Going Review (Scott’s Cheap Flights): Worth it in 2024?

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Going Review (Scott’s Cheap Flights): Worth it in 2024?
As a traveler, rebrands don't mean much if the deals don't get any better. Is Going, formerly Scott's Cheap Flights, still bringing you the best flight deals? Discover what has changed and remains the same in this review of Going.
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Airfare's a big deal when planning a trip, right? We're all on the hunt for the most affordable deals or the occasional "oops" fare that airlines drop.

I mean, who doesn't love a travel bargain?

Cue Scott's Cheap Flights. This big name is known to many budget travelers as one of the best travel deal websites in recent times. But it's recently shaken things up a bit.

Now, the travel deal site is rebranded as "Going."

Why the change-up, and what's new since the switch? Let's dive into the latest on "Going"!

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What Is Going?

Going is the rebranded name of the company formerly known as Scott's Cheap Flights. It's an email subscription service for alerting travelers about great airfare deals.

The business was founded in 2013 by Scott Keyes as a hobby after he bagged a great deal for a trip from New York to Milan.

Since then, the company has grown in size and membership. Today, Going has over 2 million followers waiting to be alerted to deals and mistake airfares.

Going claims that the deals it sends to its subscribers stand out from ordinary offers and are usually massive cuts ranging between 40% - 90%.

What's With the Rebrand?

According to its founders, the primary purpose of rebranding is to switch to a more inclusive name that captures the love for travel.

It's also meant to reflect the whole team behind Going, who work hard to bring subscribers the best deals on the internet.

Scott has also explained that the name was chosen to represent the company's efforts to go beyond cheap flights, hinting that they'll likely expand into other travel avenues in the future.

Scott's Cheap Flights Is Now Going
Image Courtesy Of Going

What's Changed?

So far, the main difference is in the focus and appeal. The website and social media channels look fresh, but the service remains unchanged.

Going is still an email subscription service that sends emails about cut-price airfares. The team uses manual and automated methods to search for discounted tickets online.

Going doesn't charge commission on the deals its followers use but earns money through subscription fees.

Going Pros & Cons

What's Great About Going?

Easy to Use

Existing Scott's Cheap Flights subscribers don't have to worry about signing up again. You can log into Going using the same email address.

If you're new, you can sign up easily using your email. You can also purchase a membership plan for a friend or family member who loves traveling. It's a valuable gift for people who travel frequently.

Amazing Deals

The company uses a "Bestie Test" that ensures the flight details it sends are low-cost and convenient, with good routing, minimal layovers, and a reliable airline provider.

The team only picks good deals to send their best friends or family.

Special Discounts

Going offers a discount of 25% for Premium membership for active military personnel, veterans, students, teachers, and healthcare professionals. You must verify your identity to claim the discount if you belong to one of these categories.

You can also get a month of Premium or Elite membership free by introducing a friend to the service.


Going's website has a resources section with tips and guides on planning vacations, traveling on a budget, and navigating different travel restrictions.

There's also a glossary to familiarize yourself with the terms commonly related to air travel.

Going's Flight Price History
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What are the Drawbacks of Going?

No Mobile App

A mobile app would make Going's flight alert system much more convenient. But the word is that it's in the making. The app will be available for Android and iOS devices. It'll likely include a real-time interactive map showing all the cheap flights.

Only in the US

Going still has yet to expand its departure airports beyond the US, which is disappointing. But this is one of the improvements the company hopes to make soon.

I, for one, cannot wait until Going can help out with more destinations worldwide!

The Name Itself

I came across mixed views on the new name. Most of Going's followers don't like it because it takes away the personalized touch that Scott's Cheap Flights had.

The new name is also pretty generic, making it more challenging to search for it online. Adding an extra term like "Going login" or "Going Scott's Cheap Flights" helps with this.

Has Going Increased Paid Membership Fees?

No, the membership price for Going remains the same as for Scott's Cheap Flights. For those new to the service, there are 2 paid membership options:


Premium memberships with Going cost $49 annually. With this tier of status, you'll get access to the following benefits:

  • Alerts for uncommon mistake fares from your chosen airport,
  • Instant updates on economy-class deals, both international and domestic,
  • Ability to customize which flight alerts you receive,
  • Options to track flight deals from up to 10 US airports,
  • "Weekend Getaway" notifications (for upcoming flights within the next month).


To become a Going Elite member it's more pricey, costing you $199 per year. If you choose the elite plan, you'll receive benefits like:

  • Alerts for every mistake fare found by Going,
  • Access to deals across all ticket classes,
  • Track cheap flight deals from an unlimited number of departure airports,
  • Specials on award flights (perfect for those using points),
  • Priority customer support,
  • Plus, everything that's included in the Premium package.

Is Free Membership Still Available?

Yes! The Limited plan from Going is still free, and you'll get flight alerts now and then covering international destinations. If you decide to sign up for a free membership, you'll only get access to a limited amount of benefits, including:

  • Limited variety of international economy-class ticket deals,
  • Track deals from up to 5 US departure airports (without additional flight filtering options).

One thing to note is that you'll be shown the deals 1-2 days later than paid users.

Does Going Offer Free Trials?

Yes! Regardless of the plan you decide to try out, you can get a 14-day free trial to try out Going.

Going Membership Plans
Image Courtesy of Going

Using Going

Our Scott's Cheap Flights review talked about how to use the deal website—but I'm going to give everyone a little refresher here!

Setting Up Your Account

The first step is to pick between the plans I just mentioned. And once you have a membership, you'll want to fill out critical information, like your home airport and the additional ones.

You can also edit your "deal settings" so that you only get deals sent to you if they fit specific criteria. This feature is more useful if you're on a paid plan.

Get Sent Deals!

Based on this information you've given the Going team, you'll receive deal alerts through email!

You can also go to your dashboard and look up any current deals Going is showing you. If you're a free member, there won't be as many deals visible on this page compared to if you were a paying member.

going membership dashboard
Image Courtesy of Going

NEW: Flight Search Feature

That said, members now have access to a flight search! This is new, considering Scott's Cheap Flights was only an alert service, and you couldn't particularly choose to get sent a deal for one of the popular destinations.

Generally, people who use Going must be flexible with their schedule and their next trip destination.

Booking With Going

Have you found a deal you can't resist? It's time to book!

To secure your flight tickets, you must hit the "book through Google Flights" button. It'll take you straight to that flight deal's specific dates and details. And you'll be able to do the booking through a trustworthy and easy-to-navigate platform.

Talk about travel planning made easy.

So, How Does Going Actually Find Deals?

You may have been using this service since it was Scott's Cheap Flights, or you could be brand new and exploring.

Now that you know more about the "why" of the name change, membership pricing, and using Going, you might wonder how it offers such fantastic deals on flights.

When it comes to scouting the best flight deals, Going has a unique approach. It doesn't just rely on algorithms. Instead, human touch makes all the difference.

After you've set up an account and chosen your airports, Going's team of Flight Experts gets to work. These experts sift through potential deals, using specific criteria that ensure only top-quality flights get recommended.

The Going team looks at factors like how the price stacks up against usual fares, travel dates, overall travel time, and airline quality.

The best thing is that they won't bombard you with just any cheap flight. So instead of receiving daily notifications via email, you'll only get deals that matter. A promise of quality over quantity!

Also, you'll get to say goodbye to tedious layovers or deals with budget airlines. Going experts do their best to present you with nonstop or one-stop flights on full-service carriers, ensuring shorter layovers.

One notable feature is the selection process. Every deal they send has at least ten different departure dates, meaning you aren't boxed into flying on a single specific day. Plus, each deal has a detailed breakdown—from insights about the destination to valuable tips from the Flight Expert who spotted the offer.

Curious about how good a deal is? They include a price history for every flight, which adds a layer of transparency.

What Do Users Say About Going's Service?

Most followers continue to benefit from Going's flight alerts delivered to their email inbox and are satisfied with the overall service. Going remains one of the best travel deal sites for enthusiastic travelers.

But, while writing this review, I encountered several complaints from users that the deals they receive aren't as fabulous as the company claims.

Another common complaint is that Going continues to charge subscription fees even after users cancel their membership. Lack of good customer support is something many people also mention.

Is Going Worth It?

Short answer—yes. If you're a regular traveler, subscribing to one of the paid memberships is worth the money.

And if you're more of a once-a-year traveler, you can still find value from the free membership.

Going is suitable for you if you're a flexible traveler. Someone who's willing to take a trip based on incredible flight deals. That means that you won't always get to pick the time or the destination, but you'll be saving big bucks!

The deals recommended by Going, formerly Scott's Cheap Flights, are verified as legit before sending them to you. This way, despite how unbelievable they may seem, you don't have to worry about credibility.

Who's Going not for? People have specific destinations and vacation schedules to stick by.

Or those of us who like to search for our own deals. Going's team pulls publically available deals and alerts you to them, which means you can find them on your own! But that takes a lot of extra time and effort.

Also, if you're into travel credit cards and points, Going may not be the best site for you as the award-flight availability is low. It would also require you to get the highest-priced membership to access these deals.

So, I believe it is a great resource for some people, namely the flexible and adventurous traveler. But there are many other options for those who don't travel like this!

For some alternative services to compare, check out other reviews of Matt's Flights and Dollar Flight Club.

Our Rating: 4.5/5


  • Easy to use
  • Great flight deals
  • Special discounts
  • Informative


  • No mobile app
  • Only covers US departures
  • Generic name
  • Inconsistent customer service

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