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What's up with Dollar Flight Club in 2021? [Review]

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July 25, 2021
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Read our comprehensive Dollar Flight Club review to determine whether it’s the best choice for you. 

Cheap flight deals are simply bonanzas for a traveler, and you can never get enough of them. Luckily, you don’t have to spend time searching for discounted airfares today as there are many impressive service providers to do the job for you. As Pilot is all about helping people tick their travel bucket lists, we thought of reviewing a couple of services and do some justice to the never-ending hype for flight deals on these travel deal sites

Our previous article spoke about Scott’s Cheap Flights, and this time we have reviewed another similar one; Dollar Flight Club (DFC). Although considered close alternatives, these two service providers utilize different approaches to track flight deals. 

So, read our comprehensive Dollar Flight Club review to determine whether it’s the best choice for you. 

Image courtesy: Dollar Flight Club

What is Dollar Flight Club?

Founded in 2016 by Jesse Neugarten, Dollar Flight Club is a service dedicated to finding the cheapest flight deals available for destinations worldwide. At present, it has over a million subscribers signed up for its email and SMS alerts to be notified of the lowest flight fares arising from discounts, promotions, or mistake fares. 

However, unlike Scott’s Cheap Flights, Dollar Flight Club does the research using technology. Their automated system gathers flight data available on the web to find the best deals for you. Of course, there’s a team of people to handle and manage the process. Dollar Flight Club also goes a bit further by providing its users with a mobile app for added convenience.

Is the Dollar Flight Club Free?

Dollar Club offers three membership plans for you: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. The Free plan is great to test the waters and see if the service is beneficial for you. However, the paid membership plans open you up to additional perks like personalization options and discounts from partner brands. 

The Premium membership costs $69 per year, and the Premium Plus membership costs $99 per year. You can start off with a 14-day trial to see what suits you best. You might even come across offers providing the fee at a discounted rate now and then. 

Image courtesy: Dollar Flight Club

Who is Dollar Flight Club for?

At present, travelers in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can use the Free or Premium membership plan to receive flight deals to international destinations. But Premium Plus is only available for users in North America. It’s also noteworthy that domestic deals are limited to departure airports in the U.S.A

What are the Features of Dollar Flight Club?

Dollar Flight Club Free Membership

  • Deals from your departure region
  • Only a fraction of deals from what’s sent out to premium users
  • Deals are primarily on international flights
  • Includes advertisements

Dollar Flight Club Premium 

  • Deals related to departure airports specified by the user
  • Deals on both international and domestic flights to random destinations
  • Discounts offered by partner brands like Scribd, Babbel, Jubel, and Fodor’s Travel, to name a few
  • No advertisements

Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus

  • All the features offered to  Premium members
  • Deals on business and first-class travel
  • Access to Mobile Passport Plus at a discounted rate of 20%

Is the Dollar Flight Club is Legit?

Yes. Dollar Flight Club is as legit and real as you and me. Sometimes you would come across deals that may seem too good to be true. But that’s probably because the particular airline made a grave mistake on their part or slashed prices to keep up with the fierce competition. It could also be a promotional discount of some sort. 

Many deals that offer huge savings are time-sensitive, and you have to make the booking as soon as possible. So, in case you don’t find a deal available after clicking the provided link, that’s because it’s sold out!

Image courtesy: Dollar Flight Club

How Do I Cancel  Dollar Flight Club?

The cancellation is supposed to be very simple without the user having to contact an agent or send an email. The procedure is to go to the “Account” section under “Settings” and click on the “Current Plan.” Then, select “Cancel/Upgrade Plan.” You will be a given a set of options such as upgrade, pause, or cancel your membership. Select the latter, and you are done. However, the fact whether it’s canceled immediately as they claim it to be is debatable (read below).

What We Like about Dollar Flight Club?


The main advantage of using services like Dollar Flight Club is convenience. The research and selection of the best flight deals are done for you, saving you a lot of time. You don’t have to keep your eyes glued on the web anymore! Also, in case if you miss the SMS alerts, you always have the option of checking the deals via the Dollar Flight Club app or email. This makes the service ultra-convenient.

Reasonably priced

Dollar Flight Club isn’t the cheapest option out there, especially with Scott’s Cheap Flights offering equally good deals for a much lower price. But, considering its personalization features, discounts, and the quality of deals, we can say it’s a fair price. If you are a frequent traveler, you should be able to cover your membership fee with a good deal.

More customization options

Premium members can specify the airport from which they want to hear deals from. Additionally, you can also select your favorite airlines and destinations, so you will never miss a good deal on them!

Additional perks

If you are a Premium member, you are also eligible to receive discounts from many renowned brands that have partnered with the Dollar Club. For example, the language learning app Babbel, which is a very useful tool for travelers, offers discounts up to 50% off.

What We Don’t Like about Dollar Flight Club?

Billing issues

Based on many Dollar Flight Club reviews, there seems to be a lack of transparency in the billing process. Some users have complained of being charged with the fee even after canceling their subscriptions during the trial period. The automatic renewal of the annual fee without prior notice has also disgruntled many users. Note that DFC claims to notice users 7 days before the billing date.

The free plan is useless

Like every other free plan, Dollar Flight Club’s one can also be concluded as useless. You only get very limited deals, and there are no options to customize the deals you get. Oh, and you will be flooded with advertisements.

Cannot search for flight deals

You cannot search for deals using the Dollar Flight Club app or website as there’s no built-in search engine. Once you have specified your departure airports, you will only get cheap airfare deals related to them. For example, when searching for a deal you saw a couple of days ago, you have to review the entire list or history of deals to find it.

Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

Is Dollar Flight Club Worth It?

There were mixed reviews about Dollar Flight Club, so providing a straightforward answer is difficult. The deals provided are pretty amazing, but there will also be times when you won’t get a single deal due to unavailability. There’s also the painstaking issue of canceling memberships. Another thing we noticed was how many users have recommended Scott’s Cheap Flights as a better alternative. 

That being said, Dollar Club offers some features Scott’s doesn’t, like the ability to choose your favorite airlines and entitlement for discounts from partner brands. So, if these are important for you, then choose Dollar Flight Club. It’s also the right option for people outside the U.S looking for a flight deal alerts service. 

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