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Where to Stay in Mexico City: 4 Beautiful Neighborhoods! [2022]

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August 23, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
Did you know you can travel to Mexico right now? Mexico city is the perfect destination for the cooped-up-at-home traveler looking for their next adventure. Check out our guide on where to stay in Mexico city for a great time!

If you are hoping to visit Mexico City in the near future, you are in for an unforgettable vacation.

As a city and destination that’s both cosmopolitan and ancient, this Latin American city has a unique charm that’s hard to find anywhere else. Assuming that you have planned a great itinerary, let us help you with where to stay in Mexico City. 

Photo by Manuel Arroyo on Unsplash

Deciding where to stay in Mexico is a tough choice as it’s one of the largest cities in the world. Also, not every part of the city offers the same experience or even safe, for that matter. So, it’s best to pick a neighborhood that caters to your expectations when you are touring in Mexico City. 

Below are our top picks for the best Mexico City neighborhoods, along with some accommodation choices. But first,

Is Mexico City Safe for Travelers?

The outside world sees Mexico as an asylum for drug cartels and criminals, so it’s easier to assume Mexico City as potentially dangerous, especially for tourists. But, the city has also experienced a rise in tourists over the years. A different story than what you hear?

According to experts, Mexico is a safe city to visit as long as you exercise caution as a necessary precaution – like you should, wherever you travel in the world! Obviously, there are some pockets of the city that you should stay clear of, but other than that, there is nothing to stop you from indulging in the pleasures it has in store for travelers.

As for COVID-19, the Mexican government operates a color-coded system that informs high-risk and low-risk zones on a Mexico City map. It can help you decide where to stay in Mexico City safe.

4 Top Neighborhoods to stay in at Mexico City!

1. La Condesa & Roma Norte – Best for Night Owls and Digital Nomads

These two neighborhoods are very similar in terms of what they have to offer for visitors. They have a vibrant appeal with many stylish restaurants, cafés, and shopping boutiques lining the streets. But, La Condesa, specifically, is where to stay in Mexico City for nightlife as it has more options for nightclubs, bars, and discos to keep partygoers entertained throughout the night.

La Condesa and Roma are also popular with digital nomads because there are plenty of cafés, co-working spaces, and budget-friendly accommodation choices than other neighborhoods.

La Condesa - Image source: Wikipedia
  Roma Norte -Image Source: Vogue

Red Tree House is the most sought out B&B in Condesa, although it doesn’t come very cheap. It has a homely atmosphere with elaborately decorated rooms. An equal option in Roma is the Ignacia Guest House, with a charming interior that perfectly complements the bohemian vibe of the neighborhood.

If you are looking for mid-range priced hotels in La Condesa Mexico City, check out Casa Comtesse. La Querencia DF is a similar alternative in Roma that’s set in an ancient-styled house.

Gael Condesa and Casa Pancha are budget-friendly options ideal for solo travelers. They are equipped with the basic amenities for a comfortable stay. In Roma, Hostel Hipster Roma and B&B Mexico are good options.

2. Centro Historico – Best for First Timers and History Geeks

If there’s a neighborhood that preserves the city’s diverse history in perfect confluence, it’s Centro Historico. History enthusiasts would gladly settle here for a few days or even weeks, exploring the legendary tales of the Aztec empire, Spanish colonial ruins, post-colonials monuments, and art museums. It’s also not short of dining options whether you are craving street food or a full course meal. 

Photo by Bhargava Marripati on Unsplash

Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico is the premium accommodation choice in Centro Historico. It’s expensive, but you will love everything about this hotel from its ancient architecture, excellent food, to the rooftop bar.

If you want a similar but mid-range choice, try Zocalo Central Hotel. The 18th-century building was renovated to provide travelers with the experience of the historic area as it is, with great amenities.

Mexico City Hostel is a budget-friendly option if you are willing to share a room with fellow travelers. It has a beautiful interior and is equipped with all the necessary facilities for a good stay. Hostel Suites DF, Hostel Amigo, and Downtown Beds are some other great options.

3. Coyoacán – Best for Cultural or Off-The-Beaten-Path Experience 

For travelers who prefer a traditional, quaint, and laid-back ambiance compared to the above neighborhoods, there’s no better place than Coyoacán. Being home to famous art galleries, local artisan markets, and museums, the area is soaked in a cultural and artistic spirit. Museums of Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky are must-see attractions here. The cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and plentiful greenery would make you feel far away from the chaotic character of Mexico City.

Source: Wikipedia

H21 Boutique Hotel is a five-star accommodation with elegantly decorated, spacious rooms that are modern and comfortable.

Mansion Papilio and Casa Jacinta Guest House are great mid-budget options, both being close to major attractions and public transport.

Coyoacán Mexican City is friendly for low-budget travelers with many fantastic accommodation options offering great value for money. Check out, Casa Ayvar, Hostal Cuija Coyoacán, and La Casita de Coyoacán that offer great bedrooms that can either be rented privately or shared. They all offer basic amenities like a shared lounge, cable TV, WiFi connectivity, security lockers, and parking.

4. Polanco – Best for a Lavish Stay

This is Mexico City’s upscale and trendy neighborhood that’s also considered one of the safest places to stay. It’s home to many shopping malls featuring international brands, restaurants and bars that offer top-notch dining experiences. While modern advancements dominate this part of the city, there are also interesting museums, art galleries, and parks to explore. The downside is that it’s very expensive to stay here, not ideal for low-budget backpackers. 

Image source: Wikipedia

Orchid House Polanco, The Wild Oscar, and Pug Seal Tennyson are great choices for accommodation if you don’t mind spending extra bucks for an exceptional experience. They offer uniquely decorated rooms with luxurious amenities, commendable food, and great customer service.

For lower priced options, consider Hotel Polanco, Casa Newton 46, or Lavanda Suite Polanco.

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