The 8 best hostels in Istanbul to experience staying at in 2022!

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June 14, 2022
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Camila Wanderley
Camila Wanderley
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Staying at a hostel in Istanbul is an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers. But some hostels in Istanbul go above and beyond, creating the most unique, comfortable, and friendly housing experience, unlike any others. Keep reading to find out which hostels they are, and book your stay before beds run out!

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Istanbul is where the west meets the east, and the modern meets the classic. Traveling here is like going back in time for a while, crossing the street, and returning to a prettier version of reality. Join a walking tour in Istanbul, and you'll know what I mean!

Turkey is also a cheap country to visit, meaning you can thoroughly enjoy it on a budget (except for more exclusive destinations like Bodrum and Capadoccia). In Istanbul, there's a rich hostel culture, with many options to pick from and various price ranges, so that every traveler feels accommodated. 

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the best hostels in Istanbul to fit every traveler's budget and preference. Here you will find some of the cheapest hostels in the city, the best ones for partying, and some quiet options for digital nomads that need to get work done!

1. Cheers Hostel 

Cheers Hostel is one of the top-rated hostels in Istanbul. It is located right in the heart of the city's most famous neighborhood, Sultanahmet. Here you will be close to sights like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, and others. 

Cheers Hostel view from outside.
Image Courtesy of Cheers Hostel

This boutique hostel offers free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and highly comfortable beds in private rooms and dorms. Their terrace bar also provides fresh and tasty drinks, paired with a mesmerizing view of the Hagia Sophia. 

It is trendy among young and solo travelers because of its lively and friendly atmosphere, where like-minded individuals gather to meet and talk in common areas. 

2. Hostel Le Banc 

At the heart of another essential neighborhood of Istanbul, Taksim, you will find Hostel Le Banc. Here, you will be close to the art scene and nightlife of the city, where history meets modernity. 

Hostel Le Blanc Cafe
Image Courtesy of Hostel Le Blanc

Hostel Le Banc is close to the metro line, bus stop, tram, and ferry, and moving around should be no problem. Inside, you will find double rooms and dorms, all extremely clean and comfortable. Aside from that, you can enjoy the hostel's café and their coffee and tea, as well as the common kitchen for cooking meals whenever you'd like. 

The terrace is also a nice place to sit and observe the city and its movements. 

Bahaus Guesthouse Hostel

Bahaus Guesthouse Hostel is perfect for those seeking a party hostel in Istanbul. It is made for the true backpacker looking to have a good time, meet new people, and stick to their budget. 

Bahaus Guesthouse Hostel Couple room
Image Courtesy of TripAdvisor

Located in Sultanahmet, Bahaus is close to some of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Although it does not offer the luxury you may find in a hotel, it has an impeccable location and style. Barbecues, happy hour, music, and karaoke are part of the deal!

The hostel offers private rooms and dorms, free Wi-Fi, fans on the ceiling, and comfortable, clean beds. Breakfast is also included!

Hush Hostel Lounge

Hush Hostel Lounge Istanbul.
Image Courtesy of

Hush Hostel Lounge is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, in the heart of the trendy Kadikoy neighborhood. Art, history, and parties are part of the life around this hostel, and here you will get a better insight into the city's local life. 

Hush is close to almost all means of public transportation. You can easily take the ferry to Sultanahmet, having a complete view of the city. Inside the hostel, you will find a spacious kitchen open for guests, two extensive gardens, a comfortable common area, and a terrace with a unique view of the city. 

Hush Hostel Lounge Café

They also have a café serving lunch and exquisite homemade cookies and pies. The hush gallery holds exhibitions from contemporary and emerging artists, and you can check it out anytime you'd like!

The ceilings are high, and the walls are covered in artwork. There are dorms, double rooms of different sizes, and single rooms. Bike rentals are also available so that you can explore your surroundings with ease. 

Archeo Hostel

Archeo is the hostel for those who love well-designed spaces. While Archeo is located further from the tourist center (~ 25 minutes walk), this space is perfect for those who want to have a quieter environment and maybe get some work done. 

Archeo Hostel Lounge and cafe Istanbul.
Image Courtesy of

It is an adults-only hostel with more of a serious vibe to it. They offer dorms and private rooms, all beautifully designed and impeccably clean. They also have a restaurant where you can grab breakfast, lunch or try one of their beautiful cake slices with some Turkish coffee. 

The walls are decorated with cave paintings, adding to the industrial design on the inside. The tables in the common areas are enormous, perfect for working. 

Moda Drei 

Moda Drei is a concept hostel in Kadikoy, on the Asian side of Istanbul. It has four floors, with a kitchen, terrace, patio, and two common areas. If you are an outgoing traveler eager to meet like-minded individuals in one of the most artistic neighborhoods of Istanbul, this is the place for you!

Moda Drei Hostel Istanbul
Image Courtesy of

They always hold game nights, pub crawls, and movie nights for their guests. Private rooms and dorms are both offered here, and they even have a loft room with a private balcony! There is a kitchen for cooking your meals and many good restaurants close by. 

Agora Hostel 

Located in Sultanahmet, Agora Hostel has pretty much everything you'd search for in top hospitality. Agora Hostel's private rooms and dorms are spacious, clean, and well decorated. Their rooftop terrace offers impressive views of the city. Not to mention, Wi-Fi is complimentary and fast in the hostel.

The hostel's location is exceptional and close to some of the most important landmarks of Istanbul. The tours and activities offered here take you on unique adventures, like dinner cruises, traditional dance shows, and table tennis tournaments! Breakfast is included and very well served, and they also delight you with local Turkish cuisine for lunch and dinner. 

Agora Guesthouse Hostel Istanbul.
Image Courtesy of

Cheers Lighthouse

While different from the boho (bohemian) vibe other Cheers hostels have in Turkey, the Cheers Lighthouse is made for the upgraded backpacker who searches for a more luxurious experience without spending much. 

Cheers Lighthouse Hostel Istanbul.
Image Courtesy of TripAdvisor

With an ocean view facing the Asian side of the city, you can see the Princess Islands and the small Hagia Sophia. The hostel is located in the old part of Istanbul, residing on top of a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea with snacks. 

Offering private rooms and dorms, this hostel is perfect for those who want to have a differentiated experience, away from the touristy centers of the city.

Know which area you're staying at in Istanbul

With a rich ethnic and historical blend of different cultures, you'll never run out of unique things to do in Istanbul. The art and history resulting from that are impeccable and mesmerizing. 

There are many things to see and activities to plan when visiting the city. While you won't go wrong with picking some of the best Istanbul hostels we've listed here, it's also vital to consider which neighborhood to stay in Istanbul. Choosing the right area to stay in Istanbul can save you time commuting, maximizing those precious hours sightseeing instead! 

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February 15, 2022

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