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6 São Paulo Nightlife Guide: Best spots for a night to remember!

6 São Paulo Nightlife Guide: Best spots for a night to remember!
Amy Lancelotte
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Amy is a Canadian freelance travel writer living in France. She aims to share her passion for new experiences and seeing the world from a different perspective. Her travel writing focuses on taking the road less traveled, eating the best food, and enjoying nature all while making sure you don’t miss out on anything or blow the budget.

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Brazil's largest city, São Paulo, is home to over 22 million people. With that comes a bunch of exciting things to do at night. During the day, the city is full of cultural and historic attractions, green spaces, and even a museum dedicated to the history of football, also known as soccer. But, what should you add to your itinerary once the sun goes down?

After you're finished exploring the cosmopolitan city of São Paulo by day, look to spend your evenings enjoying the countless things to do in São Paulo at night. From partying all night in one of the city's many clubs to casual dinner drinks to live shows and movies, there's something for everyone in the nightlife arena of São Paulo. The trick is going to be to pace yourself!

But where do you get started? What are some must-visit stops for the best Sao Paulo nightlife experience? Keep reading to find out now.

São Paulo Nightlife Districts

Before we dive into São Paulo's best nightlife spots, it's good to get organized and figure out which areas of São Paulo have the best nightlife. After all, you wouldn't want to spend your nights commuting from one place to another, would you? 

First, to get the lay of the land, the rowdiest parties happen in clubs in the São Paulo nightlife district of Baixo Augusta and along Rua Augusta. However, it may not be the classiest part of town.

Another fancier São Paulo nightlife area is the Jardins district, one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly places in the city. The Bohemian neighborhood of Vila Magdalena is the ideal spot for relaxing on outdoor patios with good food and fabulous drinks. Other than these three areas, intoxicating nightlife spots are spread over the city's 32 boroughs. 

Now, we answer the question: 

What is there to do in São Paulo at night?

Let's get down to the party. Here are all of the amazing and unique things you can expect from São Paulo's nightlife.

Party and djs at sao paulo
Photo by Abstral Official on Unsplash

Attend a unique festival

Let's address the elephant in the room here. Rio de Janeiro's nightlife is something special, especially during Carnival. However, did you know that São Paulo hosts some of the most unique festivals, comparable to the Carnival? Enjoy the samba beats and colorful costumes while you dance and drink the night away. You're lucky if your trip coincides with the long weekend in February when the event is held at the Anhembi Sambadrom of São Paulo.

The Spirit of London festival is heaven for electronic music lovers for travelers who visit in March. Be prepared for this one to go all night and into the early morning hours. Although the dates vary year to year, the Gay Pride festival is truly an experience in São Paulo. Gay Pride is an entertaining way to let loose in São Paulo by celebrating inclusion through parades, live music, and so much more.

For more dancing, music, and food, the San Vito Italian heritage festival is another entertaining event in São Paulo at night. It's one of the longest-spanning festivals running from mid-May to the beginning of July. Expect the best Italian food (outside of Italy) on Rue Fernandes Silva in the Bras district, which boasts many descendants from Puglia.

Vila Magdalena bar crawl

Vila Magdalena is one of the best São Paulo nightlife areas for casual and varied fun. The variety comes in with the sheer amount of bars concentrated here. Filled with great vibes and atmosphere, you'll find many patios, street vendors, and cocktail bars here. You can navigate the district yourself or opt for an official pub crawl tour. 

You'll want to head to the informal Sao Paulo Tap House for over 40 Brazilian craft beers if you're going it alone. The music and food at Madeleine Jazz Bar & Boulangerie are also a must, as is the outdoor patio at Pe de Manga.

For a more disciplined outing to the establishments of Vila Magdalena, join one of the existing tour companies running bar crawls. They will get you in, quench your thirst, and expose you to city landmarks and galleries. This is an incredibly enticing option for solo travelers since it's an easy way to meet fellow explorers. 

Cityscape of Sao Paulo Brazil
Photo by Lucas Marmomini on Unsplash

Live music at Bourbon Street Music Club

Head to the Bourbon Street Music Club for those who missed out on the São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro Carnival experience, head to the Bourbon Street Music Club! You'll be able to get a glimpse and enjoy the music styles of Mardi Gras-famous New Orleans. The live music here is mostly jazz and blues, but the schedule also has room for tributes to The Beatles and Bob Dylan. 

Besides the world-class local and international live music, Bourbon Street is big on ambiance. The lounge is decorated with many musical instruments and warm colors. 

Depending on the show you attend, you can get dinner with it, and in some instances, the dancers will have you out of your seat and learn how to salsa or samba. This place is welcoming and casual with tasty food and innovative drinks, so what's not to love about Bourbon Street Music Club?

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

For travelers looking for various evening entertainment, the Centro Cultural do Brasil (CCDB) really has it all. This can be your one-stop-shop for a hit of culture in São Paulo, from movies to live theater to art exhibitions. 

If you don't feel like venturing inside to take in a show, the building itself is certainly worth a visit. Lit up at night, this intricate Baroque building is a sight to see. Inside, the ornate railings and early 20th century stained glass are worthy of a few photos. 

If you're looking for more than a fleeting visit, take in a new or old movie for an unforgettable evening. There's just something special about the juxtaposition of watching a silly film, like Monty Python's Holy Grail, in an opulent theater. 

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil fruits and veggies.
Photo by Anderson Santos on Unsplash

Browse a São Paulo market

Generally speaking, exploring a local market in São Paulo will have to be an early evening activity as many close by 6 or 7 pm. But, the SP Night Market is a good option in Bras that goes well into the night with music from Brazilian DJs, street food, and lots of shopping opportunities. 

This once-monthly market gets bustling, but the crowds add to the lively atmosphere. The Armazem da Cidade, loosely translated to City Warehouse, is another market experience part of the São Paulo nightlife scene. 

It features live music, dance performances, and excellent food, and it's one of the best spots to spend a casual evening surrounded by locals. Why not pick up some souvenirs for your friends while you're here?

The Mercado Municipal de São Paulo is an excellent option for something to do before your night on the town. It closes at 6 pm some days and has the best fresh produce around. An influx of nutrients to your system might just be all you need to revitalize and will keep you going if you've been partying it up the night before!

Line dance at Villa Country

Villa Country is one of the few bars parts of the São Paulo nightlife where you can let loose on a huge dance floor. While country music may not appeal to everyone, this bar really goes all-in on the country and western themes. And, who knows, maybe you'll develop an ear for the sounds of Brazilian country music? 

The bar's interior and exterior are done up as they would have been in the Old West, so the photo ops are endless. Spread over 12,000 square feet, with various rooms, the drinks they serve are perfect for taking the edge off and getting you up dancing. Besides, you're in Brazil; who will know what you're up to?

All jokes aside, Villa Country is a real experience as long as you're open-minded. The nights are always legendary, and you can quickly get home safe using the Palmeiras-Barra Funda transit station.

Outdoor cocktail bar in sao paulo.
Photo by Antonio Mendes on Unsplash

Plan your trip to São Paulo!

When you get to São Paulo, you know that your days and nights will be filled with endless exciting things to do. There's never a dull moment here, from history, markets, and art galleries during the day to theaters, clubs, theme bars, and festivals at night.

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