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App in the Air: Is It Worth Your Time? Our Honest Review

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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A detailed review of the trip planning application App in the Air, including how it works, what it costs, what we like, and what we don't like about the application.

If you fly frequently, whether it’s for business or leisure, you would have met with a fair share of frustrating experiences related to flight delays, gate changes, and other similar issues.

In that case, it’s time you seek help!

App in the Air is one of the well-known and celebrated services in the market today. It vouches to make your air travel experiences better and smoother by handling everything related to flights from beginning to end.

At Pilot, we are always ears when it comes to interesting travel planner apps. So, we decided to dig into more details about it and bring a comprehensive review of it.

Read on to find out how App in the Air really works, and if it’s really the only assistance you need “on air”!

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What is App in the Air?

App in the Air is a mobile application designed for “frequent fliers” or “aviation geeks” who need assistance with their flights. It identifies itself as a “personal travel assistant app” that keeps track of all flight-related information so you can optimize your travel experience. Consider it as an information hub where you can access everything from flight bookings to the carbon footprint of your journeys.

App in the Air will also keep the user updated about the latest details regarding their air travel, ensuring you won’t end up missing a flight or arrive too early for a delayed one!

App in the Air was launched in 2012 by Bayram Annakov, who was an avid traveler himself. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and has over six million users worldwide today!

How Much Does App in the Air Cost?

The mobile app is free to download and gives you access to a set of interesting functionalities such as,

  • Past flights statistics like the number of miles flown, hours flown, countries visited, boarding passes, and the names of airlines you’ve traveled with.
  • Track future flights by syncing with TripIt or forwarding details manually
  • Airport tips from fellow travelers

However, in order to gain access to all the best functions of App in the Air, you have to pay. It’s best to sign-up for the 14-day trial period and test how it works for you.

The Premium or paid version offers two subscription options. The annual subscription is priced at $29.99, and the lifetime subscription is priced at $49.99. We think the latter is the best buy for regular travelers. The premium version adds some handy features like,

  • Real-time flight updates like delays, gate changes, and other flight status details
  • Automatic check-in with features like seat selection, e-ticket, etc.
Preview of how App in the air works
Image courtesy: App in the Air

How Does App in the Air Work?

The functions of App in the Air can be broken down into four stages from pre-booking to post-flight.

  • You can book flights directly from the app, and all the necessary details regarding the flights, such as date of departure, time, terminal, and the gate will be saved for reference. Users can also book hotels via the app.
  • Approximately 48 hours before departure, users can look for details like baggage allowance and also plan their trip to the airport. You will also be notified when check-in opens, allowing you to book a seat of your liking.
  • On the day of departure, you will be updated on the waiting time, lounge access, and any changes related to the flight via alerts.
  • After landing, the app will update your travel stats, loyalty points, and other information while helping you with baggage claims and compensation claim for delays.

While these are the basic functions, there’s more to the app.

The app allows you to import flight data from TripIt, saving you the time spent on forwarding those details manually. If you have multiple flights, clicking on one would tell you what needs to be done next, such as check-in, boarding, take-off, and landing.

Image courtesy: App in the Air

What We Like about App in the Air?

  • Convenient and easy

If you have to deal with many flight arrangements for a week or month, App in the Air is a handy way to organize things and keep track of them. The real-time alerts will keep you in the loop about flight updates, ensuring that you won’t miss important flights. The automatic check-in is another handy feature.

  • Useful extras

The app makes your experience at airports more comfortable by searching for WiFi, providing recommendations on good places to eat, and other useful tips from fellow travelers. Interestingly, it will also keep your family members updated about your flight status as long as their contact information is linked to the app.

  • Works in airplane mode

If you have another flight to catch and want to go through the details “on-air,” you can do it without an issue. It works without an internet connection! One thing is that you won’t be getting real-time alerts.

  • Detailed statistics

App in the Air surely knows how to keep travelers motivated. It awards you badges for every country visited, making you want to travel more! You can also view the destinations visited on a map and get access to a bunch of cool travel stats mentioned above. Overall, a fun app to have.

Image courtesy: App in the Air

What We Don’t Like about App in the Air?

  • Expensive

Although there’s a free version, the best of the app comes at a price. Many Apps in the Air reviews had mentioned how the pricing could be cheaper, considering its other alternatives in the market. But, if you travel very often, the app could be worth the money.

  • Inaccuracies

The app has been blamed by some users for providing inaccurate information such as wrong dates and times of departure. This is a serious flaw as you can end up missing the flight (some users have!) The app has also failed to provide timely updates on flight status in some cases. So, it’s best not to rely on it entirely.

  • Buggy

We came across many App in the Air reviews complaining about how it crashes or freezes frequently. Many users have also lost their past flight information after restarting the app.

Image courtesy: App in the Air

Is App in the Air Worth It?

Yes, if you are a regular traveler! We like how the app provides a comprehensive service for travelers. The well-designed UI makes it even more interesting to use. However, the app has some drawbacks that questions its reliability. So, do consider them before deciding and let’s hope your experience with the app turns out to be great!

App in the Air might handle everything regarding your flights, but you still need a good travel planner to plan your trips!

Pilot is a social travel planner that lets you plan trips with friends and family together. It’s the only service you need to create wonderful itineraries and store all travel documents in one place. Don’t worry it’s completely free of charge. Sign up today!

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June 30, 2021

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