Matt's Flights Review: Hit or Miss Flight Deals? [2024]

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Matt's Flights Review: Hit or Miss Flight Deals? [2024]
Are you looking for cheap flights? Matt's Flights can help you find affordable air tickets to your destination. Learn more about Matt Flights and see if they're the right service for you!
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Now that borders are open, and the world is ready to jet off again, travel enthusiasts are back with their globe-trotting routines. 

But with rising fuel costs and high flight demand post-pandemic are forcing many airlines to raise their fares. So, how can struggling travelers find cheap flights nowadays? 

This is where Matt Flights comes in to save the day. 

If you think finding flight deals is easy, you're mistaken. Many travel deal websites claim to help you find cheap flights, but they aren't always reliable. Luckily, Matt Flights is different. 

We've previously reviewed similar sites such as Scotts Cheap Flights and Dollar Flight Club. If you're interested in Matt's Flights, read on to learn how it differs and how it can help you find the most affordable air tickets. 

In this article, we will review Matt's Flights, tell you how it works and if it's worth it today! 

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Photo Courtesy of Matt's Flights

What is Matt's Flights? 

Matt's Flights is a flight tracking website that is dedicated to finding the cheapest domestic and international flights. With Matt's Flights, you can get cheap flight alerts to your inbox in real-time. 

What are flight alerts? 

If you're new to air travel, flight alerts are emails that give you an overview of flights—usually their prices. 

Matt's Flights is a website where you simply give your email address and local airports, and then you can start receiving flight alerts. 

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Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

How did Matt's Flights begin?

According to the founder's story, Matt created the sites after years of traveling on discounted airfares. He saved thousands of dollars by simply finding great deals with his wits and tricks that he learned along the way as an avid traveler. 

Matt searches for the best deals and shares them with the site's subscribers. As a subscriber, you'll receive an email with destination information, flight prices, dates, and a link that will direct you to the booking website. 

It's a simple yet incredibly useful system that can help you save hundreds or even thousands worth of airfare. 

How it Works

Matt's Flights helps you find great flight deals all over the world, including locations such as Iceland, France, Italy,  and so on. 

Deals are often the results of "mistake fares" and are usually extremely low because of unsold seats. Some fares are also cheap because they are last-minute deals. So if you travel regularly, you'll most definitely find this service helpful. 

Many people confuse Matt's Flight as a travel booking agency, which isn't the case. Matt's Flights doesn't book flights for you - they only help you find the cheapest fares on the market. 

Currently, Matt's Flights provide two kinds of membership for the website: free and premium. 

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Photo Courtesy of Matt's Flights

Free Sign Up

Matt's Flights is free if you're just looking to sign up for airfare alerts. 

If you do sign up, you'll get weekly flight deals in your inbox - no worries about being spammed because alerts are only sent to your inbox a few times a week.

According to their website, they already have 800,000+ people subscribed to their service. 

Premium Plan

Matt's Flight has a premium plan that includes various benefits, including  flight deals based on your airport or desired location, premium-only deals, and unlimited 1-on-1 flight and travel planning support from Matt himself. 

If you're a premium subscriber, you can email Matt a specific destination, and he'll help you find flight deals for your dream vacation. 

Benefits to using Matt's Flights 

Matt's Flights provides subscribers with free flight alerts throughout the year. 

If you opt for the premium subscription, you can get a more personalized service. Matt's Flights can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars by helping you find extremely cheap airfare deals! 

While you can search for cheap flights yourself, it might take you a lot of time to come across one. However, with Matt's Flights help, you can simply browse and pick from the choices that they'll send to your inbox when it becomes available. 

Downsides to using Matt's Flights 

Like most good flight deals, you will compete with other travelers looking to secure those seats. Because of this, it's often a competition. 

Fares are displayed in real-time, so you have to be quick since some of them only last a day or two. 

Airlines are also not 100% reliable. Some tickets can be canceled at any time, especially when they are sold as a mistake fare. 

Also, Matt's Flights doesn't guarantee you anything for your flights, meaning he isn't responsible for any changes or cancellations. 

Another downside is that Matt's flights are only available for US and Canadian airports. It's not yet available for other regions.  

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Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

Is Matt's Flights Worth It? 

If you're a frequent traveler who relies on flight deals and enjoys flexibility in all your travels, then Matt's Flights is a great service that can save you lots of money. 

Matt's Flights premium subscription price is also a steal considering how much you'll save and would have had to pay if you didn't know about these deals. And if you're a bit skeptical, you can always try the free version first and see if the deals provided are what you need. 

Overall, we think that Matt's flight can be a good option for people who travel more than once a year internationally and domestically. 

My Rating: 4.3/5 


  • Free flight alerts for members
  • Personalized flight alerts for premium members
  • Cheaper flight options
  • Save time finding air deals


  • Flight deals usually only last a day or two
  • Airlines aren't 100% reliable (fare changes and cancellations can happen)

Next, Plan with Pilot!

Travelers who like to take advantage of deals and have a flexible travel schedule will find Matt's Flights a fantastic solution to lock in the most affordable airfares. Now that you secured your cheap flight, it's time to plan!

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