Quito Airport Guide [2024]: Navigating The Ecuador Airport!

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Quito Airport Guide [2024]: Navigating The Ecuador Airport!
Quito is the capital of Ecuador, a small country located on the west coast of South America. If you plan on visiting Quito, you'll most definitely land at Quito Airport. Make sure you're in the know of all the critical info on the UIO airport before your trip!
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So you're thinking about hitting up Ecuador? Good call!

This South American gem is a treasure trove of history, nature, and, let's not forget, some killer beaches. Trust me, you won't run out of stuff to do while you're in Ecuador.

When you visit, you'll likely be flying into Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It's a pretty straightforward airport but big enough that you might have some questions.

If you're like me and tend to find airports confusing, don't sweat. I've got you covered with the ins and outs so that finding your way around Quito's airport won't be an overly stressful experience!

How Many Airports Does Quito Have?

There is only one airport in Quito, Ecuador. Most people call this the Quito Airport, but its official name is Mariscal Sucre International Airport (IATA: UIO).

Interestingly, there used to be an "old" airport that shut down once the new airport of the same name was built in 2013.

The airport is named after Antonio José de Sucre, a Venezuelan independence leader and a close ally of Simón Bolívar. He played a crucial role in helping several countries gain independence from Spanish rule.

Are There Other Airports in Ecuador?

Although the Quito Mariscal Sucre International Airport is the main Ecuador international airport, there are others in the country. And there are also quite a few smaller airports that serve domestic routes.

I'll include a list of all of the airports in Ecuador, excluding the main one we're talking about in this blog:

  • Seymour Airport in Baltra (Galapagos Islands)
  • Mariscal Lamar Airport in Cuenca (Azuay)
  • Colonel Carlos Concha Torres Airport in Esmeraldas (Esmeraldas)
  • José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil (Guayas)
  • Cotopaxi International Airport in Latacunga (Cotopaxi)
  • Eloy Alfaro International Airport in Manta (Manabi)
  • General Ulpiano Paez Airport in Salinas (Santa Elena)
  • San Cristóbal Airport in San Cristobal (Galapagos Islands)
  • Santa Rosa Airport in Santa Rosa (El Oro)
  • Teniente Coronel Luis A. Mantilla International Airport in Tulcan (Carchi)

Here's a map of Ecuador Airports:

Ecuador Airports Map Designed by ©Pilot

Inside the Quito International Airport

Quito Airport Map

There is only one terminal at the airport, and it has 12 gates, so you'll be in the same area whether you're looking for domestic or international departures.

There are cafés, restaurants, and many stores in the terminal that you can access from the gate area.

Here is a map of the Quito A!

Level 1

Quito airport map level 1
Image Courtesy of Aeropuerto Quito

Level 2

Quito airport map level 2
Image Courtesy of Aeropuerto Quito

Amenities at the Quito Airport

The Quito Airport has a lot of great amenities to make your time at the airport fly by!

There is free wifi at the gate areas for guests to use while waiting for a flight. All the departure areas have charging stations to ensure your phone or other device is charged and ready for the flight.

You can also fill up your water bottle at refill stations throughout the airport.

Need to exchange cash before leaving or upon arriving at the airport? No worries. Quito Airport does have multiple ATMs and a currency exchange booth. Find the best ATMs near Fybeca Pharmacy on the bottom level.

Quito Airport Restaurants

If you find yourself in a layover hunger crisis, fear not! The UIO Airport has around 10 eateries where you can grab a bite. Here's the rundown:

  • Amazonia Cafe: Get a taste of Ecuadorian cuisine.
  • Darwin’s Snack Bar: More local flavors to sample.
  • Johnny Rocket's: Craving a classic American burger?
  • TGI Friday's: For when it's been a long week, even if it's just Tuesday.
  • Outback Steakhouse: G'day, mate! Aussie-inspired eats.

Plus, there are options for New York-style pizza, burgers, chicken, and Tex-Mex.

And good news for night owls or unlucky red-eye fliers: Most places are open 24/7. Find them before and after you clear security!

Lounges at the Quito Airport

Trying to find a Quito Airport lounge? You're in luck!

There are 2 lounges at the airport, separated for domestic and international passengers. Both have similar amenities for guests, including snacks, drinks, wifi, and cable TV.

One complimentary alcoholic beverage is offered per guest of legal drinking age, and free entry for children four and younger.

The difference between the 2 VIP lounges is the showers and relaxation room in the international lounge but not in the domestic lounge.

Any passenger can pay to access the lounges. Still, some passengers get discounts or free entry with certain airlines, credit cards, or lounge memberships like Loungebuddy or Priority Pass.

Which Airlines Fly from and to Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport?

As I mentioned, both international flights and domestic flights fly in and out of Quito Airport. Here are some airlines you'll recognize operating in Quito's main airport:

  • Aeromexico
  • Aeroregional
  • Air Europa
  • American Airlines
  • Avianca
  • Copa Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Iberia
  • JetBlue
  • KLM
  • United Airlines
  • Wingo
Airplane wings as it lands in Quito
Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

How Far is Quito Airport from Quito's City Center?

The Mariscal Sucre Airport is 11 miles or 18 km east of downtown Quito. It's one of the only international airports in the country, and, as I mentioned, it's the busiest airport in the country.

There are also plenty of domestic flights from the airport.

So, no matter where you are flying from, there's a good chance you'll fly in or out of Quito during a trip to Ecuador.

Quito Airport is a fair distance away from the city center. You might be looking at options to get from the airport to the city. Here are your options.

How to Get to Quito from the Airport

Once you arrive at the airport, you have a few options for getting downtown, including driving, taking a bus, or a taxi.

Quito Car Rentals

If you are driving around Quito or Ecuador once you arrive, you can rent a car at the airport. The following 6 car rental companies operate at the airport:

  • Sixt
  • Avis
  • Localiza
  • Budget
  • Europcar
  • Enterprise

You can find all the car rental stands at the Public Arrivals Hall.

Quito Airport Buses

Buses are the cheapest but slowest way to get from Quito Airport to downtown. You have 2 options depending on what type of bus you want and how much you want to pay.

First, there are the public transport buses that only cost a few dollars each way. 3 different bus services run throughout Quito, from early morning to night.

The other option is to take an Aeroservicios bus, which costs $8, but you get direct service downtown. It is faster than the public transit buses. The buses have complimentary wifi, personal air conditioning vents, and reclining seats.

If you are unsure what bus line you should take to get to your hotel or wherever else you want to go, you can ask one of the airport's help desks, and they can assist you.

Taxis at Quito

Finally, you can take a taxi anywhere in Quito. There are taxi stands right outside the airport, or you can call to reserve a taxi. There are 2 taxi services you can choose from, and they operate 24 hours a day, all year long.

Can I Stay Near Quito's Airport?

You will likely want to stay somewhere closer to Quito unless you have a transfer or layover at the airport and aren't staying in the city. But there are hotels near Quito airport if you need one.

All 3 of these hotels have a free airport shuttle and good reviews from previous guests:

  • Wyndham Quito Airport: This hotel is the closest to the airport, and they have an indoor pool and restaurant.
  • Holiday Inn Quito Airport, an IHG Hotel: This second hotel is nice but slightly farther away from the airport. But, there is a restaurant, bar, an outdoor pool, and a spa, so it's a good option if you want somewhere nice and aren't concerned about proximity.
  • Hostal Mariscal Sucre: This hotel is your cheapest option if you just need somewhere to sleep and shower. They have rooms for one to five people, so you can find a room no matter who you travel with.

Adventuring Elsewhere?

Planning on visiting more than just Quito and Ecuador? Why not try the neighboring country of Colombia?

You'll want to fly into a big city, so check out our guides to Medellin Airport and Bogotá Airport if you want to add another South American hotspot to your travel itinerary.

Time to Fly to Quito!

Now that you're an expert on Quito Airport, it's time to plan a trip and visit the city! If you want to make a great travel plan, you can't miss out on Pilot!

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