their hidden city method. It's a unique strategy that's offered to customers who are looking for budget flights, with the caveat that you can't check your luggages in.

Here's how it works.

Understanding the Hidden City Method

The hidden city technique is where you get off at the layover rather than the end destination. 

For example, let's say you wanted to fly from New York to Orlando, and the flight was $500. If that was too expensive, you could book a flight from New York via Orlando to Dallas and get off in Orlando.

This flight might cost $250 instead of $500, giving you good savings! You'd simply exit the plane at the stopover and not take the rest of the flight. 

And this is how Skiplagged gets you cheap flights! They show you the hidden city technique flights straight away so you can land a bargain. It's been known for people to get business class flights for the price of an economy flight using this technique!

Skiplagged isn't the only company that offers these kinds of cheap flights, they're just the leading provider. 

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Image courtesy of Skiplagged

What's the Catch with Skiplagged?

With prices that good, there has to be a catch, right? 

Using the hidden city technique through Skiplagged is legal, but some feel it to be unethical. However, the method has been reviewed by major publications such as Forbes, CNN, and Business Insider, all crediting its clever technology. 

Skiplagged has been under fire from many lawsuits. Airlines have sued both Skiplagged and its customers for breaching their contracts. But with their clever system and policies, they've won every time. They even beat American Airlines in a lawsuit! 

There are some downsides to Skiplagged hidden city flights that can be a deal breaker for you. Let's check them out:

  • You're only allowed to take carry-on baggage. This is because, on flights with a stopover, your checked luggage is carried through to the final destination. 
  • You may need a visa. If your end destination is a different country, the airline will expect to see visa proof or they can refuse your boarding.
  • You can only take one-way flights.
  • You can't earn any air miles!
  • Itineraries can change. If there's bad weather, your stopover can change… Oops!
  • By using the hidden city technique, Skiplagged is driving up prices on previously more affordable destinations. 
  • Skiplaggged can cause regular flights to be delayed to wait for missing passengers because of confusion when people got off at the layover. 

So, there are a few drawbacks. But are they worth it to get a bargain flight? I'll leave that decision up to you.

Cancelation Policy for Skiplagged

Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel your flights!  

When you book your flight with Skiplagged, your cancellation conditions will appear at checkout before finalizing your flights. Some flights are refundable within 24 hours of booking. 

If in doubt, it's best to check through their FAQs or contact a customer service agent. 

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Image courtesy of Mitsuo Komoriya from Unsplash

What are People saying about Skiplagged?

Being the anxious and paranoid traveler that I am, I looked into hundreds of Skiplagged reviews to see what other travelers had to say before booking. Here's the general gist of what people are saying about their service.

Most online Skiplagged reviewers start by praising Skiplagged and their cheap flights. Thousands of people have saved money by booking through Skiplagged. 

Many say it took just over 15 minutes to book flights, saving time as well as money. The easy-to-use app showed fantastic deals every time they used it. 

However, with all the good reviews, there are some negative ones too. Reviewers say trying to get hold of Skiplagged's customer service team was impossible! 

Unfortunately, there are also a few reviews from customers saying the flights they booked through Skiplagged didn't exist. This is a handful of reviews, but it's worth taking note of. 

So, is Skiplagged legit?

The service is legit, however, due to the nature of how they operate, customers are forewarned that changes may happen that's not within Skiplagged's control. That's just what you as a traveler will have to endure if you were to use its services.

Overall, Skiplagged delivers what they say they do: cheap flights! But at what cost? You (and I) take the risk of booking a cheap flight, with the possibility that flights may change and planes may be delayed. Not to mention a seemingly non-existent customer serivce. But if you're happy to give it a go, the savings are huge!

I know I appreciated the savings it gave me!

skip lagged passport
Image courtesy of Nicole Geri from Unsplash

Is Skiplagged worth it?

Let's be honest, we all want cheap flights. I know I'd rather spend my money on delicious food and epic adventures than pricey flights. But it comes with a risk. 

If you're someone who gets anxious while traveling or loves to have detailed plans to ensure everything goes smoothly, Skiplagged isn't for you! 

What if you're refused boarding or the weather changes, then your vacation is down the toilet?

But on the other hand, if you take the leap, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars and have a great experience like so many others. Not to mention, extra spending money!

If you need budget flights and don't mind the consequences or conditions that comes with the service, then Skiplagged is the app for you. Grab those bargains, take to the skies and get ready for another epic vacation.

My Rating: 3.9/5


  • Cheap flights
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Consistent cheap deals


  • Bad reviews of customer service
  • Ethically questionable
  • Can't bring check-in luggage
  • Flights can change paths

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