8 Best Clubs in Copenhagen: Top nightlife spots in 2022!

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September 7, 2022
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Robin Boch
Robin Boch
Wondering where to go out in Copenhagen? No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find bars and nightclubs here for your perfect night out. Get ready to party the night away with this guide to the best clubs in Copenhagen! 🎉

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, the southernmost Scandinavian country and one of the happiest countries in the world. The weather here is cold, but Copenhagen's people are warm and welcoming. It's a popular vacation spot with plenty for tourists to see and do.

Denmark is often assumed to be a calm and low-key country. However, there is no doubt that people in Copenhagen know how to enjoy a night out!

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Photo from The Jane

Does Copenhagen have good nightlife?

Copenhagen has no shortage of places where you can enjoy a night out. The nightlife in Copenhagen consists of themed cocktail bars, loud disco clubs, authentic pubs, and more. Get ready to party hard!

Many Copenhagen bars and clubs become crowded around midnight. They normally stay open until around 5 or 6 AM. This gives you the opportunity to make the most of your night out.

Copenhagen clubs typically play a variety of mainstream pop, techno, and electronic music. They often have special events with DJs and live performers as well.

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Photo from Chateau Motel

Where are the bars and clubs in Copenhagen?

Wondering where the bars and clubs are in Copenhagen? The most popular areas to find Copenhagen nightlife include Kødbyen, København K, Nørrebro, and Vesterbro. Not every bar or club will be a perfect match for you, so it's best to find specific locations that sound ideal before venturing out.

Best Clubs in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's nightlife has something for everyone. Today, we're focusing on the nightclub scene. I picked 8 of the city's most interesting and fun nightclubs that are perfect for socializing and partying.

I've done the research for you–now, let's get started with the hottest Copenhagen clubs!

Jolene Bar

Found in the popular Meatpacking District, Jolene Bar has an eclectic atmosphere. Everyone here is ready to dance and make their experience a night to remember. Local DJs often make an appearance here as well.

Jolene Bar is not a trendy cocktail bar–and it's proud of it! Cheap beers and good vibes make it a comfortable place to party the night away.

This Copenhagen nightclub is well-known for being inclusive and attitude-free. It hosts incredible events geared toward the LGBTQ+ community and proudly considers itself to be a safe space for all.

jolene bar copenhagen
Photo from Jolene Bar


Energy-packed dancing meets casual and laid-back vibes at Zefside. This Copenhagen club is the perfect combination of a chill cocktail bar and a raging nightclub!

Zefside normally plays electronic music genres. The energy is great for both conversation and partying, as there are various rooms within the complex.

Looking for some good drink deals? Cocktails here are simple and affordable. Zefside even has a happy hour every Friday and Saturday evening before the party gets started!

zefside denmark club
Photo from Zefside

VEGA and Ideal Bar

Though they are in the same complex, VEGA and Ideal Bar offer different vibes for a night out. 

VEGA is a popular Copenhagen concert venue that hosts artists across a variety of genres.

In a smaller, attached space within VEGA, Ideal Bar is a more intimate party setting. It often hosts smaller concerts or pre-drink events before concerts at VEGA. During weekends, Ideal Bar has more of an independent nightclub feel, complete with DJs and a bustling dance floor.

vega and ideal bar copenhagen club
Photo from VEGA by Rasmus B. S. Hansen 

Culture Box

Culture Box is one of the most popular clubs in Copenhagen–and for a good reason! Some of the biggest and most notorious parties in the city happen here.

Are you in the mood for White Box, Red Box, or Black Box? Each of these spaces within Culture Box has different events and types of music to fit its audience's vibe.

Culture Box boasts an impressive lineup of local and international DJs and performers. Prepare yourself for a late night and some spectacular memories!

culture box best club copenhagen
Photo from Culture Box, by Mantas Hesthaven

Chateau Motel

Another large and popular Copenhagen nightclub is Chateau Motel. This centrally-located club is high-energy and crowded until the early morning hours.

Chateau Motel's four floors each play different genres of music. It includes a cocktail lounge, a main electronic dance room, a bodega, and a karaoke room.

With so much going on in one place, you'll never get bored or need to switch to a different location. Get the party started before midnight to receive free entry!

chateau motel nightclub copenhagen
Photo from Chateau Motel


Over the years, Rust has transformed from a political cafe to a rock club, to now being a popular Copenhagen dance club found on Guldbergsgade Street. 

Rust often plays experimental and non-mainstream music. Finally, some variety! You can hear indie rock, reggae, and electronic music alike as you party the night away in the basement and main floor rooms.

Not in the mood to dance? No worries! Rust's first floor has a lounge that is perfect for socializing and sipping on cocktails.

rust bar copenhagen
Photo from Rust by Flemming Bo Jensen

The Jane

If you prefer a more refined setting where you can still have a memorable night out, then head to The Jane! This bar and nightclub have both sophisticated cocktails and a lively dance floor.

The numerous rooms at The Jane allow guests to choose what type of Copenhagen party night they want to have. You can relax in a plush chair, chat with strangers at the bar, or enjoy the DJ's sets while grooving on the dance floor.

The Jane is conveniently located at Gråbrødre Square, close to many other popular bars and restaurants.

the jane nightlife copenhagen
Photo from The Jane

Club Mambo

Club Mambo is an especially unique Copenhagen club. It plays Latin music instead of the typical pop and techno tunes that you will find at most Copenhagen nightclubs. 

Because it is the only Latin club in Copenhagen, Club Mambo is the place to go if you want to explore this culture. Feeling extra adventurous? You can even take salsa, tango, and merengue classes here!

If you're looking for a unique date night, hit up Club Mambo's restaurant for a delicious dinner before your dance class or club entry.

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September 7, 2022

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