Honeymoon in Iceland [2024]: Perfect Romantic Getaway Tips!

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 Honeymoon in Iceland [2024]: Perfect Romantic Getaway Tips!
I've uncovered some of Iceland's best-kept honeymoon secrets that will leave you and your partner speechless. If you're looking to plan a romantic getaway to Iceland, here's some tips you'll wanna know.
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Iceland has been a popular vacation spot since forever, thanks to its hot springs, adventurous activities, and mystic beauty.

But is Iceland a good place for a honeymoon?

Come along as I discuss everything you need to know for planning an intimate honeymoon in Iceland!

After all the tedious planning and wedding festivities, a couple only wants some peaceful alone time far away from pestering relatives and friends. I don’t blame you... Everyone wants some quiet time after tiring events!

So, if you’re still in the planning phase of your honeymoon, let me introduce you to Iceland.

It’s the perfect place to isolate yourself and the love of your life while having a spectacular time. Let's get into the reason why!

Why Choose Iceland for Your Honeymoon?

Iceland is a fantastic honeymoon choice because of its variety of landmarks, natural wonders, activities, and cuisine.

From camping in the beauty of northern mystic lights to relaxing at the Blue Lagoon spa, it’s the perfect balance of adrenaline and dopamine.

Additionally, it’s isolated and perhaps one of the safest destinations out there, so you can enjoy the beauty of Iceland with no worries!

When to Visit Iceland for a Honeymoon

The northern lights are the undisputed highlight of everyone’s honeymoon in Iceland. If you, too, are going there to witness the glorious aurora borealis, I suggest the winter season in February-March. Alternatively, you can go in the fall months of September-December as well.

In the winter months, the days are extremely short, so you might have to plan a more extended trip to squeeze in all your activities.

However, if your trip falls in the summer season, June to August are the best months to visit because the weather is warmer and there is a lot to do during the day.

Blooming Lupine Flowers In Iceland
Image Courtesy of Campervan Reykjavik

Best Mode of Transportation: Getting Around in Iceland 

Getting Around in Iceland It’s your honeymoon, so you’ll need some privacy which is why I suggest renting a car.

It’s also the most common mode of transport among the locals, and the roads are well-maintained. There is no train system in Iceland. But there are buses, taxis, and shared rides like Uber and Lyft.

The latter can be pricey and public transportation can restrict your itinerary, so plan your time and budget accordingly.

Places to Visit for Your Honeymoon in Iceland 

Relaxing on the Black Sand Beaches

This fascinating phenomenon occurs when volcanic ashes erode over time and integrate with sand on the beach, giving it a dark shade. The following are some of the most popular beaches you can enjoy in Iceland:

Reynisfjara Beach

Located just a few miles from Vík í Mýrdal, it’s perhaps the most well-known beach in the world. The two towering sea stacks are a key feature of this beach. You can surf, walk, hike, and even bird-watch, making it the perfect place to connect with your partner and nature during your Iceland honeymoon.

Diamond Beach

The melting icebergs give the black sand a glistening shine that looks like tiny pieces of diamonds. Not only can you book a boat tour, surf, and hike, but it’s also the perfect place for an uninterrupted view of the Northern Lights! 

Man In Orange Jacket At The Diamond Beach In Iceland
Image Courtesy of Viator

Exploring the Streets in the Golden Circle

As the name suggests, the Golden Circle is a literal circle located in the capital city, Reykjavik.

This is a route of about 186 miles, where a variety of popular tourist attractions are located. It’s perhaps one of the most exciting tourist spots I’ve ever covered, a marvel of construction and convenience.

The convenience of exploring so many spots all at once is a dream come true! Here is a list of prominent attractions in the Golden Circle:

  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Geysir Geothermal Area
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Kerid Crater
  • Skalholt Cathedral

Pick and choose which of these beautiful places you want to stop by on your own, or you can take a guided tour of the Golden Circle!

Take a Relaxing Dip in Blue Lagoon Spa 

Not too far from Reykjavik, you must visit another romantic spot on your honeymoon in Iceland: the Blue Lagoon Spa. With the various spa treatments, geothermal pools, and miraculous hot springs, you can let go of the stress of a wedding and actually enjoy this pivotal moment of your life!

To make it even better, the chefs there have outstanding culinary skills. So you can enjoy the awe-inspiring scenic beauty while soaking up natural minerals and consuming mouthwatering Scandinavian cuisines.

Connect With Nature At The Northern Lights

What’s more romantic than a kiss under the universe’s art?

Complete your honeymoon by camping and cuddling under the magnificent and mystical northern lights. Although their emergence and duration depend on the weather, Thingvellir National Park, Reykjavik, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, and Akureyri provide the best view of the phenomenon.

P.S. There are newly constructed glamps and glass-ceiling hotels in these areas, and some in even more remote areas, for complete privacy and spectacular views.

Silhouette of a Couple Hugging With A Backdrop Of Northern Lights In Iceland
Image Courtesy of Travel Triangle

Romantic Hotels in Iceland

Pack your comfiest matching robes and get ready for an affectionate haven with your partner. Here are some fantastic hotels and resorts in Iceland:

Hotel Rangá

Surrounded by towering and stunning hills and mountains, it’s a luxurious resort with a spectacular view. This hotel offers gourmet treatment, hot tubs, and even a view of the Northern Lights! Grab the best wine and soothe your body while witnessing the natural wonders of Iceland.

Ion Adventure Hotel

Located in the heart of The Golden Circle, Ion Adventure Hotel is the most convenient choice for couples exploring Reykjavik. The visitors receive spa treatments, guided tours, on-spot activities, and equipment rental. But easy access to attractions has to be the key feature here. 

Ion Adventure Hotel under the Northern Lights
Image Courtesy of TripAdvisor

Silica Hotel 

Not too far from Blue Lagoon lies Silica Hotel. A luxurious hotel with modern architecture, it is nothing less than a masterpiece. The availability of private lagoons sets it apart from the other options, along with the 5-hour spa treatment package! 

What Would a Honeymoon in Iceland Cost?

An average of 1 week can cost anywhere between $1700 to $2700, excluding air tickets. Relatively pricey, I know. But the price strongly depends on your choice of stay, activities, and meals. Remember, there are always ways to travel on a budget!

Tips to perfect the Iceland Romantic Getaway

You can never be too prepared! Here are some tips worth considering:

  • Plan ahead: I cannot stress this enough. Iceland is a popular tourist spot, and getting hotels and tickets to attractions is nearly impossible. Booking in advance can also get you cheap rates! 
  • Pack clothing with layers: The weather can be frigid, but you can also begin to sweat, especially during physical activities. Layering helps you be prepared for all kinds of weather!
  • Picking the right hotels: The locations in Iceland are huge distances, so I suggest changing hotels every 2 to 3 days.
  • Prepare rentals: Definitely rent a 4WD. It eliminates the possibility of getting stuck in the icy terrain.
  • Pack waterproof items: This is important since there are lots of ways to get wet, so make sure to bring waterproof goodies like your jackets and bags. 
  • Get in the know about camping: Learn to set up a camp because camping is the most authentic way to explore Iceland. 
Iceland’s OffRoad Trucks
Image Courtesy of The Drive

Plan a Perfect Honeymoon in Iceland with Pilot!

Planning an ideal honeymoon can take more work than managing the wedding.

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