Dollar Flight Club Review [2024]: Why it's not for everyone

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Dollar Flight Club Review [2024]: Why it's not for everyone
I've been there! You're browsing the web for flight deals and become overwhelmed with all the supposed "best" sites to save money. I'm here to tell you about Dollar Flight Club and how it holds up to its many competitors.
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Cheap flight deals are simply a blessing. You can never get enough of them!

Luckily, gone are the times of refreshing multiple airline pages and waiting days to catch a good flight deal. Now, there are lots of travel deal sites that’ll do the job for us avid travelers.

So, I've decided to review one of the top players in the flight deals business: Dollar Flight Club, or DFC for short.

Psst… if you’re here about Dollar “Fight” Club, you’re in the wrong place. I can’t redirect you there either since no one's supposed to talk about it. Rule #1!!!

But if you’re here for Dollar “Flight” Club, then you’re in the right place!

Is Dollar Flight Club for you? I've reviewed all the alternatives and online complaints, so you won’t need to dig through them yourself!

Without further ado, here are my findings on Dollar Flight Club’s services.

Logo of Dollar Flight Club I took a picture of
Image courtesy: Dollar Flight Club

What Is Dollar Flight Club?

Dollar Flight Club is a subscription-based travel service. Founded in 2016, the company is dedicated to finding the most affordable flight deals for destinations worldwide.

So, how does Dollar Flight Club work? Its automated system gathers flight data on the web to find the best deals for you. Of course, there’s a team of people to handle and manage the process.

Today, the service has over a million subscribers signed up for its email and SMS alerts. It notifies users of the lowest flight fares due to discounts, promotions, or mistake fares.

Dollar Flight Club also goes even further by providing its users with a mobile app for added convenience.

Who Is Dollar Flight Club For?

Right now, only travelers in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can use the Free or Premium membership plans. These plan options allow users to receive notifications about international deals for flights.

But, the Premium Plus is only available to users in North America.

It’s also worth noting that domestic deals are limited to departure airports in the U.S.A.

Is It Free?

As I mentioned above, there are 3 Dollar Flight Club membership plans: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus.

The Free version is excellent to test the waters and see if the service benefits you. That's how I started.

That being said, there are benefits to the paid plans. By signing up for paid memberships with DFC, you can access perks like personalization options and discounts from partner brands.

The Premium membership costs $69 per year, and the Premium Plus membership costs $169 annually. You can start with a 14-day trial to see which suits you best.

Occasionally, you might even come across promotions offering the fee at a discounted rate.

Let’s dive into Dollar Flight Club’s memberships!

How to Use Dollar Flight Club to Find Cheap Flights: Step by Step

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use DFC to your advantage:

  1. Sign Up: The first step is to sign up for a membership on the Dollar Flight Club website or app. As you'll see, there are a number of membership options—I explore the details of each below and recommend reading through it before you decide!
  2. Set Your Preferences: Once signed up, set your departure airports. You can select as many as you like but it's generally best to stick to the ones you can easily travel to.
  3. Wait for Deals: Now, the waiting game begins. Dollar Flight Club will start sending you email alerts when they find a cheap flight deal that matches your set preferences.
  4. Check Your Email: Keep an eye on your email inbox. Flight deals can go quickly, so checking your email regularly is essential. Dollar Flight Club recommends booking quickly when you see a deal you like. Cheap fares can disappear within hours or even minutes!
  5. Book Your Flight: If you receive a deal alert that interests you, click on the link provided in the email, which redirects you to a booking site. Then, proceed to book your flight as usual.

Remember, DFC doesn't handle the booking process. They simply help you find the best deals. Always double-check all details before finalizing your booking on the chosen airline or travel site.

I went to the Dollar Flight Club website and took the screenshot shown here
Image courtesy: Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club Features

Whether you’re a one-time traveler or a frequent flyer looking for flight deals, you'll find a membership tailored to your needs.

While its core services remain the same, there’s no doubt a difference in the service levels offered by the different memberships.

Free Plan

  • Deals from your departure region
  • Only a fraction of deals compared to the premium plans
  • Deals primarily on international flights
  • Includes advertisements

Premium Plan

  • Deals related to departure airports specified by the user
  • Deals on both international and domestic flights to random destinations
  • Discounts offered by partner brands like and TravelWifi
  • No advertisements

Premium Plus Plan

  • All the features offered to Premium members
  • Deals on business class and first-class travel
  • Access to Mobile Passport Plus at a discounted rate of 20%
  • Premium Plus plans are only available for North American Users only.

Premium vs. Premium Plus Plan

Personally, if I had to choose which plan's the best for me, I'd go with the free plan. However, that's because I almost never fly business or first class.

If you're someone who fly frequently in economy and find values in the discounts Dollar Flight Club offers, I'd go with the premium package as it's in my opinion the best value for money out of the 2 priced plans. It's a comprehensive plan with tons of free deals while still being relatively affordable.

If you're someone who flies business or first class, you'll want to go with the Premium Plus plan. While it's twice as expensive, this is the only plan that extends above the economy tier. Who knows, the deals you save might pay off the price you pay for the Premium Plus package!

How Do I Cancel Dollar Flight Club?

The Dollar Flight Club cancellation process is quite simple.

Simply go to the “Account” section under “Settings” and click on “Current Plan.” Then, select “Cancel/Upgrade Plan.” You'll be given options to upgrade, pause, or cancel your membership. Select the latter, and you’re done.

However, be sure to check whether it has actually been canceled. There have been complaints by previous users linked to the auto-renewal of the services.

Dollar Flight Club Free Trial Charges

It's essential to address the complaints about Dollar Flight Club, particularly the free trial charges. A number of users have been charged Premium fees even though they had canceled in advance.

There are many instances where subscription-based companies make mistakes on charges. But most companies try to reverse incorrect charges right away. It seems Dollar Flight Club either prolongs the process and/or fails to provide a refund for the charges incurred.

If you've been affected by incorrect charges, make sure to contest them with your credit card provider or submit a ticket to Dollar Flight Club!

I recommend always using a credit card provider that’s known to fight credit line disputes for customers fairly. This way, you can rely on your credit card company for these issues instead of dealing with subpar customer support systems.

Dollar Flight Club vs. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights (now Going) is another travel service that helps users find affordable flights online.

Founded in 2015, a year before Dollar Flight Club, Going has gained more popularity, with over 2 million members to date. Still, the two travel providers are considered close contenders, utilizing software and a team of travel experts to find the best flight deals.

Both offer a free plan and a 14-day trial. Going’s Premium plan is slightly more affordable at a fee of $49 per year, compared to Dollar Flight Club’s $69. However, Going’s Elite plan is more expensive than Premium Plus, at $199 and $169 per year respectively.

Dollar Flight Club provides users with a mobile app for added convenience. Going also has a mobile app currently in development.

Is Dollar Flight Club Legit?

Yes, the Dollar Flight Club is a legit service in that it offers deals for budget-oriented travelers.

Sometimes, you come across deals that seem too good to be true. That’s likely because the airline made a mistake or slashed prices to keep up with the fierce competition. It could also be a promotional discount of some sort.

That being said, many people do have complaints when you look at reviews. There are concerns about canceling subscriptions and limited amount of deals, especially for those who only use the free service.

Screenshot I took of Dollar Flight Club's website while researching
Image courtesy: Dollar Flight Club



One of the main benefits of using services like Dollar Flight Club is convenience. Researching and selecting the best flight deals are done for you, saving you a lot of time. You don’t have to keep your eyes glued to the web anymore!

Also, if you miss the SMS alerts, you can always check for deals via the Dollar Flight Club app or email. This makes the service ultra-convenient.

Reasonably Priced

Dollar Flight Club isn’t the cheapest option out there, especially with Going offering equally good deals for a much lower price.

But, considering its personalization features, discounts, and the quality of deals, it can be worth it to some people. If you're a frequent traveler, finding good flight deals should be able to cover the membership fees.

Customization Options

Premium members can specify the airport they want to hear deals from. You can also select your favorite airlines and destinations, so you'll never miss a good deal!

Additional Perks

As a Premium member, you’ll be eligible to receive up to 50% in discounts from many renowned partner brands.

For example, you can get deals on booking tours and activities through Tripadvisor or Viator. So you can save money and make the most of your travel experiences!


Billing Issues

Multiple Dollar Flight Club reviews reflect a lack of transparency in the billing process.

Users have complained about being charged even after canceling during the trial period. The automatic renewal of the annual fee without prior notice has also disgruntled many users.

Note that Dollar Flight Club claims to notify users 7 days before the billing date.

Useless Free Plan

I have to conclude Dollar Flight Club’s free plan is kinda useless. I only got very limited deals, and there are no customization options.

Oh, and I got flooded with advertisements. The free plan is really only to get a sneak peek of the service. You have to upgrade to a premium plan to receive the more useful features.

Cannot Search for Flight Deals

You can’t search for deals using the Dollar Flight Club app or website, as there’s no built-in search engine. Once you’ve specified your departure airports, you’ll only get airfare deals related to them.

For example, when searching for a deal you saw a couple of days ago, you’ll have to review the entire list or history of deals to find it again.

Only Useful If You Can Be Flexible With Your Travel Dates

Dollar Flight Club identifies flight deals that occur randomly throughout the year, meaning its value lies in your flexibility.

The biggest savings often come from flights with non-negotiable departure and return dates. If you're bound to specific vacation periods or event dates, Dollar Flight Club won't be able to offer the best deals for you a lot.

Additionally, when a deal fits your schedule, you usually need to book quickly, as these fares can vanish rapidly. This prompt decision-making might not work for everyone, particularly those requiring more planning time.

My screenshot of the partner perks section on Dollar Flight Club's premium membership page
Image courtesy: Dollar Flight Club

Is Dollar Flight Club Worth It?

Although there are positives to using a service like this, based on my experiences going through Dollar Flight Club's free plan, I don't think DFC is worth it. It may not be entirely a scam, but people have definitely experienced some shady business practices.

I would only use Dollar Flight Club as a comparative website, which means I'd sign up for the free plan. Unfortunately, the free membership doesn't offer a lot of perks, so I don't find myself coming back to their services frequently.

I'd likely look into using alternatives like Skyscanner or Jack's Flight Club instead, or use marketplaces that has price match guarantees like

If you find a good deal, congrats! That being said, there'll definitely be times when you won’t get a single deal due to unavailability. Plus, there’s the painstaking issue of canceling memberships.

My Rating: 2.1/5


  • Tailored flight deals
  • Reasonably priced
  • Premium plans come with perks


  • Billing transparency issues
  • Bad customer service
  • Refund issues
  • Very limited free plan
  • No search function

Frequently Asked Questions about Dollar Flight Club:

Let's quick fire through some of the most frequently asked questions about Dollar Flight Club that you might still be wondering!

Who Owns Dollar Flight Club?

Dollar Flight Club is owned by Jesse Neugarten, who also serves as the company's CEO. He founded the company with the goal of helping travelers save money on flights.

The idea stemmed from his own passion for travel and his desire to make global exploration more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Under his leadership, Dollar Flight Club has grown into a well-known platform for finding flight deals allowing more people to vacation.

How Much Does Dollar Flight Club Cost?

Dollar Flight Club offers a no-cost plan.

The other annual subscriptions are paid memberships. The premium membership is US$69 annually and the premium plus membership is $99 per year.

You can also access a 14-day trial period for the Premium memberships at no cost. It's important to note that if you don't cancel before the trial ends, you will be billed for an entire year.

Is the Premium Version Worth It?

The value of upgrading to the premium version of Dollar Flight Club largely depends on your travel frequency and flexibility.

As a premium member, you receive 4x more flight deals, including deals on business and first-class flights. The premium membership tier also allows for more personalized deal alerts based on your preferred departure airports.

The benefits for frequent or flexible travelers can quickly outweigh the annual fee, as even a single deal could save hundreds of dollars.

The free version might suffice if you're an infrequent traveler or have very fixed travel dates. Or if you find the free version unhelpful, you should look at a different alternative.

Does DFC Have a Lifetime Subscription?

Yes! There are ways to grab a lifetime membership with Dollar Flight Club. The better question is if it's worth it.

Usually, the Lifetime Premium Plus membership costs around US$1600.

That being said, a lot of sales pop up for its lifetime membership. For instance, a recent 90% off deal brought the price down to less than US$75! Be on the lookout...

With that being said, I sincerely question the value of Dollar Flight Club's lifetime membership if they're able to offer it up to 90% off. Personally, it's always a red flag when brands offer products at a steep discount frequently.

What Deals Can You Expect?

Dollar Flight Club provides a broad range of deals spanning various fare types. You can expect to receive alerts for economy-class deals, which are the most common.

Premium economy and business class deals are also shared, but less frequently. And these deals are primarily available to premium and premium plus members only.

One of the highlights of Dollar Flight Club's service is their tracking of error fares. These incredibly cheap fares occur when airlines accidentally list flights at significantly reduced prices.

Jumping on these error fares can lead to extraordinary savings, though they're rare and get snapped up quickly.

Regardless of the class of travel, the goal is always to help you secure the best possible fare for your journey.

How Do You Get Notified of Deals by Dollar Flight Club Premium?

As a member of Dollar Flight Club Premium, you receive deal notifications primarily through email. When a deal matching your selected departure airports is found, an email alert is sent to your inbox.

In addition to email alerts, premium members can also receive push notifications through the Dollar Flight Club app. This provides another way to ensure you never miss a great deal.

Remember, flight deals can disappear quickly, so it's beneficial to check your notifications regularly!

How Do I Contact DFC's Customer Service, and Is It Helpful?

To contact the DFC Team for any queries or issues, visit the 'Contact' page on the Dollar Flight Club website or direct your emails to their designated customer service address.

It doesn't seem to have a customer-help phone number.

The effectiveness of DFC's customer service can vary. While many users have reported prompt and helpful responses, others have mentioned delays or difficulties in communication.

I recommend checking recent reviews for the most current feedback on their customer support.

Should I Still Use Google Flights If I'm Using DFC?

Yes! Using Google Flights alongside Dollar Flight Club can be an effective strategy.

While DFC provides spontaneous deal alerts, Google Flights allows you to conduct more targeted searches based on specific destinations and dates. It also offers features like price tracking and predictive fare algorithms.

Using both, as well as numerous other deal-finding platforms, can give you a more comprehensive overview of available flights and potential deals.

You'll be able to up your chances of finding the best fares for your travel needs.

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