Clubs in Croatia: 5 Best places to party in Croatia in 2022!

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July 30, 2022
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Grace Reveley
Grace Reveley
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Want to experience a rave cave in a 500-year-old fortress or an epic sunset festival on the beach? Then you need to visit the clubs in Croatia. Explore this guide to discover the best places for an epic Croatia party!

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Croatia has quickly become a top party destination in Europe. Why might you ask? Well with its beautiful beaches, interesting history, and famous Croatia beach parties. Who wouldn't want to go? 

If you're looking to relax during the day but party all night, you will love Croatia.

Made up of over 1246 islands and islets, there are plenty of vacation destinations to choose from. Before traveling to Croatia, make sure you check out this traveler's guide and tips for visiting Croatia.

Croatia's first club opened in the 1960s. Since then, Croatia's nightclubs have boomed, making Croatia one of the best destinations for parties in Europe. From world-renowned DJs to huge beach festivals, Croatia is well worth the hype.

You might wonder, which islands have the best nightlife in Croatia? Where are the best clubs to party at? I have compiled the top 5 spots to go clubbing in Croatia. Think of this as your pocket guide to clubbing in Croatia!

Croatia nightclubs
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5 Best Spots to Party in Croatia

Croatia is made up of the mainland and lots of tiny islands that are scattered along the coastline. This beautiful country is perfect for island hopping, making it a great spot for a multi-center holiday. 

Each area of Croatia has a fascinating heritage, delicious local dishes, and an array of bars and clubs to try. So how on earth do you decide which islands to go to on your party adventure? Without further ado, my top 5 picks for clubbing in Croatia:

1. Pag island: A Croatia beach party

Pag island is located North of Croatia's capital city, Zagreb. Pag island is the perfect destination for a solo traveler or a group of friends. Pag island is famous for its never-ending beach parties, summer festivals, local carnivals, and much more. 

Zrče beach located in Novalja, on the north of the island, is the heart and soul of the party. It has some of the best nightlife in Croatia. You can sunbathe during the day, watch the sunset with a fruity cocktail, and party until the sun rises. 

Pag Island is straight out of a movie. With beautiful blue waters on one side and towering mountains on the other, it's the perfect spot for an island getaway. You'll never get bored with all the things to explore on Pag island.

Top pick in Pag Island: Noa Beach Club

In my opinion, it's the best place to party on Pag Island. Famous for its epic beach parties, Noa Beach Club has gorgeous panoramic views of the Adriatic sea and the mountains. Now that's a perfect setting for a party!

To cool off from all the partying, Noa Beach Club has many pools, delicious cocktails, and even its charter yachts to hire. It sets itself apart from the rest with its luxurious and exotic interior design.

Party on its open-air floor as you watch the sunrise over the sparkling water. This club offers the true glamor of Croatia at great prices.

Croatia beach party
Photo by Levi Guzman from Unsplash

2. Dubrovnik: Party in a Fortress

Did you know the popular show "The Game of Thrones" was filmed in Dubrovnik? Known for its old town vibe offering amazing bars, cafes, and restaurants. Just south of Croatia on the mainland, Dubrovnik is a popular destination for all ages. 

Look no further if you want to do some serious exploring during the day and celebrate with drinks in the evening. With easy links via ferry to the beautiful surrounding islands, it makes for a great base for your vacation. 

Dubrovnik is the perfect place for a sophisticated drink at night after a packed day of exploring. But if you want to party hard, head to the old town for wild nights out with the locals. Don't worry, Dubatonviuk also has classic Croatian beach parties to satisfy your cravings.

Dubrovnik offers quality over quantity when it comes to clubs. From cafes perched on the edge of the rocky cliffs to boutique wine bars, there is no shortage of the unique and wonderful.

Top pick in Dubrovnik: Culture Club Revelin

Have you ever wanted to party in a fortress? Well, here's your chance. The Culture Club Revelin is inside a 500-year-old fortress than was transformed in 2010 into one of the most unique party spaces in the world. How cool is that?

Culture Club Revelin features world-renowned artists from all over the world. Playing a mixture of house, tech, and base, this is the perfect place to party away your troubles. 

Culture Club Revelin brings in a younger crowd, perfect for those who are backpacking and wanting to meet new people. Drinks can be pricey here, so either enjoy your drinks elsewhere or prepare to pay a hefty price.

3. Makarska: The Hidden Gem

Makarska is a beautiful island often missed by many travelers. Located 37 miles southwest of Split, it is the oldest city in Croatia, dating as far back as 6000 bc. 

Makarska has beautiful white pebbled beaches—a perfect addition to your Instagram feed. Explore the Biokovo mountains through hikes, boat rides, and waterfalls. 

This hidden gem is known as the "hangover island" because of its epic clubbing scene. From literal rave caves to massive boat parties, Makarska is the place to party the night away. 

Top pick in Makarska: Club Deep 

Are you ready to rave in a cave? Club Deep in Makarska is one of the most unique clubs in Croatia. They offer cocktails and coffees overlooking the sea on their upper level and all-night raves deep in a literal cave.

By day Club Deep has beautiful places to sunbathe and take a dip in the Adriatic sea. By night, it offers non-stop partying until sunrise. With reasonably priced drinks, Club Deep gets very busy, so head there early to avoid disappointment.

croatia beach
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Unsplash

4. Split: Best clubs in Croatia 

Known as the city of color, Split is located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic sea. Split offers parties on the street, pub crawls, huge clubs, and festivals throughout the summer. This city is chilled out during the day and comes to life after dark.

Put on the map by Ultra Europe Festival, this area of Croatia has become extremely popular in the summer months with festival lovers and sun seekers. From jazz to open mic nights to world-class dance DJs to house music. Whatever your music taste, Split caters to you.

Top pick in Split: Central Club 

Head to Central Club for a big night out! This multi-level club is found in the heart of Split. Once a cinema, this club was transformed into the ultimate party zone with different floors playing anything from electronic and hip hop to R&B music. 

Amazing light shows, dancers, and guest DJs are all features of Central Club. This club is sure to get you dancing all night long. Offering a mixture of creative cocktails and cheap beer, this club is for those who love to dance, meet new people and stay out till late! 

Known as one of the best clubs in Croatia, you won't be disappointed spending your night at Central Club. 

5. Hvar: A lavish night out

Hvar gets around 260 sunny days per year, making it the perfect beach destination. Made up of Hvar's main island and lots of little deserted islands surrounding it, you can take your pick on which to explore. 

Along with beaches, Hvar is home to thousands of olive trees, vineyards, and lavender so the food on the island is in abundance. So grab a glass of wine on the beach and enjoy that lovely sunshine.

As the sun sets over those beautiful beaches, locals and travelers alike venture out into the clubs and bars to party. Whether you're in Hvar to blow a hole in the wallet or as a budget backpacker, there is a range of clubs, bars, and restaurants to suit everyone's taste.

Hvar is a great retreat for those looking to spend some time island hopping, drinking wine, and dancing the night away in glitz and glamour. 

Top pick in Hvar: Carpe Diem 

Unfortunately, this upmarket club is for those with a bigger budget. Carpe Diem sets the standard high for nightlife in Croatia. With no cash machine close by, make sure you bring some spare change and reserve your spot ahead of time.

Add Carpe Diem to your list for designer cocktails, world-class DJs, and even a fashion show twice a week. 

Best night clubs in croatia
Photo by Matty Adame from Unsplash

Croatia: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Croatia Good for Clubbing?

The short answer is yes, the clubs in Croatia are amazing. With no shortage of nightclubs, bars, cafes, festivals, or beach parties, Croatia offers exciting nightlife that you won't find anywhere else. 

What is the dress code in Croatia?

Croatia takes a relaxed approach to party attire. With many bars, restaurants, and clubs allowing beach wear inside, you can head straight from the beach to the club without needing to change.

Is Croatia a Party Island?

There is so much to explore in Croatia. Spend your day sightseeing and sun tanning before continuing your adventure by bar hopping at night. From all the massive parties on the mainland to the dreamy escapes on the islands, Croatia has a party spot calling your name.

Is Split, Croatia a party place?

Yes, Split has a vibrant atmosphere that is sure to thrill any party lover. Discover hidden bars as you wander the streets or head to a world-famous festival. Head to a traditional club to dance the night away, or look for a beach bar to soak in the sun while meeting new friends.

Clubbing in Croatia
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX from Unsplash

Are clubs in Croatia open? 

Many of the clubs have reopened after Covid offering fantastic festivals, live DJs, and delicious drinks. Look up the restrictions and plan your night out before turning up to keep your night is as smooth as a Croatian cocktail.

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July 29, 2022

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