Holafly Review [2024]: Should you choose it over Airalo?

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Holafly Review [2024]: Should you choose it over Airalo?
If you're headed to an international destination, getting an eSIM is an easy way to access data without paying roaming charges. Holafly is an eSIM provider that provides internet access to several destinations worldwide. But are they better than their competitor Airalo?
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With the increased number of travel apps, using your mobile phone while traveling is a given. What's not given is the high cost of international phone plans. Instead of purchasing an expensive plan, you can get an eSIM instead! 

eSIMs are a great way to ensure you have all the data you need while traveling. You may have heard of Airalo eSIMs, but they aren't the only option. Holafly also offers eSIM data plans in over 160 countries.

If you're debating whether to use Holafly for your next eSIM, read this in-depth review for all the necessary details. 

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What is Holafly? 

Holafly is a new international eSIM data shop providing internet coverage in over 160 countries. Though they offer plans in countries worldwide, they also have regional plans. 

What are eSIMs?

Every phone needs a SIM card to work, and an eSIM is an electronic SIM card that allows your phone to work without a physical card. When you purchase an eSIM, you can activate it online and start using it immediately! 

Using a Holafly eSIM allows you to keep your phone number and network while using an eSIM for data. After you purchase your eSIM, you'll receive a QR code. Scan the code, and your data will work internationally.

It's important to note that only unlocked phones can use eSIMs, so check with your service provider before purchasing. You can check if your phone is eSIM compatible with Holafly's supported phone list

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Where can you use Holafly?

With over 160 destinations covered, Holafly has a wide range of coverage options. After you know where you're traveling, you can select your plan based on how many days you're traveling. There are eSIM plans for as little as 5 days and as many as 90 days. 

In addition to their destinations, you can also purchase plans for entire regions. These include:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South Africa
  • North America
  • United Kingdom

Whether you're backpacking through Europe or touring South Korea, You can use any of these plans!

Holafly's eSIM plans for different destinations
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How much data do Holafly plans have?

For European and North American destinations, all Holafly plans include unlimited data. Other destinations have 6 GB or 10 GB of data as their allowance.

How to use Holafly

While you may want to check off purchasing your eSIM ASAP, please don't set it up too soon! Your plan will start as soon as you set up your Holafly eSIM. Holafly recommends setting up your eSIM the day you travel. 

Once you've purchased your eSIM:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet
  2. Add a new data plan
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Download and name your eSIM
  5. Save new eSIM as data only
  6. Turn on mobile data and data roaming

If you need help setting up your eSIM, look at Holafly's step-by-step guide.

Airalo vs. Holafly

Holafly isn't the only eSIM company out there, but is it the one you should choose? 

Airalo is one of Holafly's competitors, operating in 190 countries. Both companies offer eSIMs in many countries and regions, but Airalo offers more plan options. 

For example, Airalo offers plans from 1 - 20 GB in the United Kingdom. This plan can last up to 20 days, with prices ranging from $5 - $36. Holafly's plans have unlimited data, lasting up to 90 days, and these range in price from $19 - $99. 

While Airalo's plans are more budget-friendly, Holafly generally offers more data. If you want more data for your trip, Holafly is your best choice. They're also better if you're traveling for longer than 30 days since you'll only need to purchase one eSIM. 

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Holafly customer service

While Holafly's FAQs can answer many of your questions, you may want to chat with someone. Holafly only offers a few options for customer support, but you can reach them via Whatsapp. 

You can message +16613848482 and speak with a representative in either English or Spanish. 

Benefits of using Holafly

Access to local data as soon as you land 

You can start your Holafly eSIM plan before leaving, so it's ready to go as soon as your plane lands. No more searching through the airport to buy SIM cards. You can start internet surfing immediately if you've set it up beforehand.

These travel guide apps are also great to download before you set off!

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Unlimited data

For many destinations, Holafly offers unlimited data. Having unlimited data means you don't need to worry about running out of data halfway through your travels. 

Easy to use

All it takes to activate is a QR code. You don't have to worry about losing your local SIM, which gives you more flexibility in the eSIMs you use.

Drawbacks of using Holafly

Like other eSIM companies, one drawback of Holafly is that you don't get a local number. Any texts or calls will need an international plan, so it's a temporary solution if you need a local number. 

Holafly eSIMs also don't allow data sharing, so you can't use hotspot. If you typically tend to hotspot your laptop, you would need more than their plans to help you do that. 

Lastly, Holafly doesn't offer an easy way to keep track of your data usage. If you don't have an unlimited plan, you'll need to be mindful of your data usage. There's no way to reload your eSIM. So, if you run out of data, you'll need to purchase a new plan. 

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Is Holafly worth it?

If you're planning on traveling abroad, Holafly is an excellent option for an eSIM. They have plans for destinations and regions all over the world, many with unlimited data. While their plans cost more than some competitors, knowing you have unlimited data is a great perk.

You should ensure your phone is compatible before purchasing an eSIM. If you need a local number while traveling, buying a local SIM card might be a better idea. If you don't, Holafly is definitely worth trying.

My rating: 3.9/5 


  • Coverage in over 160 destinations
  • Regional plans
  • Unlimited data on many plans
  • Plans for a variety of days
  • Easy to use 


  • No local phone number
  • Some plans are not budget-friendly
  • Phone compatibility needed
  • Fewer plan options
  • Cannot hotspot other devices
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Plan with Pilot

Before your next vacation, consider getting an eSIM. eSIMs are an easy and stress-free way to have data abroad. Whether you use Holafly or not, it's something to add to your pre-departure to-do list. 

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