Volotea Airlines Review [2024]: Are They a Safe Airline?

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Volotea Airlines Review [2024]: Are They a Safe Airline?
Saw the enticingly cheap Volotea flight to your destination but never flew with Volotea Airlines? Avoid the risk of flying with unfamiliar airlines just to have a bad experience. Read our full Volotea review, including whether or not you should book your next flight with them now!
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With the wealth of airline options available in Europe, making a decision can be nothing short of overwhelming. While flying European budget airlines like TAP Air Portugal or Vueling Airlines may be great for the wallet, how much compromise on comfort, money, and time will they cost?

If you're looking for cheap tickets to your next destination, definitely consider flying with Volotea. Awarded Europe's best low-cost airline in 2021, Volotea has proved to bring budget-friendly prices and rich value to its customers. 

But how much time and money are you going to be saving with Volotea? Are they worth the compromise? If you're budget-conscious and dabbling between the multitude of options and which of their services best suits you, you'll want to hear our take on Volotea Airlines. 

We'll explore every last detail so you can ditch the hassle and focus solely on the sweet vacation that's coming up. 

But first, what is Volotea Airlines?

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What does Volotea offer?

Volotea Airlines connects Europe's biggest and busiest cities by offering cost-effective prices on direct flights. They take on a more local approach, placing value on the local community to provide you with the most authentic of experiences. 

Connecting over 100 cities, flying over 354 routes, and based in 17 main operating sites, you're guaranteed to see Volotea mentioned all around Europe

Boasting high quality and the utmost importance placed on safety, you'll be able to fly with peace of mind. Along with various onboard entertainment options, passengers can make themselves at home as they kick back sky-high. 

Volotea flights.
Photo by Rexhep Ibrahimi on Unsplash

Where does Volotea fly? 

Algeria, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain. 

Megavolotea & Megavolotea Plus

Megavolotea and Megavolotea Plus are specific services tailored to clients. It's essentially a loyalty rewards program. The benefits heavily outweigh other competitors by offering a further discount on flights, alongside personalized offers, early-bird access to promotions, and additional services. 

You can join Megavolotea for €49,99 per year, and within every 12 months, you can enjoy all of the advantages. 

What are the advantages? Here are all of the perks listed when you join Megavolotea:

  • Cheaper flights, luggage, and seats
  •  Higher gift vouchers for your birthday
  • Applied unlimited benefits for your travel buddies
  • Monthly exclusive offers
  • Unlimited use of benefits
  • Unlimited flight changes

Inflight entertainment and menu

You'll never get bored with the expanse of exciting things on offer. In-flight entertainment includes travel guides, games, newspapers and magazines, series and films, wifi, and more. Quench your thirst or replenish your taste buds with Volotea's selection of sandwiches, cakes, savory options, or sweet treats. Volotea's food and drink prices are pretty affordable compared with other major airlines. 

Volotea's Best Price Guarantee 

This is where saving with Volotea gets interesting. Besides Volotea's status as a low-cost airline, you can save more money with Volotea's Best Price Guarantee program. How does that work?

If you happen to stumble upon a cheaper flight with another competing airline, Volotea vows to match it. In the following 24 hours of booking your flight with Volotea Airlines, if you find another flight that is at least €10,00 cheaper than you booked, simply screenshot it, link it, and send it through via the "Best Price" section of their website. 

As long as it's got the exact same itinerary and conditions, they will discount the price difference for you! If you're on a mission to save as many pennies as possible, doing your research can really pay off!  

Volotea Airplanes
Photo by Jake Weirick on Unsplash 

How to book with Volotea? 

Booking with Volotea Airlines could not be any easier, thanks to the simple layout and set up online and in the mobile app. 

  1. Simply search for your destination, and choose between the dates available.  
  2. Assign your seats, and then decide between your baggage options. 
  3. Elect priority boarding, and then fill in your details. 
  4. Confirm your payment method. 

If you want to change your flight after purchasing, you can simply go to the "Change Flights" section. 

Volotea Airlines Cancellation/Refund Policy

After you've purchased your tickets with Volotea, they are non-refundable. However, you can change the passenger's name and make adjustments to the date, destination, and time if needed (for an additional cost). 

There are also some other ways around it. When buying your tickets, opt for the "Flex Plan." This is basically an insurance option that helps you to maneuver your mistakes. As long as you purchase it at the booking (or beforehand), you can make unlimited changes on your flights up to 4 hours before departure. 

You can also cancel our tickets and receive the money-back in Volotea flight credits.  

What people are saying about Volotea Airlines 

Volotea is ranked as a 3-star low-cost airline by SkyTrax. SkyTrax is a certified international airlines & airports rating organization offers industry reviews and ratings.

But what about the reviews of Volotea customers? What are they saying about Volotea?

Volotea reviews, as with any airline, have extremely polarizing reviews from both customers who've had a positive or negative experience flying Volotea. Negative feedback associated with Volotea reviews typically speaks to the boarding processes and organization flying with Volotea Airlines. Other frequent negative Volotea reviews are very consistent with reviews most airlines get, which include delays, cancellations, and the lack of a better customer support experience.

There are also positive Volotea reviews from satisfied customers! Many of these positive Volotea reviews frequently praises the crew onboard Volotea flights as professional and caring. The seats were also comfortable compared to other budget flights.

Is Volotea Airlines Worth It?

Volotea airline flights
Photo by Austin Tiffany on Unsplash

Volotea is definitely worth considering if you are looking for budget flights across Europe. Compared to other major airlines, this is easily the best option.

Along with low prices, flexible options, outstanding customer service, and an enticing rewards program, Volotea houses many benefits. Plus, Volotea includes hand luggage too, and each passenger can take hand baggage that is entirely free of charge. 

A disadvantage of flying with Volotea is that they are pretty strict with baggage. Your carry-on luggage will be meticulously inspected at the check-in counter and at the gate. If you exceed the weight limit or don't follow any of their restrictions, you'll have to pay an extra fee.  

Our Rating: 3.8/5


  • Hand baggage included w/ restrictions
  • Great onboard customer service
  • Discounted flights
  • Great rewards program


  • Strict baggage policy
  • Boarding organization is a mess
  • Similar issues with budget airlines 

Plan your flight and travel details with Pilot! 

If you're setting off on your next vacation, save yourself some cash and book with Volotea. What are you waiting for? Plan your next adventure or vacation now with Pilot.

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