Lima Nightlife Guide [2023]: Best spots in the city to party it up!

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Lima Nightlife Guide [2023]: Best spots in the city to party it up!
Lima, the capital of Peru, is a city full of things to do, day or night. While there are plenty of exciting adventures to do during the day, the nights in Lima are also crazy fun. Looking for the best Lima bars or nightclubs while you're visiting? Don't miss out on our top list of Lima nightlife attractions you'll have to check out while you're there!

Many travelers and backpackers referred to Lima as the best city in Latin America for going out and partying. It is a vibrant city with numerous night-out venues. 

Regardless of your preferred travel style, you'll definitely find the perfect spot for a party. But why do people say this is the best city for unforgettable nightlife? Unlike other cities in the region, Lima offers a few things that others don't. These include safety, tons of spots with all kinds of venues, Western-style bars and clubs, and, surprisingly, many places that do not charge entrance fees.

Intrigued to know more? Keep reading to find all of the best spots to party in Lima, including all of the tips you'll need to know.

Where to Party in Lima?

Lima is a massive city of nearly 10 million people, so it can be intimidating to venture around and find the best nightlife venues. But if you stay within the centrally located and nearby districts, you will undoubtedly have a blast. 

The best areas to find a spot are Miraflores, Barranco, and Chacarilla. From the top cocktail bars and craft breweries to live music venues and restaurants, these areas are the best nightlife in Lima. 

Let's see why each neighborhood is favored by travelers. 


This is the neighborhood all travelers know and visit in Lima. Basically, it is the most touristic area. Due to this, it's safe with modern amenities and fantastic nightlife. It has various nightlife venues for all types of travelers.

Miraflores Peru Nightlife
Photo by Romina veliz on Unsplash

Best Must-Visit Lima Nighlife Spots


This fantastic restaurant has been listed among the best restaurants in Latin America. Entering Rafael is like walking into a photoshoot for an interior design magazine. The walls are decorated with beautiful Peruvian artwork. It is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces of vintage furniture. In the background, you can hear an eclectic after-sunset playlist. It is open until 11 p.m., so it is a place where you can taste detectable dishes and have a good time.

Open Tapas Bar 

Open tapas bar lima
Courtesy of My Guide Peru

This place has a great vibe for a classy night bar. It is an upscale bar in Miraflores that attracts a more mature crowd. It is always packed on the weekends since it becomes a laid-back club late at night. The best part is the large open-air terrace on the second floor.

Cerveceria del Valle Lima

Cerveceria del Valle Lima Food
Courtesy of Cerveceria del Valle

This taproom is an excellent choice for those who prefer to explore Lima and Peru's drinks. Savor a fine pint rather than simply drinking for the buzz at Cerveceria del Valle Lima and taste beer from an award-winning brewery. Alongside your beer, you can taste delicious Peruvian flavors with Chicharron de Pollo and Choclo con Queso.

Lima Bar

If you're looking to party with Lima's elite crowd, this is the most upscale nightclub you can visit, meaning drinks can be pricey. It is located in Larcomar and has a terrace overlooking the ocean, a large dance floor, and VIP tables for bottle service. For a big night out in Miraflores, this should be your destination. 


Recently, Barranco has gained popularity because of its bohemian vibes. Also, it is cheaper, and the nightlife scene can easily rival that of Miraflores.

Juanito de Barranco

This traditional tavern has been a Barranco favorite since it opened its doors in 1937. Tiny wooden tables hold patrons' ceviches and other classic Peruvian dishes by day and their pitchers of beer and jamón del país sandwiches at night. 


This enormous historic mansion from the late 1800s has been restored to become a gorgeous cocktail bar. The unique ambiance of the bar will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Don't miss out on their flight of Pisco cocktail samplers and explore the various bars, rooms, and terraces that provide you superb services.

Barranco Beer Company

Barranco Beer Company Lima Peru.
Courtesy of Barranco Beer Company

This brewery was one of the first to pop up in Lima and is just around the corner from Barranco's main square. Its three levels, including a rooftop, spacious seating, and televisions for sports events, draw various customers, from families to solo travelers. 

La Noche de Barranco

Courtesy of La noche de Barranco

Simply referred to as "La Noche" by locals, this is a classic nighttime spot that's been around since 1991. Nightly performances ranging from jazz to cumbia-rock are loved by locals and travelers since every night, the multi-leveled tiers of the revamped mansion are always filled fully. 


Some of the biggest clubs in the city can be found in Chacarilla. So, if you want to have an explosive night and you are all about hanging with the cool kids, then Chacarilla is the top destination for you.


This is a relatively high-end spot popular among upper-class Peruvians. 

As an upscale nightclub, you're guaranteed to have a fun night dancing. However, it is one of the more expensive places to party, so be sure to have a group and bring plenty to spend.

Lima Nightlife Costs

Nightlife costs can vary wildly. A bottle of beer in a backpacker bar may cost only one dollar, but a bottle at a high-end club could even cost a few hundred dollars. 

Usually, a beer or a drink at a bar won't cost more than five dollars, while a drink in a club can be up to 10 dollars. The cost of a bottle of any alcoholic drink can vary from 30 to 200 dollars, depending on the club. You could easily spend 200 to 300 dollars on a big night out in Miraflores. That being said, you could also spend just 20 dollars and get wasted while having a great time. 

Party it up in Lima!

Live concerts and parties in Lima Peru.
Photo by Claudio Jimenez on Unsplash

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