Jet2 Review [2024]: A Reliable Budget Airline, or Nah?

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Jet2 Review [2024]: A Reliable Budget Airline, or Nah?
Looking for flights around the UK and Europe? Take the skies with Jet2! Your ticket to a European adventure without breaking the bank.
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Ready to head abroad? Whether you're traveling to the buzzing Budapest or debating a few days in the irresistible Ibiza, Jet2 has a great range of deals and promotions for you. Low-cost flights with excellent customer service sound like the perfect combination, right?

Flying with budget airlines in Europe has its pros and cons. You may have flown with airlines like Wizz Air or Volotea before and know what it's like to travel on a budget. But how much money are you saving with Jet2, and is it worth it? 

This is my honest review of Jet2 and whether they're worth flying with for your next European adventure.

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What is Jet2?

Jet2 is the third largest airline in the UK, flying to more than 65 destinations in the UK, Europe, and beyond. They offer low-cost flights with high-class service.

Jet2 first took to the skies in 2003 and has been flying customers all over the UK and Europe ever since. Jet2 is part of the Jet2 group that offers group Jet2 holiday packages such as cycling holidays, city breaks, and resort getaways.

Who is Jet2 Owned By?

Jet2 is part of Jet2 PLC, a group based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Jet2 PLC is owned by a mixture of shareholders. Before Jet2 PLC was born, the company was previously called Dart Group PLC.

Where does Jet2 Fly to?

Backpacking through Europe or just exploring the UK? There's a Jet2 flight for you. Flying from 10 UK airports to over 65 destinations across Europe, you aren't short of options.

Some of Jet2's popular destinations include France, Greece, Iceland, and Croatia. They aim to whisk you away to some of the best destinations in Europe at budget-friendly prices.

Go through the Jet2 full list of destinations, to start planning your next big trip.

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Image Courtesy of Jet2

Is Jet2 in trouble?

The simple answer is no. They continue to go from strength to strength after Covid-19. 

Although the airline itself is going strong, there are a few news articles describing long queues at airports in the United Kingdom due to staff shortages. If you're flying soon, then best be there a little earlier than normal in preparation.

What type of planes does Jet2 use?

Jet2 airlines use Boeing 737 planes along with Airbus A321s. Their fleet doesn't usually include any inflight entertainment due to the short distance of their flights. 

You can choose to pay extra and select your seat ahead of time or wait until check-in, when you will be randomly allocated a seat. There are a few options for extra legroom on Jet2 flights, but these seats go fast. So if you need the extra legroom, grab these quickly.

Jet2 has standard seats on all their planes, the seat pitches vary in size between 28-31 inches. 

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Image Courtesy of Jet2

What is the baggage allowance on Jet2?

When heading off on a trip, you need to know your luggage allowance. It's important to know how many bikinis you can cram for those beautiful days overlooking the Mediterranean sea!

Jet2 offers a free piece of hand luggage on each of their flights. You get a 10kg hand baggage allowance that must measure 56cm x 45cm x 25cm or less. 

For your onboard luggage, you can book up to 3 pieces of 22kg luggage. These are unfortunately chargeable. The prices of these depend on your destination, and you will be advised of these charges at the time of booking. 

It is recommended to purchase any extra luggage allowance needed at the time of booking. Be sure to pack wisely since paying for them at the airport can be costly. Jet2 charges a fee of £45 plus any excess baggage fees when purchasing any extra baggage allowance at the airport.

So pre-purchase your luggage, those additional charges can set you back a few bottles of wine!

Jet2 customer service

You can contact Jet2 by phone, WhatsApp, or email. You can also contact them through Twitter, or Facebook. If you need to adjust your booking, you can do so through their website in the manage my booking section.

Jet2 has great reviews on their customer service however, there are mentions of long wait times to get through to them on the phone. 

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Image Courtesy of Jet2

Cancelation policy

There are times when things don't always go to plan, and you have to cancel your flights. Jet2 encourages you to speak to a customer service representative to discuss your options. 

Jet2 flights are all nonrefundable however, there are possibilities to change the name on the flight or the date of departure. To learn more, check out their cancelation policies for flights.

What are People Saying about Jet2?

Be prepared to be wowed with the reviews about Jet2 airlines. They score a whopping 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor from over 35,000 reviews. The good times continue as reviewers also rate Jet2 highly on Trustpilot with 4.4/5 from over 22,000 reviews.

So what do these reviews say? Reviewers comment on an easy booking process, very friendly staff, and great prices. Many reviewers mention Jet2's fantastic app and how easy it made the whole booking process. Reviewers also say they wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jet2. 

Amid all the good reviews, there are a few negative comments that pop up. They discuss missing luggage, Jet2's slow reply to complaints, and long delays for flights. 

If you can look past these typical airline complaints, Jet2 airline is a solid option for affordable European air travel. Jet2 puts its money where its mouth is with great deals and fantastic customer service. 

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Image Courtesy of Jet2

Is Jet2 airlines worth it?

If you're looking for a budget airline that covers the UK and Europe, then you should look no further than Jet2. In short, Jet2 is worth it. With thousands of reviews expressing their love for the airline, Jet2 really does offer everything they advertise.

Of course, there will always be negative reviews out there. Delays happen, and luggage gets lost, it's all part of the adventure. Do have to be mindful of Jet2's 100% nonrefundable flights and luggage charges, as they can wipe your savings clean before you even fly!

If you can look past the minor disadvantages of this company, you will be flying with an amazing airline that offers great deals and cares about its customers. Start your European adventure knowing you're in the safe hands of Jet2 airlines.

Our Rating: 4.2/5


  • Great deals on flights
  • Great customer service
  • 1000's of positive customer reviews
  • Easy booking process


  • Only fly within UK and Europe
  • 100% non-refundable flights
  • Have to pay for onboard baggage

It's Time to Take to the Skies!

Ready for your European adventure with Jet2? The easiest way to book a flight with Jet2 is on their website! You can also search for Jet2 flights using a search engine like Google Flights or Skyscanner. These are good options if you want to compare the times and prices of Jet2 flights to other airlines.

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