Jack's Flight Club Review: Reliable Flight Deals? [2024]

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Jack's Flight Club Review: Reliable Flight Deals? [2024]
When I first found Jack's Flight Club, it sounded like just what I needed. Here's my experience with Jack's Flight Club a few months into using their services, and whether you should spend your money on them.

Some of us love it, and others hate it. But searching for great deals on flights is crucial to sustaining our traveling passion. Fortunately, there are several companies out there that make this super easy. 

We've already covered a few options in our blog before, such as GoingMatt Flights, and Dollar Flight Club. 

Today I'm going to have a look at Jack's Flight Club, one of the fastest growing travel deal websites helping avid travelers find incredible flight deals every week. 

I wanted to find out what it is exactly, how it works, and associated costs. With all of this crucial info, I can help you figure out whether the company delivers on its promises and using for your next flight search!

The screenshot I took of Jack's Flight Club logo
Image Courtesy of Jack's Flight Club

What Is Jack's Flight Club?

Jack's Flight Club is a member's club informing its members of cheap flights. 

The company doesn't offer any flights itself. Instead, the team searches the internet to find the best deals and delivers them to your inbox in a newsletter and via push notifications on their app.  

The deals range from hidden offers to sales and error fairs. The great news is, that anyone can sign up to become a member!

How Does Jack's Flight Club Work?

When you sign up to become a member, you first select your country. Unfortunately, not all countries are currently covered. In Europe, they are Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Jack's flight club also covers the United Kingdom and 25 cities in the United States. 

Depending on your membership level, you can select your ideal departure airport only to receive offers tailored to that airport. You can even choose multiple airports even if they are in another country. 

Jack's Flight Club continuously monitors flights and sends them out minutes after becoming available. But, again, the speed at which you receive these deals depends on your membership level.

Each flight alert email gives you an overview of the best dates to book within a set window, so there is a little flexibility. After receiving the price of the offer, you'll also receive all the other details you'll need to decide if the flight works for you. 

The newsletters also contain information about which airline or booking site is offering the lowest fares on a particular deal. It's like having a travel agent in your pocket.

My screenshot of "how does Jack's flight club work" section on the company website
Image Courtesy of Jack's Flight Club

Is Jack's Flight Club Free? 

There is a free membership that gets you some offers every week. Or you can opt for the premium option, which gets you about four times as many offers every week in addition to some other features. 

You can choose from 3 Premium Membership options:

  • $19/3 months
  • $49/year
  • $35/6 months

As you can see, the longer membership you choose, the lower the cost. Jac's Flight Club also offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can properly try it out first. 

Premium vs. Free Account 

  • Premium members receive all the top deals. This amounts to about 7-10 deals on average. Free members, in turn, only receive 1-2 deals a week.
  • While all members (free and premium members) get the same "free" deals, premium members still get them first. Some deals, such as error deals can sell out fast, so the quicker you know, the higher the chance you'll secure an incredible deal. 
  • Premium members get more flexibility to select their departure airports. This is useful if there are multiple airports in your country, but you know you'll only ever travel from a few of them. This flexibility allows you to receive better-tailored offers. 
  • As a premium member, you get a special "Weekend-Trip email." This newsletter includes an overview of short-haul flights to destinations less than 4 hours away so you can optimize your travel opportunities. 

What I Love About Jack's Flight Club

Reasonably Priced

You can get the annual premium membership for $49, and this membership plan offers fantastic benefits. 

This makes Jack's flight club much more reasonably priced than competitors like Dollar Flight Club, whose annual membership costs $69 per year, and the Premium Plus membership $99 per year.

No Questions Asked Money-Back-Auarantee

You've got a whole month to try out premium, and canceling is a straightforward, no-questions-asked process. 

Consistent Good Deals

As far as my experience with Jack's flight club and the numerous customer reviews, they deliver on their promises of good deals weekly. 

As a premium member, I could select multiple departure airports across the Netherlands and neighboring Belgium and Germany.

snapshot that I took of jack’s flight club reviews by customers
Image Courtesy of Jack's Flight Club

What I Don't Like About Jack's Flight Club

Not All Countries Are Covered

Unfortunately for those travelers based anywhere outside the US, UK, and big parts of Europe, there are no deals on offer. 

As a rapidly growing company, this will most likely change in the future. Still, if you are based outside of the covered regions, it's not worth signing up for now.

No Search Options for Specific Routes

If you plan a trip to some particular country, a deal may or may not come up for you. 

This isn't necessarily a con for Jack's Fight Club as they are in the business of finding cheap flights and not only monitoring select routes. 

But if that's what you are looking for, you are perhaps better off looking at alternative options where you can add alerts to specific routes and book when the price is at its lowest. 

Is Jack's Flight Club Legit?

Yes, absolutely. Jack's Flight Club currently has over 1,600,000 members, and they are continuously expanding to cover more regions. 

If they send you a deal that seems too good to be true, it's often due to the airline making a mistake or perhaps even slashed prices for a specific promotion. So you don't have to worry about anything sketchy. If they send you an error fare, they'll also alert you upfront about the likelihood that the airline will choose to refund your ticket. 

Many of the deals they send are time-sensitive and can sell out quickly. So if you search for the deal a while after seeing it in the newsletter and can't find it anymore, it has most likely already sold out.  

jacksflightclub airplane
Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

Is Jack's Flight Club Worth It?

The simple answer is yes! If you book one flight with significant savings, you have already paid off your premium membership. If you don't want to spend extra on the premium membership, you can always remain a free member, and you'll most likely still snag some fantastic deals. 

While there are plenty of last-minute deals that depart in the near future, many of the deals sent are for flights that only depart in the coming 2 to 11 months. So you can use the tool to properly plan all of your holidays, not just last-minute getaways.

My Rating: 3.9/5


  • Free membership option available
  • Premium option well-priced 
  • Money-back guarantee to try out premium
  • Consistent good deals 
  • Great additional features for premium members


  • Not all countries are covered
  • No search function for selected routes

Jack's Flight Club FAQs

Who is the CEO of Jack's flight Club?

Jack Sheldon and Phil Wintermantle founded Jack's Flight Club in September 2016.

Do you have to pay for Jack's Flight Club?

Jack's Flight Club has a free version, which you'll recieve cheap flight deals to your inbox. You can also opt in for their paid premium membership option, which is at 49$ a year, with added perks.

How do I contact Jack's Flight Club?

If you need to contact support or provide feedback, send them an email at support@jacksflightclub.com and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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